Disney's Adam Irigoyen is On His Way

A good ole' Cuban boy with a big vision and the talent to make it happen

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: October 20, 2011

Disney's Adam Irigoyen is On His Way

It's not hard to see what the Disney Channel saw in Adam Irigoyen. Spend just a few minutes with him, and you can't keep from smiling. There's energy there‘«Űnot surprising for a talented kid who's already a TV star and doing fan-magazine cover shots at the age of 14. But there's a "focus" in Adam, too, and a sense of potential‘«Űof just getting started‘«Űthat's impossible to ignore.

"Se Fija!" had a chance to sit down with Adam recently‘«Űthe week that Season 2 of "Shake It Up!" aired its one-hour premiere on Disney. We caught him during a one-week hiatus on the show, in his on-the-set classroom with his teacher looking on. "I'm home schooled," he explained, "So I can do my school from anywhere, but I have a schoolteacher and room upstairs from the set‘«Űall of us do. So I'm finishing high school ... I kind'a have to, considering my parents."

Family (and fate) are important keys to Adam's success and obvious stability. His parents, as well as his brothers and sisters, all moved to California from Miami three years ago, simply to help him pursue his dream, and they've supported him ever since. His father was a high school teacher back in Florida; he teaches middle school in L.A.

And his mother was a first-grade teacher, "though she's just kind of my driver now." (That, we suspect, and a whole lot more: we had to go through Mom to get the interview, and that was the right way to do it.)

Adam's been in Los Angeles for a little over three years. He got his first work in commercials and print campaigns almost immediately, and that's no surprise. Look at him: he's every parent's dream as a clean-cut son or boyfriend. But he's had a vision of doing what he's doing for most of his young life. "I was in a regular school back in Florida," he said. "One time we went to San Diego and visited the zoo, and they were handing out pamphlets for this acting school. I had always wanted to be on the Disney Channel, and I kind of knew what acting was, so I went and got the pamphlet‘«™but I hid it from my parents until we got home. I showed it to them then, but nothing happened‘«™and two years later, they signed me up for an acting school. Only then did I realize it was the exact same one I had given them." And Adam knows how lucky he is. "I'm really blessed to have them. I'm thankful for that."

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