Casting for "Detained in the Desert" - a Latino Film !

Josefina Lopez is turning her hit play into a feature film. Please submit ASAP (non-union)

By Carlos San Miguel
Published on LatinoLA: May 10, 2012

Casting for "Detained in the Desert" - a Latino Film !

Josefina Lopez is turning her hit play into a feature film - tell a friend
this is a NON-UNION film - casting ASAP
Director: Iliana Sosa Producer: Josefina Lopez

If interested please email your headshot/ resume to:


mention referral from: Carlos San Miguel

or drop off/ mail ASAP to:
CASA 0101 Theater, 2009 E. First St., L.A., CA 90033

DETAINED IN THE DESERT (based on the hit play by Josefina Lopez)
read about the original play:


This dramatic story was written in protest to the anti-immigrant/racial profiling laws in Arizona and is a stand against hate talk and hate crimes. Help us tell this story.

A low budget independent feature film, NON-UNION

There is no pay just credit and meals

Character Breakdown


SANDI SANCHEZ - Lead/ Latina/ female - 27
Stubborn, hot headed and outspoken, Sandi is a second- generation Latina who does not speak Spanish, but is dark skinned and looks almost native American. She just finished her Master's degree, and for a large part of her life, has denied her Mexican heritage.


J.C. / Female / Latina - 20s
Raul's sister and also one of Lou's kidnappers.

SAUL / Male / Latino - 20s
Raul's brother and one of Lou's kidnappers. He's the most austere out of the three kidnappers.

CHUY / Male / Latino - 20s
Raul's brother and the third kidnapper.

KEN BEAVERS / Male / any ethnicity - 37
The ambitious and no nonsense radio producer of "Take Back America."

DORIS / African-American / Female - 40s
An African American correctional officer at the Eloy Detention Center. She sympathizes with Sandi but at the same time is strict and believes in her job.

ARTEMIO HERNANDEZ / Male / Latino - 40
The ghost of a man who was murdered in the desert. Looking for a male with darker skin and indigenous features.

MILAGROS / Female / Latina - 27
A first generation Mexican immigrant who befriends Sandi at Eloy. Spanish must be first language, looking for someone that speaks English with an accent.

ELI / Male / Caucasian - 17
JAMESON / Male / Caucasian - / 17
DAVID / Male / Caucasian - / 16
One of three white, working class teenagers who commit a violent hate crime against a Latino immigrant in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Looking for teens that are 18 but look younger and are comfortable performing in a violent scene.

RAUL MORENO / male / Latino - 23
A young, bilingual Latino man that is the target of the hate crime committed by three white teens. Looking for someone with a darker skin tone, who is also bilingual.

CARL DUNLOP / Male / Caucasian - 40
A middle-aged white male who is a leader of the racist, "Minuteclan" group. He is a firm believer that immigrants are toxic, and is an active protestor and "defender" of the Border. His group pokes holes through the gallons of water that Ernesto provides.

DONALD DAVIS / Male / Caucasian - 35
A racist talk show radio host that fills in for Lou and eventually replaces him.

MR. MARTINEZ / Male / Latino - 40
Sandi's put together Latino professor who teaches a Latino studies class. Educated, slightly hipster.

DEENA / female / Caucasian - 45
Eli's mother, a white, working class woman that condones racism.

ELDERLY WOMAN / female / Caucasian - 60s-70s
An avid protestor against immigrants in the Phoenix protests.

LINDA SANCHEZ / female / Latina - 50
A third generation Latina who participates in the anti-immigrant protests. She has a deep hatred against her own kind and isn't afraid to voice her anti-immigrant sentiments.

YOUNG SANDI / female / Latina - 11
Looking for a Latina girl to play Sandi as a young girl. Will play two roles in Sandi's dream sequences and also in a flashback where she denies her Mexican identity.

YOUNG MILAGROS / female / Latina 11
In Sandi's flashback while she's at Eloy Detention Center, Sandi remembers a Young Milagros in her school who was teased by the white children but Young Sandi didn't stand up for her.


MALE POLICE OFFICER / male / any ethnicity - 35
While Matt tried to find out where Sandi was detained at, the police officer refers him to ICE. *SPEAKING ROLE*

TALL BLONDE / female / any ethnicity - 40
A news reporter for Phoenix's Fox 10 News who speaks about illegal immigration.

SCHOOL NURSE / female / any ethnicity - 35
During Sandi's flashback, the school nurse checks Sandi's head for lice, which the children believe was passed around by a Mexican child.

WOMAN ON THE GROUND / female / Latina / any adult age
In Ernesto's flashback of the most impacted death he has witnessed out in the desert, he remembers a woman lying on the ground with a snake slithering out her mouth.

LATINO MAN / BACKGROUND / male / Latino / any adult age
Lou sees a Latino man walking down the street as he makes a phone call.

PROTESTORS / any gender/ any ethnicity - 40-75
Four to five protestors hold signs and participate in a mock protest against illegal immigration. Wardrobe: overly patriotic wear.

LATINO CHILDREN / any gender / Latino - 8-12
Four young Latino boys and girls stand in line as they wait their turn to be checked by the school nurse.

WHITE BOYS / male / Caucasian - 9-12
Three boys tease Young Sandi, Young Milagros, and other Latino children in school. *One boy will have a speaking role*

FEMALE DETAINEES / female / Latina - 20s-50s
Various Latina women of varying looks to play immigrant detainees at Eloy detention center

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