Aimee Garcia and Nick Gomez Visit Hawaii‘«™However‘«™

They were key players in a recent episode of "Hawaii Five-O"

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: December 14, 2011

Aimee Garcia and Nick Gomez Visit Hawaii‘«™However‘«™

Aimee Garcia and Nick Gomez were key players in a recent episode of "Hawaii Five-O," a show (for pretty obvious reasons) not swimming in Latino acting roles. You can watch the kidnapping drama unfold, right here on CBS.com (And here's a special thank-you: CBS has been doing a great job of offering most of its line-up online‘«Űcomedies and drama alike‘«Űalmost immediately after broadcast, while networks like FOX and the CW are locking their shows up for days or even weeks after premiere.)

You'll notice a couple of things about this tight little tale; just ignore the "to be continued" subplot with the bald guy from "Lost."

Spoiler alert. Seriously: watch it before reading, or run the risk of learning a major plot twist well before you're supposed to.

First: Latinos = Drug runners. Again. Wouldn't you know, one of the first times Latinos make it onto the show, they appear as the greatest clich?ģ of the twenty-first century TV: they're narcotraficantes. Granted, they're beautiful and very crafty criminals, but still‘«™No tourists? Single parents? Traveling students? After all, this mythical version of the Aloha State has an African American governor and a whole lot of haole. How about some of 'us' appearing in a non-criminal capacity?

Second: Aimee Garcia has gone to the dark side. We've never seen her as smart-ass and just plain mean as she is in this. Clearly, she's been hanging around the weird people over on "Dexter" way too much.

Third: A shout-out to Nick Gomez, a great Latino actor who plays a pivotal role in the episode (and kicks the door open for a possible return appearance). Nick, brother of "Chuck"'s Joshua Gomez, has been getting a fair amount of work recently, but not much recognition. He's darn good, just as he was as a scientist in a recent episode of the USA Network's "Burn Notice." And if you doubt the brother-connection, watch him closely in his last scene, on the steps of the courthouse. He gives a smirk and a shrug that our-Morgan's Morgan. We're talking brothers here.

Anyway: it's nice to see up-and-coming Latino actors putting in strong performances in the most unexpected places‘«™including the jungles of Hawaii. All we can say is: more please.

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