Another Firme Night in the Land of 1000 Dances

I appreciate the freedom of my country, and the efforts of Gente to experience life and attain an education

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2012

Another Firme Night in the Land of 1000 Dances

?íOrale, mi gente!

Watching President Obama sing part of Al Green's song "Let's Stay Together" on national news the other day brought a welcome chuckle and sigh of relief to me and millions of people across the Country recently...

I mean, hey!...if he ain't sweatin' the small stuff like 4 rich, desperate millionaire white guys pathetically trying to tell the Country on national TV that a man of color in the White House is the reason to vote for them and cure the Country's ills (Frankie laughing and almost spilling his coffee)...
...why should I ?

...he didn't sound too bad, either! LOL!

It reminds me of the time President Bill Clinton (another Democrat President not from the good ole boy's club) played the Blues on his saxophone on the news while our economy was doing OK, gas was barely over a dollar, he didn't commit us to any unneccesary wars and get our guys killed, his wife Hillary publicly took on Bob Dole on the equality of healthcare, and envious disgruntled Republicans tried to impeach him for something they have been doing for generations, thinking NOBODY knows....getting a little on the side.

Seems only rich, white Republicans can screw around, screw millions of working people out of jobs while they enrich themselves, "accidentally" (my nalgas!) shoot somebody that disagrees with you and get away with it, start wars and keep your kids and friend's kids out and makes your friends rich, avoid paying taxes,screw the Country & economy with tax paid freebies & bennies for only themselves and their families while raising taxes and ripping us all off...then have the audacity to even TRY to divert attention from their bust and butt boils of this nature by pointing out that one man, and a man of color, elected by millions of people who were tired of their shit at that, is the cause of the Country's problems now, while they try and present as clean, honest, indignantly offended 'All American" white guys offended by the current state of things in our Country that they say only they can fix....

...sing on, Obama! You got our vote!

Then...I read some really great pieces here by Guadalupe Gonzalez Nobody Said the Four Letter Word,
Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez' Arizona School Officials: "Urinating" on Students,
Se Fifa!'s Latino Talents who Left Us in 2011, and finishing off with a well appreciated spoof by Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez's TOP 10 Reasons to Attend Ylse's Valentine Fundraiser of why I and millions of others in L.A. have to be inconvenienced by the closures of streets that we travel and do business on while Hollywood honors itself with another self serving and unneccesary award show ad nauseum that don't do a damn thing for the common Brown man or woman...

...and I appreciate the freedom of my country, and the efforts of these Gente to experience life, attain an education in the days before it was unaffordable...and now share their enlightened views with the World thru this web-magazine in a way that must scare the shit out of white folks who are beginning to realize that Latinos do more than sell flowers on freeway off ramps, cut lawns, and provide criminal cannon fodder for TV news and crime dramas.

...it's Friday night, I'm thankful I'm not broke, and I feel pretty Brown and powerful in my no-tan-neccessary skin at the moment.

So... I decide to step out into the Land of 1000 Dances and get some boogie on, Brown style ....c'mon, babe! Put on your best dancing chanclas y vamanos!

I throw on mine, grab one of my favorite tongos,and off we go!

Thinking of catching some live music to dance to, I initially look to the east...to Zendeja's Restaurant in San Dimas where the powerful SOTO is hitting the stage in about an hour. Luckily, I have a cell phone and homies in almost every 'hood. I make a few calls and I get the word the parking lot is full,and a good sized crowd has already formed, and seating is almost non-existent. OK...I'm a little late on this one, and I have partied my Brown booty off to SOTO before, so I turn my attention southeast.

Hungry for something different, I remember some of the best bar-b-que and FREE live music on the east side...and off we go to STEVE's BAR-B-QUE on Greenleaf Avenue in uptown Whittier. Besides getting served a most generous serving (a la Fred Flintstone) of delicious hot beef & pork ribs, tri-tip, chicken and all the fixings my mom would have made, we also get treated to the hot Chicano boogie sounds of the RHYTHM DEVOTED Band. The food was delicious and satisfying, but the music was better than dessert. As usual, the place got crowded and the small dance floor was swallowed up by the Gente as RHYTHM DEVOTED helped the digestion process by serving up hot Old School, Latin Soul, R & B with a smooth taste of favorite Oldies but Goodies.

These guys & a gal were really electrifying tonight, and they were on the
J-O-B. I was glad we had stopped in. Between the cuts they had a great DJ that proved why boys shouldn't do a man's job...no non-stop annoying kiddie rap & techno-meth (my new term) retro-disco here!

This party was for the big kids...and the DJ knew what he was doing !

Being that we were in Whittier, and just a couple blocks away from the famous Whittier Radisson Hotel, we decide to take a short walk (we were stuffed and full, believe me!) in the cool L.A. evening air. Being that the streets of uptown Whittier are clean, well lit, with plenty of good Gente walking or cruising or kicking it at one of the many venues, restaurants, coffee shops, specialty shops, and movie houses, and with a duo of mellow cops on almost every block, it made for a safe, fun, and comfortable atmosphere.

...I felt at home as we walked down the street.

Getting to the Radisson, we are met by my old buddy Peter Jaramillo of the JARAMILLO ENTERTAINMENT Group. Graciously getting us a couple of cool drinks, Peter gives us a personal tour of the beautifully renovated and re-modeled nightclubs, lobby, and adjoining ballroom of the Radisson, where he jokes he had a "small" crowd of about 1200 people for their recent New Year's party. This place is simply gorgeous!

We sit among the crowd in one of the nightclubs (they have 3 sections) that looks like something out of Star Wars. Music blaring by 2 DJ's, well dressed people dancing and having a good time, the place is tastefully decorated with modern furniture, lights, carpet, and a great sound system for music. NOT a place for the kind of vato who steps out in shorts, sports jersey, chanclas and a baseball hat, BELIEVE ME! This place has class! In the back nightclub, there is a large stage and another great sound system.

Peter tells us the hotel rooms have also been tastefull remodeled, and that 2012 is going to see some of the hottest Club DJ's in L.A. ply their trade here, while possibly returning to the appearance & performance of popular bands and concerts....I can't wait!

Leaving our gracious host, we turn south a couple of miles to another one of L.A.'s favorite hangouts for food, drinks, live music and dancing: MAGGIE'S PUB in Santa Fe Springs, where the ever popular SATISFACTION Band was keeping the Gente happy, and the dance floor full. We walk into another full crowd of well dressed and dancing Gente, and I get the impression ALL of Aztlan is partying tonight as I meet folks in the smoking area who have been hitting some of the other local hotspots in the area with live music like BRUCE's in Sante Fe Springs, CLUB SASH in Norwalk, and CUBAN PETE's (formerly the Lakewood Hop) in Lakewood. All places reportedly have good sized crowds and great sounding bands.

The subject & joke of the moment: "Did you hear Obama do Al Green? He wasn't bad!"

On this night however, we are all pleasantly surprised to find that the lovely and multi-talented singer EILEEN BENAVIDES is in the house to visit with her former group SATISFACTION, and it doesn't take long before she's up on stage busting out her favorite tunes for the large crowd's satisfaction (no pun intended, LOL). Man!...when home-girl did her trademark tribute rendition of Etta James's classic "At Last", opening up the pipes and letting loose with a heart stopping vocal roll at the end, she drew a standing ovation from her appreciative fans (me & my Lady probably being the loudest) that lasted a couple of minutes!

She stuck around and sang a few more tunes, danced among the Gente, and then it was time for ROBERT (Daddy) BENAVIDES to give it his...and he melted hearts with a killer version of the classic ballad "That's All", while Jimmy Silva gaves us all the sax solo we were waiting for all night...talk about Satisfaction !

Before we knew it, it was 1:30 am and security began letting us know it was time to go....where had the night gone? OK...not a bad night...didn't get broke or run into any drunk babosos o babosas who don't know how to act after a couple of beers. Lucky us! I had a real good time al night.

On the way home back to the San Fernando Valley, we HAD to make a stop at the Winchell's Donuts Shop on Valley Blvd in my old neighborhood of Bassett, one of the last few donut shops you can walk into at 2 o'clock in the morning and get hot coffee and fresh donuts without talking thru a bullet proof glass shield of a service window.

We sat in the warm shop talking, laughing, and enjoying the aroma of freshly baking donuts till almost 3 am, and I thought to myself...and the white guys think THEY can fix this?

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is heard daily on www.eastLArevue.com , and is a regular reader & contributor to this fine Latino web magazine that is starting to worry white people because of its quality of articulation in educating and enlightening .
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