Beautiful Angela

Holding hands like friends, like lovers...

By Alejandro Higuera Villegas
Published on LatinoLA: May 31, 2003

Beautiful Angela

Angela always used to say to me that life is a book with infinite number of beautiful chapters and God is our loyal reader.

We sat together during math class and when the class was a bit boring I could see her drawing eternally cute little Japanese comic faces that almost broke my heart every time I could see them. I used to have great notes on math tests and she was the brilliant one, the one who never really needed some mathematical procedures in her own private life (as of now I also think that), the one who was and is a poet, and the sad world outside that always ignored her wise words. Angela and I happily walked through the halls of the campus holding our hands like friends, like lovers, carrying our back packs full of complex knowledge that fades away like the wind on a fresh day on autumn at 6:47pm.

When we skipped class we went to the gardens and sit on the grass while we let the sun cool down, and I could hear her talking about the magical and wonderful music of Yoko Kanno and singing the lyrics of the songs. We never spoke in English, although we had to practice it occasionally, but her Spanish was as magical as the sweetest poems read with the best flow of words you could imagine.

It is and was her flow like a Neruda sad poem about even sadder words.
How long I waited for a person like her to enter my life and to show me life as it is, not the empty shadow I used to live everyday in my so-called life.

Riding on the bus she silently watched the sad scenery that was built a hundred years ago on a hot Mexican land; she would grab her back pack and put it on her legs and her head near the window of the bus just staring outside while I was drying the sweat off my forehead. We never talked on the bus but I could see how beautiful and young she was in those days. Sadly I don?t have photos to show you about back then, but the best things I have are in my mind where they are safe.

Right now Angela is sleeping in her bed dreaming quite possibly fantastic tales to share later for those who want to learn about life, poetry, happiness and words.
When we go to cruise around the streets I always put her favorite Maaya Sakamoto song and she always ignores my presence after she starts singing while the day fades into darkness disappearing itself into eternity.

?Here, people look for heaven
living in fear of God
losing themselves, hiding forever
afraid of what they are not
she spent her whole life
chasing stardust
and then when she could taste it
A million dollars of pride
And still unhappy?.

...love you Angela.

Portion of ?Here?; lyrics by Tim Jensen, Music by Yoko Kanno and sung by Maaya Sakamoto

About Alejandro Higuera Villegas:
Alejandro Higuera, 24, lives in Mexicali,Mexico. A student of UABC in Human Sciences. his email is: berzerk_78@yahoo.com.mx

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