Hermanas en Musica

New wave of Latina Divas vibrate with passion, beauty

By Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: June 5, 2003

Hermanas en Musica

Cathy Olvera writes:
"It's funny you mention Latina singers. I, for one, am glad to finally be listening to more hermanas on the radio. When I listen to music in Spanish I feel it so much inside me and when a female sings...it feels like she is using the words that I could have written to express myself, my thoughts, my feelings."

Judy Hevenly writes:
"The beauty of Latina singers is that they sing with such pride for their country. It shines out of their eyes and in their voices. There is an air of mystery about them,
as if they have stepped straight out of Heaven to grace us on this Earth. Their passion ignites our souls!"

Gloria Arjona writes:
"As a chilanga living in Los Angeles for the last 17 years, it's really rewarding to see how the Latino music in the United States has improved. Please, do not take me wrong. I love my mariachi and banda music, but to be able to hear a concert as the Mexican Divas are offering is a truly indicator that we have here the same musical options as in any Latin American country. Good job Eugenia Le?n, Cecilia Toussaint, Lila Downs (pictured), and all those extraordinary divas. Thanks for expanding our artistic choices, here in the city of Los Angeles!"

Rosalba Ruiz writes:
"The beauty of our Latina singers goes deeper than skin deep. The beauty of all Latinas is their soul. The beauty of our singers is the passion that vibrates on their powerful vocals. The beauty of our Latina singers is that they give us a voice."

Julie Gonzalez writes:
"Well, it certainly is nice to be able to view Latinas singing in Spanish and English and not having to change their last names to get recognized in the music industry.
Vikki Carr to name one. I wonder if she started today would she change her name?
Not taking anything away from the non-Latina singers like Edie Gorme, she made it popular and possible for all of us Latina' to continue to shine. With all the pop singers out there, we certainly are giving the music industry a run for the money and they are making it. Selena, Christina, Lilia, Gloria and Shikira and even more traditional singers like Rojas, Lucero, Rocio. All I can say is keep them coming and we will keep buying. When I was a kid growing up it was hard to find a record store with Latina singers of any kind in the Los Angeles area. My father would take us to this little record store off Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles where they sold 'his music', as I would call it. There he would find the greatest divas: Lola Beltran, Maria Victoria, and Amelia Mendoza just to name a few. Now, I go and demand 'Where is your Latino section' where I buy music, Whether it's K-Mart or a classy music store in Santa Monica, now I can find musica I have always enjoyed. I can now walk in there with pride and ask for the music I love to hear. And now my father's music is my music too!"

Alex Gonzalez writes:
"Our Latina singers are beautiful and sexy. As a gay man I look up to them because of their beauty and their talent. They inspire me and and want me to encourage them in their endeavors."

J. Michael Walker writes:
"Last yea,r I saw Jamara at the Mayan and it was revelatory. I was entranced by her synthesis of cultures, resonant of our raices. Even from a distance, unable to enjoy her face, her voice and movement captivated me."

Gina Torrecillas writes:
"Mariachi, Magic, Melody and Memories meet us as we listen to the sounds of
our parents, compadres, abuelitas, tias and tios. Come and graciously greet
your past and your future in the song of the Latina Divas."

Eileen Martinez writes:
"When I think of the women who represent us in song and dance, it truly amazes me and especially those of the Latin decent. The beauty of their music touches me and I'm sure many others in a way that's hard to explain. Their sultry voices shout in amazement, whether it be Latin jazz, bossa nova, pop, ranchera, cumbia etc... so many Latin Divas of the past, like Celia Cruz, Lola Beltran, even Vikki Carr (Carro), have give the Latin divas of today their representation. I feel we as a Latin people, have way more passion for music and dance than other nationality, and whether some may disagree, this is my opinion and the reason I say this is that when we shout in song, you can feel us trembling through your body and when we dance you
stop and stare in amazement as we gyrate in a way that will make anyone want
to get up and join us."

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