As Time Goes By: A RINO'S Confession

Age either brings wisdom or a sense of vulnerability. Perhaps both. At this point I am not sure.

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: March 4, 2012

As Time Goes By: A RINO'S Confession

I have come to the point in my life that I realize I am more Woody Allen than Ayn Rand or John Wayne. I also realize that there is a lot less of life in front of me than behind me.

In my youth, life was a black and white proposition. To my surprise, as time went on I came to the realization that few things are black or white and that in life there are a lot of subtle shades of gray.

I don't know anyone in the top 1%. Yet I know too many of the 99%. I know Don Martinez, a Guatemalan who worked for 16 years for a sugar company and then was laid off He is now 62. No one will hire him and he has exhausted his unemployment benefits. He recycles and at his age does any job including construction in the Valley where in the summer the temperature is often above 100 degrees.

I know Geraldo, a Cuban American who worked at a warehouse for 13 years. Now at age 60 he is laid off. No one, due to his age, will hire him. He had to move to Miami Florida to work for a relative who owns a business.

I am not unemployed, but I want to see unemployment benefits extended.

I can't phantom the mind set of a father or mother who can't pay for a roof over their head and basic necessities such as food because their unemployment benefits have run out.

I don't understand how you can oppose a slight increase in taxes for the top 1% while opposing to extend unemployment benefits or continuing to cut the payroll tax.

In one case, maybe the 1 percenter will miss a day or two at the country club. In the other. a 99 percenter and his wife and kids will have to live in a car and suffer from hunger.

There is something basically wrong and indecent about the members of Congress who take those positions.

And no, Sharon Angle, people who collect unemployment benefits are not lazy and they are not looking for a handout.

It is hard for me to believe that there are people in this country who, due to speculation in the real estate market, have lost their homes, all of their equity and all of their dreams and aspirations.

Where is the justice when a guy like Stanley of Merrill Lynch who destroyed the company and forced it into the arms of the Bank of America is not indicted and takes home a $140,000,000 severance bonus?

I worked at Merrill Lynch during the go go 1970's and 80's and the thought of being owned by the Bank of America would have made us cringe.

Why is Mozillo, the head of the now-defunct Countrywide, the poster child for all of the crooked and predatory sub prime lenders not in jail?

The cops shoot people that steal a six pack at the local AM/PM, yet corporate crooks stealing billions and destroying thousands of lives get a bonus for leaving their companies whom they destroyed.

I don't own a gun but I hope my neighbor doesn't own one either. Although I firmly believe in the right to arm bears. It's humans I worry about.

I worry about private collectors who will sell anyone and AK-47 without even viewing and ID. Those guns, sold in the U.S., wind up in Mexico and ten of thousands of human beings die there in a sacrifice to our second amendment rights.

I don't want to see anyone turned away from a hospital because he has no insurance, no matter what his or her legal status maybe. We as a people are better than that.

I don't want to spend a trillion dollars invading a God-forsaken places such as Afghanistan while cutting benefits to Americans who really need them.

I do not want any military involvement in any Muslim country. Why go save a country that hates us?

Why waste the lives of our military, our boys, in trying to modernize a society that believes in honor killings? They also believe that if you kill human beings in a suicide attack you will go to the highest level of heaven and 72 virgins.

Why fight for a country were the national sport is to throw a carcass of a goat into a net?

I am not willing to send our boys to fight Iran if Israel strikes Iran first. If Israel attacks Iran, good luck Israel, you are on your own. Hasta la vista, baby! I don't want to fight Israel's war for them.

I also feel that President Obama is right in opposing the building of settlements in Palestinian land. Yes Newt, the Palestinians are a people. I collect stamps and I have a bunch of stamps marked Palestine.

I am not gay, but I have friends and relatives who are. I respect them and love them as human beings. Who am I to question the Gods and the purpose or mission of the children that they have created?

I see children who need loving parents. If you are against abortion as I am then don't oppose gay couples adopting children. Children need loving parents, gay or not.

I don't believe in open borders yet there are many good people who entered the country as undocumented aliens.

I know ... I married one. The best thing that ever happened to me. We are now celebrating 22 years of marriage. We share 14 grandkids, with more coming. The grandkids range from redneck white to brown.

I know a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marines that came here from El Salvador in the trunk of a car. He became a U.S. citizen. He is now serving in Kandahar Province with the Marines in Aghanistan.

Shame on you, Mitt Romney. He tells immigrants to get in line. What line? Mitt there is no line. You should know better than that. You are either a liar or misinformed. You pick.

Age either brings wisdom or a sense of vulnerability. Perhaps both. At this point I am not sure.

When I get older I will let you know.

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