Mi Mexicana

Searching for a warm and passionate wife who cared deeply for her husband. Part 1

By Jaime Gomez
Published on LatinoLA: June 6, 2003

Mi Mexicana

I was standing in a Sunday service in Southern California....lifting my arms high in prayer, as my heart broke in despair. I had made a mess of my life and my marriage. All my dreams for an intimate union of two lives had crashed and burned. What plan had God for this wreck of a life? Right then and there in that large church I began to see a new direction.

My gringa wife was quite happy for me to spend the rest of my days in separate quarters...fitful nights on the living room couch as she slept upstairs. On that lonely couch as the TV droned the idea came to me to escape.....but where? I began to think of my few trips to Baja and how liberated I felt everytime I visited.

I rose up from the sofa and as the household slumbered... envisioned mi Mexicana...a warm and passionate wife who cared deeply for her husband. She would be beautiful, never sparing embraces and affection. She would have been taught as a young girl to anticipate the needs of her viejo as he would do likewise...I laughed at this fanciful thinking as I had known too many modern wives who being so caught up the California money grab easily forgot about their men. How could I expect a Mexican wife to be much different?

The next day I made my way to Tijuana...ended up in centro on Calle Revolucion determined to somehow change my love life.....I have never been a quick study in any endeavor...women, business, sports, fatherhood....it all has come to me thru many, many mistakes...and my initial forays in TJ was no different.

I wandered into a really sad looking little dive off the main drag...accosted by meseros and street barkers...I ordered a drink....my first beer in over ten years. When I became a Christian I had easily forsworn my taste for alcohol...but I was turning my back on the old life of temperance and sadness...and so a Tecate was placed in front of me. To this day I will always remember my first Tecate. It wasn't just a cerveza but a liquid promise of new adventure and romance.

more later.......

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