News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes & music news for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 7, 2012

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi gente!

A wink, a nod, a couple of drinks, and a dance...and Leap Year February 2012 is gone, as we head into the merry month of March.

But our World is not without controversy...did you hear the one about that white, southern state, Municipal Court judge who passed around a racist cartoon about President Obama on his tax-supported, government e-mail to colleagues? When busted, he mumbled something stupid like, "It was a racist cartoon...but I'm not a racist"...and can you believe it?...the puto still has his job and is hearing cases.

When babosados happen like this, and people of high position get away with it, it makes the ordinary average Joe redneck think this is OK, they can also get away with it too, so they take it steps further...further promoting the ignorance and penis envy of racism.

Our once evil, feared, and despised enemies of the past, Japan and Germany, whom we whupped, bombed, and disarmed in World War II, and have kept them from ever having a military that can ever threaten the World again...are now 2 of the richest nations on earth in a most unstable World economy...where is the racism, ridicule, and sarcasm now?

Not that I'm promoting racism in another direction....but doesn't NOT being involved in any global wars, minding our own business, and having a robust, stable economy benefiting a society at at peace sound like a direction WE should be heading in?

(hope somebody else got that one!)

It just bugs the S**T out of me that so-called "AMERICANS" take it upon themselves to ridicule and racially demean OUR leader of the free World in public, and then pitch a bitch that other countries don't respect us, while bemoaning the so called "backwards" thinking of the Middle East & European people. (who have been around thousands of years before us here in the land of the dollar bill).

But like my white Veterano buddies Quentin and Dirk say with pride "...like it or not, a rich Black man who has a white mama, born in Hawaii, and is a lawyer, product from one of the most prestigious and traditionally white law schools in America because of Affirmative Action...is President of the United States...so get used to it!...and he ain't bad, either."

I'm OK with that...just waiting for our Latino chance at CasaBlanca en America.

And I gotta admit, I got a good buzz off of Rudy Acuna's latest piece here on LatinoLA , and of course, I always get a good giggle and head nod from Al Carlos Hernandez's spoofs of the real world in his recent TOP 10.

Brown people telling it like it is and enlightening others while they do it! ?íGracias!

?íOrale! Enough rambling! ?íWatcha!

The music is still popping as well, despite a 60 cent raise in the price of gas in the Land of 1000 Dances the past three months that makes van pooling & double dating a great way to get to the happenings...and a side effect is that it's MAKING us hang out and get closer together and talk...watch out, guys! There's a more informed Brown public getting out there on the dance floor!

And speaking of dance floors, nobody packed 'em better than our L.A. talent and venues last month.

People & groups like ROCKY PADILLA, the SOTO Brothers, RAY CARRION & his LATIN ALL STARS, EUROPA, BALANCE, SATISFACTION, IMPULSE, GEORGE SALAZAR's 2nd TIME AROUND Band, LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS, KOOL BREEZE, TEASE, TOUCH, Johnny Burrolla's HIP STREET, BARELA, THEE MIDNITERS, PACHUCO JOSE y los DIAMANTES, RUBEN MOLINA, GILBERT ESQUIVEL, RUDY MORENO, and others kept it all the way live, and promise to keep it going for the good Gente de Aztlan at places like the many L.A. American Legion & VFW Halls, Steve's Bar-B-Que, Whittier Radisson, Nick's Taste of Texas,the Guesthouse, the Ice House,Maggie's Pub, Bruce's, Zendeja's, Cuban Pete's, The A Mi Hacienda, Fiesta Ballroom,Callahan's, Steven's Steakhouse, and others that cater to that mature, good looking, never-gonna-get-old Chicano party crowd de Aztlan.

The truth, laughs, good people, good times, and good music...that's what it's all about as we survive in today's Aztlan in our part of the World here at LatinoLA.com.

On a sad note, the Chicano music world suffers another loss as THEE MAD LATIN's guitarist brother RON LEMOS left us last week. A talented man who performed with THEE MIDNITERS, AFTER DARK, THEE MAD LATINS, and sat in as a 'hired gun" for many other groups over the past 40 years, Ron was also a very educated man, having earned his Ph.D at UCLA and published many educational materials still in use today....I remember him as a very classy guy and great guitar player...go well, Brother...we will miss you dearly.

Tribute shows for TIERRA's Steve Falomir at Steven's Steakhouse in Commerce, and for EL CHICANO's Bobby Espinosa at Mama Juana's in Studio City also jumped off well recently, as the cream of L.A.'s Chicano Music world fell out to pay respects and homage. Good attendance, good performances...nobody expected less.

Famed horn man BOBBY NAVARRETTE (TIERRA, THEE MIDNITERS) told LatinoLA recently that THEE MIDNITERS recent concert trip to Tijuana was a sold out and soulful event last weekend. "The people down south were so warm and welcoming to us. We were treated like kings, and they all respected and appreciated our music. They partied hard and long too, with no pedo or pleitos...that's the way a Chicano happening should take place! Of course, we played our hearts out for the Gente...and that's the way Chicano performers should do it!".

This month is no different, and even gets better as the weather gets mellow, and the Gente step out rather than stay home and watch TV commercials.

Friday night saw SOUL PURSUIT packing them in at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs while COLD DUCK brought them in out of the cold at Sandra's Mexican Grill & Cantina in Chino Hills. COLD DUCK hits the Pechanga Casino this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For tickets, info, and reservations: (909) 693-1819 or 1-888-PECHANGA

East L.A. Revue Radio's CHICO MANQUEROS and STEVEN CHAVEZ recently hosted a great Chicano Music Show at Nick's Taste of Texas last weekend, featuring the powerful and entertaining MEXI-CATS, along with the electrifying TEX-MANIACS. Besides MC-ing the show, Chico also performed on stage as percussionist with the MEXI-CATS, giving the standing room only crowd a great night of music and dancing. A surprise guest performance by LOS LOBOS' Cesar Rosas wowed the crowd. This was a party and I'm glad my Lady and I decided to go! The crowd was great, the music was on it, and we all had a great time dancing till past midnight. THANK YOU Steven and Chico!!

That same night, TEASE hit the stage at Steve's Bar-B'Que to another packed house in Whittier, while SOUL WHAT kept them entertained at Bruce's in Norwalk.

March 16th finds comedian GILBERT ESQUIVEL bringing his famed OLD SCHOOL COMEDY and DANCE SHOW back to the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, then, on March 30th he joins up with FRANKIE FIRME at the historic San Fernando American Legion Hall for a MEMORIES DANCE SHOW, featuring the finest in memory making Chicano style Oldies but Goodies..NOT for the kids, so keep 'em home! LOL! Tickets for both events are available at (310) 518-2229. See you there!

Wednesday March 21st, Frankie Firme will host a 50th birthday party at the ANTIQUA LATIN BISTRO, located at 116 E. Beverly Blvd in Montebello, starting at 8pm, for L.A.'s current "Guitar Killer" and band leader RAY CARRION. Come on by and enjoy a mid week party for one of L.A.'s more popular Latino musicians. For info & directions (323) 516-6223.

March 30th, SATISFACTION hits the stage at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs for another great night of partying and dancing. For more info: text www.satisfactionband.com.

Word is getting so good about the fine arts in live plays being offered and hosted at the Los Angeles Theater Company and the Latino Theater Company in downtown Los Angeles, that you just gotta get down there! For more info: latc.org ~ check it out!

SMOOTH TOUCH and BALANCE make their way to Cuban Pete's in Lakewood (formerly the Lakewood Hop) this month. For guest list tickets & info: (310) 367-8439.

March also finds the ever popular SOTO Band all over the place, making people happy and keeping them dancing with their firey brand of Chicano Rock & Soul. Averaging 2 to 3 gigs a week, we suggest you check out the calendar page at www.sotoband.com to see when they're coming to a club near you!...and tell 'em you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

March 24th finds LOUIE PARRA & ThEE MAD LATINS kicking it up on stage at the PALOMA ROOM (formerly the Montebello Inn) on Whittier Blvd in Montebello with special guest CORY SILVA. March 31st finds COLD DUCK up on stage, "doing it" on the Boulevard for your dancing pleasure!. For tickets & info: (626) 536-9267.

East L.A. music pioneer and former THEE MIDNIGHTER great George Salazar brings his 2nd TIME AROUND BAND to the San Gabriel Valley for a FREE concert this Friday at the Alhambra American Legion Hall on Stoneman St. in Alhambra, starting at 8pm. FREE PARKING. The 2nd Time Around Band features great musicians from the "East Side Sound" of the 1960's with Salazar (THEE Midniters, 1G+3), Eddie Hernandez (Thee Lil Heartbreakers), Gilbert Stokes ( EL CHICANO, APB), Mike Rincon (The BLENDELLS) and others. Don't miss this great freebie...bring your dancing chanclas and I'll see you there!

The best music on the World Wide Web is heard on www.eastLArevue.com where our weekly listener tally recently topped the 12 MILLION mark! With Internet DJ's Frankie Firme, Chico Manqueros, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, El Chino, El Betoman,Tyrone DuBose, DJ Sapo,Tom Morin, Ray & Josie Ramos, and guest DJ's, we offer the finest musical buffet in the World 'All you can hear and listen to 24/7!".

At present, Frankie Firme hosts a TOWER of POWER 1972~2005 tribute show. Check it ALL out at www.eastLArevue.com.

Some cool happenings happening at www.chicanosoul.com ...check it out!

It's a BROWN thing, baby!

Lastly, LatinoLA wishes a speedy recovery to Chicano Cable TV Star Richard "Thee Mister" Duran, who was recently hospitalized after a mild heart attack. Get well, Carnal!

Rumor Department:

Rumor # 1 ~ Yes, it's true. In an unofficial survey of 200 men over 55 years of age in the Land of 1000 Dances, the 2 ladies most men in L.A. over 55 would love to share a morning bowl of menudo or Cheerios with is channel 2 & 9 TV news woman SHARON TAY and TV Courtroom Judge MARIE MILAN of People's Court....don't know where the candidates list came from, but believe or not, these 2 ladies seem to have the attention of the mature working man.

Rumor #2 ~ yes, it's true. Frankie Firme and friends, along with East L.A. Revue Radio and LatinoLA will be bringing you a killer summer concert to announce the formation of a new production/promotion company that will feature HIP STREET, considered by many as one of the most authentic and faithful sounding TOWER OF POWER tribute bands in Southern California, along with the pride of northern California and one of best Chicano Rock/Soul/Funk/R&B bands on the west coast, THE KOOL KATZ. Also featured as a special singing guest, the "Soul Man de Santa Barbara" Mr. PEPE MARQUEZ. Concert is tentatively scheduled for July 14th at a San Fernando Valley location to be announced...keep yourself logged onto LatinoLA for further word and ticket information.

Rumor #3 yes, it's true. SATISFACTION Band lead singer ROBERT BENAVIDES has been given the nod to accompany Latin Soul performing artist PARIS ESCOVEDO and his band to Singapore this May. Congratulations, Robert! We expect all kinds of photos from the other end of the World on FACEBOOK !

That's it for now Mi Gente! Keep it Brown & Proud all the way home...and DON'T forget to get your taxes done on time before the Government runs out of money!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on www.eastLArevue.com. He celebrates 10 years of contributory writing on LatinoLA this year.
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