The Rich and the Freeloaders Gotta Go

Tensions are growing between the rich and the poor

By Frankie Firme - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 12, 2012

The Rich and the Freeloaders Gotta Go

Alright‘«™2012 is here, we all got past the holidays (some of us barely), and the ancient Mayans have predicted the World will end this year‘«™.Dammit! And I finally pay off my truck this year, too, and have yet to have a cold one with Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez and Dr. Rudy Acu??a!

All jokes aside, the realistic gap and accompanying tensions between the rich and the poor are starting to sound more and more like events that lead up to the fall of ancient Rome, and the crumbling of the former monarchies of France and Russia‘«™where the rich and royal freeloaders of the court (akin to politicians & bureaucrats of today along with their families) are all going to take a righteous fall to the delight of the suffering populace‘«™.

..unfortunately, this sometimes gets misconstrued along racial lines in modern times , and the accompanying drama and lack of understanding or admitting of facts results in the loss of helpful and constructive history, know what I mean? Like the old saying goes, "Those who do not study and learn from history are destined to repeat it"‘«™ which is why I use the fall of Rome & European monarchies as examples. Great history ‘«™ great examples of "payback"‘«™great examples of possibilities. (except for the guillotine, LOL!)

What ticks me off is that many rich and well to do people in power, who have NO concept of experiencing and surviving through hard times, would rather let the ship go down with everybody aboard rather than suffer the consequences of their own folly. People like Barry Madoff and the folks on Wall Street who were behind the real estate collapse made a lot of money ‘«™ but destroyed a lot of lives‘«™and still have a lot of money.

Leona Hemsley and people like her have lived off of breaks from powerful friends for years. Her (prior to incarceration for tax evasion como Al Capone)?Šstatement of "taxes are for little people" pretty much illustrate the mentality and lifestyle of the rich and privileged few for generations. The realization and end of that folly probably is the impetus for people wanting to topple President Obama because of his pursuit to have the rich pay their fair share of supporting the Country they live in ‘«™ they hate that the gravy train is stopping and unloading passengers‘«™

What do YOU think is going on, while you shop at Wal-Mart, catch the $8.00 dinner specials at Hometown Buffet with your family (if you're lucky), and wait for the next increase in the price of everything from food to electricity ‘«™ while the chances of you getting mugged and robbed in public by desperate people increase everyday?

Here's one of my takes:

In all the years I have worked in the Mental Health Field (we talking 37 years here), many (but not all) of the people I have seen who have drug, alcohol, and criminal pasts, and now suffer psychiatric maladies & stigma on top of that are under educated, and come from under educated parents. They are usually at or under the poverty level in socio-economic living conditions due to under education and lack of marketable job skills‘«™and they are usually miserable and angry. They populate our jails, prisons, psychiatric hospitals & clinics, and social service agencies in desperation‘«™. and the educated people running these places are the last hope in helping them survive and live life despite their shortcomings.

As one who came from not-so-high on the hill comfort myself, I can truly say that what helped my brothers & sisters and me survive at a time when being brown skinned wasn't in vogue yet was education. My parents pushed it, and my country, state, and county offered it (that's right Newt & Rush & Arizona‘«™I'M AMERICAN!) , and we took it. We're all doing well as adults today‘«™not rich‘«™but comfortable enough, and not having to resort to crime or public assistance to survive. Plus, we were NEVER taught to expect something for nothing‘«™and love don't pay the rent!

I read and hear a lot about successful people of color who benefited and rose up the food chain of life because of their want and thirst for education‘«™and our society is a lot better off because of it, no matter what the sophisticated closet racists who make up public policy say to the contrary. (Not everybody can be a sports or entertainment star, dope dealer, or a lottery winner).

Simply put, you can't have manners, practice responsible behavior, show respect for authority and other people, learn to work towards success, and be part of a civilized and safe society unless you're TAUGHT to understand the value of these concepts, contribute, and NOT expect entitlements simply because of what or who you were born‘«™that's called education.

So, what do our so-called "Leaders" do when the public trough they feed off of (i.e. collected taxes) gets low?

They maintain and even raise their high salaries yearly, give cushy jobs and breaks to their rich friends, and then CUT PUBLIC EDUCATION BUDGETS!! Then, they raise higher education costs to where only the well-to-do, rich foreigners, and children of successful gangsters can afford it. Then, they cut social programs for children and the needy. Then, they cut the budgets of social protection & stability forces like police and firefighters. Lastly, they cut programs for the elderly, and close our parks and libraries‘«™. just before they raise taxes, fees, permits, fines, penalties, and levies on everything except breathing in public. Everybody EXCEPT them feel the pinch.

And where do all these savings and increased collected monies go?,,,, I scratch my head in wonder, as I watch all these politicians raise multi-millions for election campaigns, but can't seem to raise a dime to help the schools, the needy or deserving, or the very society they're sponging off of‘«™THAT pisses me off every time I see a political commercial or hear of a fundraising event for a politician, or catch a glimpse of a local politician in a limousine or luxury SUV paid for by my taxes.

I know it sounds apocalyptic, and I've said it before, but the rich & well to do of America are eventually going to face and be outnumbered by a LARGE group of hungry, poor, angry, resentful, uneducated, homeless, unemployed, sick, displaced, and disenfranchised AMERICANS who feel unsafe & abandoned, both older and the children who will be adults, who are going to want a piece of THE RICH's ass and comfort in revenge for their suffering and lot in life that could have be avoided‘«™.and with all the laid off police & firefighters, who's going to protect them and their property?

Because of their greed and ineptitude, many government programs & restrictions have driven businesses (and jobs) out of the Country or out of business, leaving the government to step in and invest billions in tax money so public bureaucrats can attempt to run a business or enterprise that will hopefully create and maintain jobs.

Problem with that is by the time the money trickles down thru the multi-layers of overpaid administrators and bureaucratic levels of administration, there's barely any money left for the people it was intended to help!

Costs go up, money gets thin‘«™but guess who gets paid and promoted up to the next level of government royalty, and their hands on more money, when programs get shut down due to "budget cuts?" I have seen impressive?Špublic resumes of dishonest people who couldn't find a mud puddle in the rain and need computers with spell check to sign their names, be appointed to high paying public management & administrative jobs in charge of million dollar programs after they failed to make it in the private sector ( and REAL world) by friends in high places. Then, they simply just screw it all up and run it into the ground, while continuing to get promoted and paid well‘«™. It's just not fair‘«™and their numbers are growing‘«™

‘«™and one of the bottom lines is that every morning, TV news reports more and more murders, robberies, burglaries, scams, and violence. Not committed by the rich, connected, and well to do‘«™but by desperate people who have nothing, and are now angry enough at the world to strike out at others ‘«™.and THEIR numbers are growing too!

I'm not just making all this up because I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and driving a 7 year old truck I haven't paid off yet, either. Studies & surveys by The PEW Research Center, The Education Trust-West, along with Cambridge, Columbia, and Harvard Universities show that the gap and resentment level between rich and poor is growing to dangerous levels never before seen in America.

I wonder how the next generation is going to turn out if we survive past 2012 ? ?Š

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