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¡LatinoLA! is a vibrant forum of ideas, opinions, commentaries and creativity that reflects our community's voices, lives and souls. Each and every Amigo y Amiga de ¡LatinoLA! makes the site what it is, so dig in and get involved! Show your stuff for the world to see.

We accept two types of content:

El Calendario de LatinoLA
Events for our fabuloso, best-in-town Calendario

Thousands and thousands of people check out our Calendario to learn, have fun, make friends, or simply find cool hot places to hang out. You name it -- concerts, festivals, openings, celebrations, recitals, parties, screenings, fundraisers, community events, awards ceremonies, cruises, seminars, workshops, casting calls, plays, whatever -- if Latinos y Latinas will find it interesting, you must submit it.

And you can't beat the price because basic listings are gratis.

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The Voices of Our Amigos
Stories, announcement, essays, commentaries, whatever...

This is el cool sitio where Latinos y Latinas, mijos y mijas, talk to each other, get talked to, make comments, pour their hearts and souls out, publish their creativity, complain, raise awareness, speak their minds, and so on. You get the picture.

We accept essays; personal opinions; fiction pieces of all types; calls for action; interviews; retorts; rebuttals; recipes; reviews of things, events and places; news announcements; poetry; etc., etc. That is, any and all brilliant thoughts (and not so brilliant, too) that reflect the voices, lives and souls of Latinos y Latinas -- neatly organized into seven tracks: A&E, Careers, Comunidad, ¡Exprésate!, Forum, Latino Hollywood, and People.

Go for it. Thousands will read it. Google and Yahoo will pick it up. You might even get discovered or something else good will happen.

Quick, simple y bien gratis.

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