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Casting Notice: An Enemy of the Pueblo by Josefina Lopez

Thursday, September 7, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017
All day

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Casting Notice
AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO by Josefina Lopez

Project Type: Theatre
Union Status: AEA LA 99-Seat Agreement
SUBMIT by email to Casting@casa0101.org [Casting at Casa0101 dot org without spaces]
Submission Deadline: Sept 5, 2017, 7pm

Please only submit for one role.

Storyline: A modern Chicana eco-feminist adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play an Enemy of the People.

50s - 60s Female - Mexican of Apache descent, a Curandera (shaman) and Midwife, co-owner of the land where the springs are located who feels responsible for warning the town about what her psychic dream told her about the poisoning of the spring water and how that will af-fect everyone. Magda has psychic dreams and wisdom, but sometimes she refuses to see the obvious. She is mourning her dead husband and regrets her evil deed which eats away at her. She is close to becoming an alcoholic who might lose her sanity and knows it.

45-55 Male - Magdalena's younger brother, Mexican of Apache descent, Mayor of the town, co-owner with Magda of the land where the springs are located who refuses to let Magdalena speak publicly about the truth because he has a lot to lose and wants to prove to the pueblo that he is better than his older sister. He has a leg that is crooked and struggles with being taken seriously as a successful man.

Magda's daughter, early 30s, Mexican of Apache descent, responsible, hard working. She has a daughter who has inherited the psychic gift who she worries about. She worries too much and is losing her hair because she feels so guilty about getting raped and setting off the tragic chain of events.

50s - 60s Male - Mexican, Eugenio is a courageous and proud man who lets his male pride get in the way which sets off a horrible chain of events that has left a mess for Magda and Petra. He is ashamed and his soul can not rest.

40s, Mexican, The head of a drug cartel, a criminal who has been cursed by Magda for killing her husband and raping her daughter.

50-60 Male - A "gringo" Mexican of Irish descent who lives on both sides of the border, who buys pottery in Milagros and takes it to sell in the U.S. He helps Magda's clients collect the bones of their dead relatives who die in the desert trying to cross the border. He has a crush on Magda and wishes to have a relationship with her. He also helps to smuggle people across the border when needed.

30s Male - Mexican, Petra's husband who has returned from Los Angeles, a strong man who is simple and uneducated, only interested in the now and meeting his immediate needs.

20s Male - Mexican from Mexico City, a journalist who is afraid to return to the city because his life was threatened. He is the founder of the newspaper and believes in fighting for the truth up to a certain point.

20s Male - A journalist who is also a founder of the newspaper. He is committed to telling the truth and tries to help Magda. He has a huge appetite and when push comes to shove he is a courageous man. He has a crush for Petra and generally has a good and healthy attitude to-wards a hard life.

18 and over to play 10 years old - Petra's daughter, Magda's grand-daughter, who is starting to show signs of having gotten the psychic gift inherited by the female lineage for generations. She gets temporarily possessed by her Great-Grandmother and communicates her messages to Magda on two occasions when she is in a trance.

20s – 50s Female - VARIOUS ROLES - to be portrayed by one or more actors, including ELVIA: A lady who wants to find out what happened to her husband who has not returned and goes to Magda for psychic help. LAURA: A lady who gives birth with the is assistance of Magda. DOÑA CAMPECHE: A mother who is happy her sons are back in town to stay because now there are jobs in Milagros. She is usually a friend and supporter of Magda until she hears she has to pay a tax to clean the water or shut down the springs she becomes hostile towards Magda. WOM-AN OF THE PUEBLO an ignorant woman who voices the fears of the pueblo.

20s-50s Male - Various roles to played by one or more actors, including: LAURA'S HUSBAND: Thanks Magda for helping birth his child. PADRE LAZARO: the town priest who drinks too much and gossips about people when he's drunk. He does not like Magda because people go to her to seek spiritual advice instead of going to him. He talks behind her back and thinks she is a witch instead of a healer. SEÑOR REYES, 40s, one of the heads of a company in charge of renovating the springs and getting them ready for summer. MAN OF THE PUEBLO an ignorant man who voices the fears of the pueblo.

Producer/Theatre Company: Casa 0101
Artistic Director: Josefina Lopez
Executive Director: Emmanuel Deleage
Director: Corky Dominguez
Writer: Josefina Lopez
Casting Director: Edward Padilla
Start Date(s): n/a
Audition Date(s): Sept 7-9, 2017
Callback Date(s): Sept 14-15, 2017
Rehearsal Date(s): Sept 19 to Oct 26, 2017
Preview Date(s): n/a
Opening Date(s): Oct 27, 2017
Closing Date(s): Nov 19, 2017
Possible Extension: n/a
Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Venue: Casa 0101 Theater

Sponsored by: n/a
Category Casting audition
When Thursday, September 7, 2017
   to Friday, September 15, 2017
All day
Where Casa 0101 Theater
First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Admission Ages: 18-60s
Price: n/a
Discount: n/a
Contact 323-263-7684
Visit event website
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