Nobody Said the Four Letter Word

Why are the debaters talking about everything but George W. Bush??

By Guadalupe Gonzalez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: January 20, 2012

Nobody Said the Four Letter Word

It is a few hours after the Republican debate. Let me begin by stipulating that Richard Koffler [fundador y CEO de] will be angry with me for something or other I say. And that I will be happy to hang out with him, too. Now, with that out of the way, I feel excellent that I spared Mr. Koffler the tedium of feeling the necessity to berate me and tell me to pick a switch and go wait behind the barn. I, frankly, would prefer to pick a Swatch (trademark) and wait at the Pottery Barn (trademark.)

Phew! That being said, what is going on with these debates? Everybody is all worked up about the state of this country. Accusations are being tossed about every which way. The country is in a mess because of the last three years. The country is in a mess because we were stuck in two wars and we did not know who we were fighting. The country is in a mess because those who got us into the wars did not even consider how we would get out and what would happen to that country when we did. The country is in a mess because a tax bill was passed with a time bomb built into the next administration. (Like having a mortgage with a balloon payment that you leave for the next owner.)

Everything, everything, everything is being blamed on this administration. The administration being run by President Barack Obama. The man who was elected to clean up the mess that was visited upon this country. THE MAN WHO WAS ELECTED. ACTUALLY ELECTED. Not picked by the United States Supreme Court with justices named by the Daddy of one of the candidates. Not picked by one dude that has written one opinion and never questions any of the attorneys arguing before him, presumably because he does not know what questions to ask. Not picked by the dude that leads the first dude around, goes hunting with him and refuses to recuse himself on cases in which he has an interest. And so it goes.

Tonight, the debaters all agreed: THEY ARE OUT TO WIPE OUT PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Nobody, Nobody, Nobody said "George W. Bush." Bush--the four letter word. Why not?
All fondly reminisce about Ronald Reagan. One even quoted words written by Kathleen Noonan and said, "the city on the hill." For Republicans, that is like having a lucky penny in their pocket. A mantra: The words of Ronald Reagan. Why, I wonder, did Romney, Gingrich, Santorum or Paul not remind us about Bush, or #43, as he is known in the family?

Because then we, the voters, will remember how it was when President Bill Clinton left office and we had money? Because then we, the voters, will remember how it was before state agencies had to take furloughs or share jobs in order to get by? I could go on and on.

No, the Republican candidates want to sweep #43, the four letter Bush, under the carpet, out of sight, away from the glaring light of day. Because then we will remember. And we will compare what we are being offered. George Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum.

Four people that say: We will not allow women to make decisions about their own bodies. We will not allow undocumented persons ("illegal aliens") to come to this country. We will build a fence to keep them out, or send them back and make them get in line. We will make sure that rights promised in the Constitution are enforced. (Except if they involve the wrong religion, race, gender, or anything that strikes us the wrong way.)

Romney says, "Oh, you two losers might want to get out and give me a good chance to win." And one of them actually does. Of course, it is the Texan, with whom we are not supposed to mess. Why did Perry run for President, anyway? Not only did he mess this up (remember the "oops", when he could not remember the agency he would divest from the government? Remember him lovingly cradling the maple syrup as if it was 100% proof rubbing alcohol? The song, "Memories" is beginning to play in my head and tears are welling up in my eyes. No more Perry because Romney told him to go. Then he went.) WHO DOES THAT? He can kiss any run for any public office goodbye--and he better know that everybody is going to mess with him, Tejano o no.

The goofball, the eminent Doctor Ron Paul causes a sad tenderness when his thin shoulders shudder as he guffaws at his own jokes. And I wish he had a tailor fund. His lapels and shoulders are saggy. It is akin to seeing someone's bra (or thong) hanging where it should not be. Please: SOMEONE BE A FRIEND AND TELL HIM. The real turnoff about Ron Paul is that he sired Rand Paul.

The unfortunate thing about Romney, besides his wealth and the "little bit" ($375,000 or so) he makes from speaking tours, is that when he walks onto the stage, he takes little bitty steps. Did someone kick him off his bus and make him walk from state to state? Watch: The debates now show the candidates standing behind their podiums. No more walking onstage for them. No more little bitty steps.

And film of the past is a pesky reminder of what one looked like years ago. Money sticking out every which way. Horrible! It is so pathetic that Romney has been running for President (presumably) for all these years, and he is still trying to claw his way to the middle.

Rick Santorum, maybe the most palatable of the bunch, agreed with Newt Gingrich and the others that the point of this election is NOT to select and elect an intelligent, wise, diplomatic individual to lead this country into a better world, into a greater status. They were quite obvious and stated what the point of this election is.

THE POINT IS TO GET PRESIDENT OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE. Not to help us. Not to fix this. And, I hate to say it but someone has to: To make certain a white man sits in the Oval Office. That is the bottom line. And I am ashamed.

About Guadalupe Gonzalez, Contributing Writer:
Los Angeles Attorney with a B.A. in Political Science

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