CHAVEZ Casting Call: A New Film About the Life of Cesar Chavez

Casting CHICANA/O actors for Cesar & Helen Chavez & Dolores Huerta; Submission deadline is December 10, 2011

By Carlos San Miguel
Published on LatinoLA: December 5, 2011

CHAVEZ Casting Call: A New Film About the Life of Cesar Chavez

CHAVEZ - a new film about the life of Cesar Chavez !!!!!
Director: Diego Luna - Casting Director: Heidi Levitt
Seeking CHICANA/O actors for: Cesar & Helen Chavez & Dolores Huerta

Submission deadline: December 10, 2011

Tell a friend - Spread the word ! This is an open casting call.

Go to this link for info.

submit via Letitcast.com: headshots/ resume & video auditions ASAP!
Please mention in your submission - referral by: Carlos San Miguel

Cesar Chavez - dark skinned CHICANO - 35 - 40 years old

Helen Chavez - dark skinned CHICANA - 30 - 35 years old

Dolores Huerta - dark skinned CHICANA - 30 - 35 years old

The story spans many years from the 1950s - '90s & the founding of the UFW

NOTE from Casting Director - Heidi Levitt:

"I'm doing a nationwide search for Cesar Chavez and his wife Helen as well as Dolores Huerta.

We want to let particularly Mexican American actors know about this exciting opportunity and of course, we are excited to spread the word in the Latin American acting community at large. We are truly spreading the net as wide as we can to see if perhaps there is an unknown actor or actress who would be perfect for this, but has never had this kind of opportunity.

Actors can also email head shots & resumes to:
cc: latinoactor@hotmail.com

Send video clips as MOV files only

Please mention in your submission - Referral by: Carlos San Miguel

or mail to:

Heidi Levitt
Cesar Chavez Casting
7201 Melrose Ave Suite 203
LA, Ca 90046


CHAVEZ depicts the struggle of the produce workers in Southern California and their united effort to overcome racial injustice and economic discrimination. Cesar Chavez was a dedicated family man, a devote catholic, and a true humanitarian at heart. Charismatic and genuinely kind, the call to help his fellow man was undeniable. His calling led him to the grape fields of Southern California where working conditions were extremely poor and often hazardous. Chavez soon recognized the need to unite these workers on a vast scale, and soon, with the help of his closest friends, formed the National Farm Workers Association. Despite physical, mental and financial hardships, Chavez continued to garner support from the Hispanic community.

With perseverance, tenacity and a union with over fifty thousand strong, Chavez effectively implemented a series of nationwide strikes and boycotts on California produce. These strikes eventually enabled Chavez's organization to renegotiate contracts with the Growers and insured workers' rights and wages for years to come. His achievements and accomplishments exemplify that of a hero, but his peaceful methods and absolute integrity render him nothing less than a legend.

films in USA & Mexico in Spring 2012

Director / Producer: Diego Luna
Producer: Gael Garcia Bernal
Written by: Kier Pearson

Info about Cesar Chavez

More info about Cesar Chavez


NOTE: if you need new headshots or help rehearsing or video taping your audition, etc for submission or just have a question, may be I can help. Please email Carlos at: latinoactor@hotmail.com

Remember even if you (or a CHICANA/O friend) has never acted, the producers are open to considering non-professionals. This really is a chance to be "discovered"

Don't let J. Lo get cast as Dolores Huerta!!!!

?íS?¡ Se Puede!

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