George Zimmerman and the Attack of the Left-wing Idiots.

Why this is one Latino I will defend

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: May 21, 2012

George Zimmerman and the Attack of the Left-wing Idiots.

Note: The following story that you are about to read does not make me one who is prejudiced towards blacks or one who promotes bigotry, hate, or a race war of any kind. This story is nothing more than me speaking the truth about the one-sided idiots we know better as "the left-wing media and politicians". This story is also done without the intention of slandering the memory of Trayvon Martin. Thank you.

And now......George Zimmerman and the attack of the left-wing idiots.

So it seems that those individuals responsible for the senseless murders of two Asian USC students have now been caught. What happened here was horrific. A bright young lady with the goal of doing good for both herself and her community. A bright young man this young lady thought would likely be a big part of her future, also with the goal of doing good for both himself and his community. On the other side of the globe were their families, very proud of their achievements and hard work. The best years still ahead for these two young individuals.

At least we thought.

In the blink of an eye, all that has now disappeared thanks in part to a couple of lowlife thugs who decided to take the lives of these two individuals that I believe were easily fit for society.

As I watch the story of the arrests on as many local channels as possible (KTLA, FOX 11, KABC, etc), I not only ask myseIf why the arrests of these lowlife thugs are not making headlines on the left-wing cable channels of CNN and MSNBC but why both the left-wing media and politicians have yet to consider this act a "hate crime".

Duhhhhh, let me explain............1) Black thugs see law-abiding Asian couple doing nothing more than talking in their car and decide they want to kill them. 2) Black thugs approach young Asian couple and kill them, both intentionally and with malice. 3) Black thugs, not feeling bad for what they just did, then rob dead Asian couple of their personal belongings.

Enough said!!!!

And yet, as I now see this story as "yesterday's news" on these local channels and as I wonder why these horrific killings did not make headlines on CNN, MSNBC, or those other shows hosted by Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell, some 3,000 miles away lies a young Latino in hiding, still making headlines on both sides of the Mississippi. This young Latino, George Zimmerman, is accused of a crime that many members of the left-wing community have already insisted was done out of hate and racism simply because the young man he shot in self-defense, Trayvon Martin, was black.

By the way, where are those closet racists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are nowhere to be found when it comes to giving a comment on the arrests of the thugs responsible for the murders of the two Asian USC student? And why hasn't the left-wing media exposed the photos of these two murderers the same way they have exposed Zimmerman's photo day after day after day after day?

Let's look at George is a guy who was doing nothing more than patrolling the area that had fallen victim to burglaries over and over again. One moment, he is calling 911, claiming he spots a suspicious guy, and the next moment, not only is he is hated by the black community, but he is considered a racist for something that is slowly but surely already being proven to be nothing more than a self-defense act with unfortunate results.

Why does the left-wing media and politicians make Mr. Zimmerman out to look like someone who intended on killing Trayvon Martin for simply being black (and yet, won't say the same about the two black thugs who killed the Asian students for simply being Asian)? Why doesn't the left-wing media and politicians want to admit that several witnesses claim they saw Trayvon Martin on top of Mr. Zimmerman? Why doesn't the left-wing media and politicians want to admit that perhaps Mr. Zimmerman did go back to his car once told by the 911 dispatcher, possibly leading to Trayvon Martin approaching him from behind and eventually striking Mr. Zimmerman from behind (witnesses saw Mr Zimmerman near his car at the time he was jumped from behind).

And why doesn't the left-wing media and politicians want to admit that a medical report revealing injuries to Mr Zimmerman's head, nose, eyes, and knuckles may likely prove he was the one getting attacked, possibly leading to him having no other choice but to commit his act of self-defense?

And as for the 2-3 photos of Trayvon Martin the public sees on the news each and every day, those were photos that were taken years ago. A recent photo or two has surfaced of a present-day Trayvon Martin as looking more tall and husky, which explains why it is possible the cuts on the back of the head of George Zimmerman may have been brought on by a stronger-looking Trayvon Martin.

Did anyone not see the recent video of Trayvon purchasing his Skittles and ice tea at the convenience store the night of the shooting? Did you not see how tall this kid was? I also noticed how the left-wing media were using the huskier-looking photo of Mr. Zimmerman (wearing the orange shirt) even though we are now seeing that Mr. Zimmerman is a more thinner-looking man. It's kind of like shooting a shaved-head, tattooed, Latino gangbanger in self-defense, only for the left-wing media to then show a photo of this punk in his first communion suit some 5-7 years ago when he had a full set of hair and no tattoos.

As mentioned, this is not about slandering Trayvon Martin but about defending Mr Zimmerman from the left-wingers out there who have already giving their verdict. What happened to this young man was unfortunate and I am sure everyone, including George Zimmerman, wishes it never happened. But it did. And yes, a death did take place, but not out of bigotry and hate.

So why are the left-wing media and politicians being so one-sided when it comes to this case?

You know why? It is possible that they are afraid to anger certain members of the black community such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have even gone far enough to where they altered Mr. Zimmerman's 911 calls to make it look like he is nothing more than a hateful racist (courtesy of MSNBC).

I would like to bring up some examples of past incidents, some well-known and some not well-known, where the left-wing media and politicians also chose to be one-sided for this same reason.

Do you remember the infamous Duke University Scandal, involving the school's Lacrosse team? A group of players from the team decided to throw a party and by the end of that night, a black women, hired to entertain the drunken attendees, would cry rape. Though there would eventually be no proof found that a rape did occur and though stories would surface regarding this black woman's checkered past, the left-wing media constantly made the lives of these student-athletes miserable for months.

During this scandal, it seemed that a writer came out with a story regarding both this scandal and a horrific crime that had recently taken place in one of the southern states, that got little to no attention.

In this horrific crime, a young white couple were leaving a restaurant when they were encountered by a couple of black men and a black women. The young man was beaten and tortured while his girlfriend, just feet away, was getting raped. The two were then robbed and shot dead. The suspects were eventually caught.

Imagine if this boyfriend and girlfriend had been a long time friend and/or a loved one of yours.

Anyways, the reason why this writer wrote his story was because he was asking why this horrific crime, which you just read, went unheard of but yet the Duke scandal, which happened around the same time and which did not involve any crime or horrific murders, went on for months.

As far as I know, this writer's story was the only time I heard about the murders of this young, white couple (please don't even attempt to insist that perhaps this story was made up). The writer then answered the question to why this story went unheard. He said it was because he believed the left-wing media refused to talk about it, out of fear of angering members of the black community. He believed that by the left-wing media giving this horrific crime the same amount of attention as the Duke scandal, the black community would cry foul, claiming the media likes to expose stories that do nothing more than slander the reputation of blacks. I believe this writer was not being racist but simply giving an honest opinion.

How about Colin Ferguson? Does that name ring a bell? In December of 1993, he committed one of the worst acts in public transportation history when he walked into a train station in Long Island, New York, and started opening fire, killing 6 and wounding 19, before being stopped by 3 brave individuals. Despite being one of the most diverse counties in the country, not a single victim of his was black. And yet, from the time he was apprehended to the time of his sentencing (315 years), not once did I hear the words "hate crime" from the left-wing media or politicians. Trust me, I remember this story very well. Of course, Nassau County Executive Thomas Gulotta, a Republican, would later be criticized by Jesse Jackson, who cried racism when Mr. Gulotta called Mr. Ferguson "an animal" (Gulotta later insisted that comment had nothing to do with race, which I agree with).

Hmmmm....wonder what would have happened if Ferguson was white and if his victims had been black.

Can you now say "hate crime"? I know the left-wing media and politicians would have.

Let's use another example but one that did not involve fatalities.

Remember the infamous comment shock jock Don Imus made about the Rutgers women's basketball team, referring to them as "nappy-headed hos"? Though anyone could tell you that what he said was disrespectful to women, the left-wing media went after him for weeks, accusing him of racism. Al Sharpton, the most outspoken during this controversy, demanded Imus be fired from his job while Time Magazine would eventually put Imus on their front cover.

Imus would eventually be forced to step down. As for Sharpton, the funny thing about this controversy was that the Today Show asked Sharpton if he was also going to do something about the many rap artists that continue to portray women in both their music and videos as "hos". Sharpton said he would. With several years already gone by, I have yet to see anything done. Someone tell me I am wrong!

Now, some 1-2 years later, we have female Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman, a white women, who appears on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show. What she is unaware of is that the show's band leader, Ahmir Thompson, a black man, is playing a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called "Lyin ass bitch", as Ms. Bachman walks out on stage.

Though what happened here was also as disrespectful as Don Imus' comment made to the Rutgers women basketball team, why was this also not considered racism? Better yet, why did this not get the same several weeks of controversy Don Imus got when he disrespected the Rutgers women's basketball team? Jimmy Fallon would end up apologizing for Mr. Thompson, via "Twitter" instead of being man enough to apologize to her face or on the air.

As for the other coward, Ahmir Thompson would wait weeks to apologize, during an interview (I read the interview and to me, it sounded like he only apologized because had no other choice). Unlike the Don Imus controversy, the left-wing media put this humiliating Michele Bachman incident behind them within 24-48 hours after it happened. As for Ms. Bachman, regardless of what party she is from and regardless of what her views are when it comes to certain issues, what happened to her was uncalled for and should have also been considered "a racist act".

Isn't it funny that when left-wingers don't like something said by right-wingers (ie.....Don Imus, Ted Nugent, KFI's Ken and Bob), left-wingers cry foul or racism but when the offensive comments are from the left-wingers (ie.....rap artists, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher), it's ok because it's free speech.

I would now like to share a story that happened in our own backyards and, like the story of the southern couple murdered after their evening at the restaurant, this story also got little to no attention. A few years ago in Ontario, California, there was a story I had heard on the local news about an elderly Latino man who was taking his daily walk at some Ontario park when he was encountered by some young, black thugs. The elderly Latino, knowing little to no English, was in a state of confusion, not knowing what these individuals wanted. After doing whatever it took to cooperate, he would eventually end up getting robbed, beaten, and left for dead. These thugs would eventually get caught a few days later, after bragging about it one too many times at school., the person reading this, is likely a Latino and is likely a user of Facebook. How many times have you seen on Facebook a photo of someone's elderly Latino parents or grandparents, whether it was a photo of them today still going strong after so many years, or a black and white photo of them from decades ago when they were a young, hot looking couple?

This elderly Latino man was likely that man once pictured on someone's facebook page. Like most elderly Latino men, this man met the love of his life while still a teen in Mexico or in one of the neighboring Latin countries. This man and his new bride then came to America for the purpose of living the American dream. He and his wife would have many children and would vow to be the best parents imagined. He would work long hours out in the field while the wife would work the same amount of hours at home (perhaps even more hours) taking care of their children.

Time would pass as he and the wife would be there for their children's birthdays, first communions, and high school graduations. Some or all of their kids would go on to get degrees in college while all would get married and have their own children. After decades of raising their kids and working those long hours, it would be time for this elderly Latino man to pat himself on the back for all the great work both he and his wife did these past few decades. The two would now be able to take the time to relax and enjoy free time with the grandkids.

Any Latino reading this would be a lying fool if they said they could not relate to what they just read.

This elderly Latino man, like many grandparents out there, went through the ups and downs in life but regardless, his kids and the love of his life were always there to bring him laughter. I think I speak for every Latino out there when I say that this elderly Latino man should have never seen his life end this way. His time was eventually bound to come to an end but when it did, it should have ended peacefully with his priest, his sweetheart of many decades, and his children surrounding him at his bedside. Instead, he was likely surrounded by nosy strangers as well as some non-Spanish speaking, conscience-free, police officers who were nowhere to be found at the time the crime was in progress.

And yet, these young black thugs, who gladly bragged to their schoolmates about robbing and beating this elderly latino man to death, were never charged with a hate crime.

I once remember a story where a black man was set for execution in Texas for the 1981 killing of a young white man in Houston. There, left-wing celebrities like Mike Farrell, Ed Ansner, and Danny Glover were urging then-governor George W. Bush to halt the execution of this man (forgot his name) because "they had the wrong man" (heard this line before?). Across the street from the prison were the media, who were getting the opinions of those in favor of and against the execution. It was the comment of one man that caught my attention. He said...." why is it that when a white man commits a crime on a black man, it is automatically a hate crime and that white man is automatically a racist but when a black man commits a crime on a white man, it is nothing more than a crime and the black man is simply a criminal"? The black inmate would eventually be executed that night.

And once again, while you read these stories and examples of hate crimes never being applied to black criminals, a young Latino who was simply patrolling his neighborhood because Sanford Police officers are never around when you need them, is being looked at by the left-wing media and politicians as an evil murderer who hates blacks. Once again, it was a self-defense act with unfortunate results.

Here is something we all know, George Zimmerman is being looked at as a "racist white person" who murdered an "unarmed black man." As most members of the public may be aware of by now, George Zimmerman is also Latino (from his mom's side). If anyone is going to still insist he is white, they might as well insist that President Obama is white as well.

Anyways, what if the tables were turned, where his mom was white and his father was Latino? That would mean "George Zimmerman" would likely be known as "George Mesa" (using his mom's Peruvian maiden name). This would now make it a "brown on black killing". Right? I can guarantee you that if this were the case, this killing would not be making nationwide headlines.

Brown on black crimes (and vice-versa) unfortunately happen in this country everyday and yet the left-wing media and politicians always look the other way (don't anyone dare deny this fact). You make the shooting of Trayvon Martin a "white on black killing" and the left-wing media and politicians have a chance at enjoying a right-wing bashing moment.

And speaking of "looking the other way", where are those local left-wing Latino leaders, when it comes to getting a comment or two on this shooting? What does that idiot Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa have to say about this? What about LA Councilman Jose Huizar? What about LA Councilman Tony Cardenas? And what about LA Councilman Richard Alarcon? I have yet to hear them comment on this shooting and have yet to see their presence at any local rallies. They're all staying out of this because they know that there are intelligent Latinos in our own backyards who, just like me, are coming to the defense of George Zimmerman. These politicians would be foolish to say something that could later cost them Latino votes. They would even be more foolish to admit to the black people of Los Angeles that George Zimmerman was perhaps acting in "self-defense".

If I am going to put the blame on someone for what has happened, it is not going to be on George Zimmerman and it is not going to be put on Trayvon Martin's hoodie. I am going to put the blame on police departments like the Sanford Police Department, for had they been doing their job by patrolling a neighborhood known for its history of being hit with far too many robberies, Trayvon Martin would have probably still been alive today.

You know why neighborhood watch programs exist in this country? Because these programs need to do the job police departments are poor at doing. You can never seem to find a cop when you need one but they always seem to be there when they need you to help them complete their ticket quotas.

Sure, they are going to tell you to call 911 if you see anything suspicious but history shows that by the time they show up, that suspicious person is long gone (just being honest). What about those times you see a top story on the news about a crime hitting a certain neighborhood, you hear that famous line from some reporter saying how "police are now doubling up patrols in the neighborhood" (while showing footage of a passing police car).

That is nothing more than a scare tactic towards thugs that we all should know by now does not work. And then, there is the famous "community involvement" suggestion that police departments will use as a way to get more people involved in what goes on in their neighborhoods. They will suggest that neighbors need to watch out for each other. Pretty hard to do this when all the hard-working people are at work and all the lowlifes are out scoping the neighborhoods. Can you ever picture a lowlife, tattooed, welfare-collecting, loser whose done time in jail in the past, calling 911 because he happens to see an unfamiliar person scoping out a house that belongs to a man and wife who both are at work? I can't either!

I was once in the Alhambra area when I heard a car racing up and down the nearby cross street some 3-4 times late one night when I finally decided to call 911. I was told by the dispatcher that "as long as nothing has happened, we cannot do anything about it". NO LIE!!!! The dispatcher would eventually send a unit to the area only because I would eventually tell her off.

Now, what if I never had told her off and decided to take the law into my own hands by chasing after this driver and as a result, the speeding vehicle lost control and crashed into a parked car, hurting or even killing the driver of that speeding car? Though I would have been arrested for this unfortunate event, l would have put most of the blame on the Alhambra Police Department for not being there as needed.

To all those who are going to remind me of all the risks cops take everyday, no need to. I do understand the risks they take just like I understand the risks Cal-Tran workers, commercial pilots, taxi-drivers, night-shift convenience store clerks, and soldiers take everyday as well.

As an LA Weekly reader, commenting on a story regarding a dirty Hermosa Beach Police Officer, put it...."the only difference is that those individuals don't become a**holes through their jobs". Remember the last time a Cal-trans worker harassed you for being black or Latino? How about the last time a commercial pilot committed brutality on you and then, along with his or her fellow co-pilot, did a coverup? And how about the last time a 7/11 clerk shot your dog who was approaching him or her (google...."AUSTIN COP SHOOTS DOG FROM WRONG HOUSE" to find out what I mean by this). As the LA Weekly reader once again put it....."The rest of us slaves have to obey the rules, unlike our masters in blue".

As for the neighborhood the shooting took place in.....has anyone in the complex attempted to defend Mr. Zimmerman for the long hours he dedicated in patrolling the neighborhood? I have taken charge of things many times in the past and one thing I have learned from doing so is that people like to criticize, complain, and bring up their own suggestions but the moment you tell those individuals to take charge, they are the first to run the other way.

Sure, so maybe Mr. Zimmerman made one too many calls in the past but like they say, "if you see something suspicious, call 911", which he did. Maybe if there were more residents helping Mr. Zimmerman with the neighborhood watch program, Mr. Zimmerman may have possibly not been patrolling the complex that night. You never know.

As I end this story, I do know that many of you reading this story have likely found it to be disturbing. As mentioned in the beginning of this story, I am not racist nor anti-black. This story is not about promoting hate or a race-war. And once again, what this story has done is simply come to the defense of a Latino that the one-sided left-wingers of this country have transformed into a hateful bigot who killed an individual simply for being of a certain color.

Every incident mentioned in this story, from the murdered couple from the south to the elderly Latino man from Ontario, did happen and is as accurate as can be. And as also mentioned, this story in no way, was done for the purpose of slandering the memory of Trayvon Martin. This story is not about being negative but about simply being honest.

Still insist this story was done out of bigotry and hate? Let me tell you what bigotry and hate is.

Bigotry and hate is when a group of black men, otherwise known as the "New Black Panthers", offers a $10,000.00 reward for the capture of George Zimmerman, DEAD OR ALIVE.

Bigotry and hate is when a black Hollywood director shares to all, the address of (what he thought was) the Zimmerman residence, for the intention of causing harrasment or even possible violence and arson to that family and their residence.

I am still waiting for charges to be brought up to both the New Black Panthers and to Spike Lee.

Oh wait, Spike Lee is a famous director, which means he will never do time in jail, even if giving out that address had led to arson or even the death of one or more of its family members. He'd just pay his way out of jail, get probation (likely later dropped, without anyone knowing), and make an apology (through his lawyer or Twitter account, of course). And if he is lucky, he'll have Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton claim that Mr. Lee was the real victim due to the color of his skin.


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