Good News for Nestor Carbonell

The CW orders a full season of "Ringer." Is this Mario Lopez's fault?

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: October 14, 2011

Good News for Nestor Carbonell

There are ratings, there are raw numbersand then there are demographics. And Sarah Michelle Geller's new twin-within-a-twin-within-a-murder-mystery suspense series Ringer may have demos--and another swift network failure--to thank for today's announcement: the CW has just ordered a full season.

Exactly why is a bit of a puzzle, but it's certainly good news for Latino actor Nestor Carbonell, playing the FBI agent obsessed with one of the twins (the stripper, not the fashion icon). Now he'll get to chase one version or another of SMG for the whole season, though his character has yet to uncover the key secret of the show thus far: that Sara-the-Stripper-in-witness-protection has taken the place of Sarah-the-fashion-icon-who-maybe-killed-herself.

CBS actually paid for the "Ringer" pilot last year (Nestor was part of that, too). Ultimately, they passed, though it took the CW no more than 48 hours to step in and snatch it up. The show's opening night--September 13, one of the earliest premieres on any network--did not do nearly as well as the CW had hoped--not "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" numbers, certainly--but the demo numbers weren't all that bad, especially for a network that's trying to expand its core viewership beyond the young women who watch "90210" and "Vampire Diaries." And things didn't look any rosier when the show lost more than 800,000 viewers the second week.

But the CW wasn't prepared to let go that easily. They re-showed the series opener three days after its premiere in hopes of gaining more noticeand when Mario Lopez' ill-conceived reality show "H8R" got the ax after only a few episodes, the CW slotted a permanent second showing of "Ringer" in its place on Wednesdays.

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