Paid Market Research Opportunities

Get paid to share your opinions!

Published on LatinoLA: February 2, 2012

Paid Market Research Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to help decide what new products make it to the market? Would you like to have a say in which TV shows air next season? Do you have strong opinions on social issues that you'd like to share? Most importantly, would you like to get paid to do all of this and more?

Focus Pointe Global, a national Marketing Research firm, is looking for Hispanics and Spanish-speakers of all ages in the LA area to join our database!

Focus Pointe Global provides consumers like you the opportunity to voice your opinions about the products and services that you use every day. Our clients value your input and will compensate you for your time -- generally with payments ranging from $50 to $300.

Marketing research never involves sales or promotions, and all of the personal information you provide is kept strictly confidential.

If you'd like to join our database and start participating in upcoming studies, go to and create a free profile today!

En espa??ol

Alguna vez ha estado interesado(a) en ayudar a decidir que nuevos productos son lanzados? Le gustar?¡a opinar sobre un nuevo programa de televisi??n a punto de comenzar una temporada?

Trat?índose de temas de inter?®s social, le gustar?¡a expresar sus opiniones?
Pero aun mas importante, le gustar?¡a que le paguen por su opini??n?

?íFocus Pointe Global es una compa???¡a a nivel nacional, dedicada a estudios de mercado, esta en busca de participantes de origen hispano/latino en el ?írea de LA!

Focus Pointe Global le da la oportunidad de expresar su opini??n respecto a los productos y servicios que usa a diario.

Nuestros clientes tienen en alta estima la opini??n de los consumidores y est?ín dispuestos a pagarle por su tiempo y opiniones. La compensaci??n va de $50 a $300.

Nuestros estudios de mercado nunca resultaran en llamadas de ventas u otras promociones y su informaci??n personal siempre ser?í manejada con absoluta confidencialidad. y convi?®rtase en miembro de nuestro panel!

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