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DIMEX: I Do This For My Culture

Introducing DIMEX VIVE 2012 collection: Something out there that communicates and represents Latinos

By Christian, DIMEX
Published on LatinoLA: May 25, 2012

DIMEX: I Do This For My Culture

After all those ideas that turned into sketches and then got painted into our selected T-Shirts, the new DMX collection is done and ready to ship out to our customers. This collection is mostly based on different things that inspire the brand, including our culture here in the United States and in Mexico.

Our first design is based off on the Raiders football team logo and we called it "Sicario" or hit man. Due to the increasing violence in Mexico due to the cartels and the popular verse from a song by Gerardo Ortiz: "Ahora que se puso de moda, matar por dinero, faltar el respeto"

I decided to add an image of a Sicario's face full with ski mask and ballistic helmet instead of the usual pirate with his football helmet, grenade launchers replace the original swords crossing behind the image. It's a tribute to the fact that almost everyone that likes this subject wants to be or pretends to be a narco.

Then there's our "Not bad huh? for some immigrants" I grabbed this phrase from a popular rap song by Jay Z and Kanye West called "Otis". When I heard the verse right away I felt a connection. It's like saying, "Yeah, immigrants do succeed, too, in the states". Kinda of cocky.

Thirdly, our "Coatlicue" design is a my depiction of the original Aztec statue. I have always admired its look and decided to simplify it in the same way I have done with many other deities.

Our "Publico Enemigo" shirt is a spin off the "Public Enemy" logo, but instead of the "Black Panther" silhouette, I put a traditional Narco Traficante.

Since I have been doing this for my culture ever since day one, I decide to make a shirt that simply say "Culture" This shirt is simple but represents our way of life.

"Obreros Armados" translates to armed peasants and that's basically what a lot of these teams of hit-men in the Cartel world are built of -- peasants, who live in the hills of the poorest pueblos in Mexico and get offered a lot of money to become cold blooded killers.

Our brand is unique in its style and we have been going at it for five years now. No stores have picked us up because they only support brands that have made it and honestly most stores are afraid of taking that risk, but who's to blame them? The customer either likes the stuff or doesn't.

We do this because we love what we do. The brand is growing and our customer base is slowly finding out that there is something out there that communicates and represents them.

Let us know what you think. "We Want Feedback" I hope this release is of your liking.

Thank you and remember: "I Do This For My Culture." Facebook page!/dimex Twitter page

About Christian, DIMEX:
Dimex is a brand that is based on pop culture that is seen in every day life as a Latino. Our brand grabs imagery that symbolizes and tells a very important story about our way of life in the USA.
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