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Saint Patrick's Day - Six Steps to Enjoy a Guinness

So, the bartender has done a professional job crafting the pint, now it is up to you to make this a life changing experience!

By Betti Ortega-Roderick
Published on LatinoLA: March 17, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day - Six Steps to Enjoy a Guinness

Originally published March 17, 2012.

As the pint is presented to you, the intensity is coming alive and that wonderful creamy head being formed. It's time to drink your pint of Guinness. But as Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray says, there are proper steps to best taste the natural ingredients and 250 years of brewing art inside a pint of Guinness:

1. The Visual impact ÔÇô you always drink a pint of Guinness with your eyes first. Take a moment to view the beauty of the beer in the glass. Never look down at a pint of Guinness; always look to the horizon and raise your pint to your mouth.

2. Own the pint. Stand proud and stand tall. Feel confident and think, 'This is my pint. I deserve it.'

3. Get your elbow up. Prepare to tilt the glass to allow your lips to pull the liquid through the glass.

4. Raise your pint and drink the liquid through the head. (Too often, a first-time Guinness drinker will take a small sip and get only the creamy head, which is full of bitter tasting notes). By drinking through the head, you will get the roastiness of the barley in the liquid with a hint of bitterness from the head to round out the overall taste experience.

5. Always drink from the same side of the glass so you can see the glass become laced and layered. With each pull from a pint of Guinness, you should see a "ring" of head inside your glass, which we refer to as "lacing."

6. Stand your ground, tilting the glass so you get enough liquid in your mouth, and energizing the four key elements of Guinness in all areas of the throat; 1) the sweetness of the malted barley on the front of your tongue 2) the roastiness of the roasted barley in the liquid on the sides of your mouth and the 3) the fantastic lingering hint of bitterness on the back of the throat as the liquid flows down. And best of all, 4) that fabulous smooth finish unique to Guinness draught as the taste buds awaken

Drink responsibly. Guinness is a product for those that respect great beer and have great respect for themselves and those around them.

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