A Night of El ROCK

Hard rock bands share a stage with film at a night at the Palace

By Amanda Penalosa
Published on LatinoLA: June 26, 2000

A Night of El ROCK

Smack in the middle of a work week in a theatre located in the epicentre of Hollywood, hundreds of Los Angeles rockeros and rockeras united in support of the unveiling of Naked Light Film's documentaries Rocanrol and Pastilla, the film, produced by Maria Leon and Lara Sterling.
While clips and trailers for these documentaries were unveiled in Puerto Rico and at the South by Southwest music festival earlier this year, this event served as their LatinoLA debut. Before live music performances began, the trailer for Rocanrol was unveiled, featuring clips of radio interviews, concerts, and shots of many of the scene's favorite bands, including Los Olivdados, Pastilla, and Cabula.
Although the producers of this event billed the show as a combination concert and presentation of the impact of media on the Rock en Espanol culture, these Angelenos packed the Hollywood Palace for one thing: el ROCK! Although some fans showed interest in viewing the Rocanrol trailer before the show, lousy audio and an impatient crowd proved that a venue full of rockeros itching to mosh wasn't the best place for a trailer premiere.
When Cabula took the stage, this was confirmed as fans finally woke up, receiving these local favorites with great enthusiasm, making their set one of the most well-received of the night. By Cabula's sixth song Desmadre, the crowd was so excited that they made an attempt at making some desmadre of their own by starting one of the tamest mosh pits I have ever had the pleasure of being elbowed in.
Volumen Cero performed next, beginning their set with an impromptu rendition of Por que no puedo ser tu off the Cure tribute album. The crowd felt this band instantaneously, proving that after not touring in Los Angeles in over a year, Miami's Volumen Cero is still one of the local scene's favorites. The concrete respect between the band and audience was apparent, as was the down-to-earth qualities of the band members. Volumen Cero had the crowd begging for more when their performance was cut short due to time constraints. Defying the promoter's pleas, Volumen finished their last song, adding a cheesy rap ala Vanilla Ice at the end of their set.
With Puerto Rico's El Manjar de Los Dioses fusion of rock, punk, reggae and salsa and stylish feather boas decorating their mics, this band proved promising to a crowd that seemed unfamiliar with their work. Despite a somewhat short set, and the fact that fans were more enthralled by the lead singer's eclectic sense of style rather than the actual music, this band was well received.
Zurdok performed next with a lengthy set, introducing their pop/punk style. While a few dedicated rockeros gave their full attention to Zurok's first LA show, most took this time to refuel before the unveiling of the Pastilla film trailer and the headliners much-anticipated performance. After Zurdok's performance, the crowd turned their attention to the large screen, as the trailer for Pastilla, the Film was unveiled. Showing clips from their shows and interviews with band members, the trailer livened up the audience for the night's headliners.
As soon as the "Psychedelic Noise Pop Band From LA" hit the stage at midnight, I was sold on the fact that the Palace was packed with a major Pastilla fan base. The audience danced, swayed and sang along with Pastilla's set, confirming the fact that they are one of the scene's most well-received rock groups and that they can still give a killer show. Despite the fact that the majority of fans came out that night mostly for the music, they were somewhat receptive to the documentary trailers and expressed anticipation in seeing the finished product this Fall.
The event proved that rock en Espanol is quickly becoming a culture of its own, and that LatinoLA is one of the most influential cities when it comes to that genre. But most of all, the event showed that regardless of rock en Espa?s growing acceptance in mainstream society, fans of the LA scene will not let the focus be taken away from the scene's true roots: el ROCK!

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