?íAparato! Seeks to Fund New Album with Help From Fans!

Jarocho-rockers are calling on all 'Aparatoid Audionauts' to support their IndieGoGo campaign

By Gabriel San Roman
Published on LatinoLA: March 31, 2012

?íAparato! Seeks to Fund New Album with Help From Fans!

?íAparato! has made a name for itself by utilizing traditional Mexican instruments to help craft post-punk soundscapes netting two OCMA Best Latin nominations early on along the way. Now the band is hoping to take its rock music experiment into the studio and record a full-length debut album for all the fans. They're turning to IndieGoGo, which, like Kickstarter, allows people to pledge to creative projects in exchange for exclusive items like t-shirts and early downloads, but differs in a key way.

Here's the link: http://www.indiegogo.com/Aparatos-Debut-Album

"IndieGoGo is more flexible. If we don't make our goal, we're able to keep what we raised," says vocalist Nancy 'Cat' Mendez contrasting it with Kickstarter's all or nothing approach. "They're more friendly." ?íAparato!'s objective is set at $10,000 and they have less than a month left to try and reach it.

The jarocho-rockers haven't yet come up with a title for their debut effort, but they know that the timing is right for their Chicano/a space rock odyssey. "It's been a few years since the start of the band. There's a lot of material, even that we haven't performed live," says guitarist Alexandro Hern?índez of his band who formed in late 2009. "It's almost all ready to go." John Avila of Oingo Boingo fame has produced the first set of songs and even lent his personal talents on bass. To produce the rest of the album ?íAparato! is calling on Quetzal Flores of East LA band Quetzal. "He is making sure the jaranas are heard and that the rock sound of the band doesn't overpower," Mendez mentions. "He is also helping us develop the songs."

In addition to tapping Flores' shoulders for musical guidance, ?íAparato! has also added Vaneza Calder??n, a new bassist who fits into the sonic scheme just right. She hoists a guitarr??n onstage and fuses her Mariachi style of playing with rock.

With everything set into place, all that's left is the task of raising funds. "We are a traditional bending ensemble and that's kind of hard to find," Mendez says in making her pitch. Being the social justice rockers that they are, one place you can find them is at rallies and events that further movements for worker's and women's rights so if you've seen them perform for free, IndieGoGo is a space for reciprocity.

For the incentive-minded the band offers an array of thank you gifts including a six-song mariachi serenade for your lover to be. There's a little something for everyone who enlists as an Aparatoid Audionaut. "I consider anyone who is listening to us and getting our music, not just those contributing to IndieGoGo to be an Aparatoid Audionaut," Hern?índez says of the phrase he coined. "I wanted to use the term to create a community for us. You're traveling with us!"

Destination: $10,000. Estimated time of arrival: 30 days. Ready, set, vamonos!

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