Spicy Cilantro's Ancestry Roots Joins Blogosphere

Five cousins give voice to a little bit about everything Latina

By Spicy Cilantro
Published on LatinoLA: May 31, 2012

Spicy Cilantro's Ancestry Roots Joins Blogosphere

A new English-language blog called Spicy Cilantro is stirring up the life kettle as a result of five cousins -- descendants of one courageous great grandmother, Santos Rios Olvera -- who paved the road the women in her family would follow.

Spicy Cilantro opened for conversation on May 30, 2012, in an effort to participate in the national discussion about creative expressions and social trends, talking about everything Latina.

Bloggers share life experiences from their diversified professions, hobbies and passions, as well as their perspectives on many of U.S. Latinos issues that matter most through articles, podcasts, videos, Skypecasts, photos, and presentations.

Spicy Cilantro features:

Elly Hernandez Padenkar, is a professional chef in Manhattan, NYC. Raised in a large Mexican family, she learned early on to create delicious meals on pennies and this has made her a sought-after caterer of delicious meals on a shoestring. She also has an eye for beautiful things, architecture and interior design.

Maya Serna, is a Tech aficionado with a focus on Web Design, multimedia and visual communications. She's also a lover of gaming/phone apps/web the self-proclaimed "nerd" of cousins.

Lisa Serna Mayorga, works for Sacramento, CA's mayor and is the daughter of the late Joe Serna, Jr. the first Hispanic mayor of Sacramento. She is an activist for the United Farm Workers. Her mother was Anglo and father Mexican, and he was her greatest role model. She is Spicy's politician-in-training.

Candace Serna/Gonzalez McGee, was raised on the United Farm Workers picket lines where Cesar Chavez considered her his youngest union organizer who was brought up by two strong activist women, her mother and grandmother. She has worked at the CSUS Career Center for years and is a career expert. She is married with two teenage daughters. She also brings unique perspective to her biracial family.

Elia Alcaraz Esparza, is a writer, editor and marketing/PR consultant. She is also editor of the online magazine http://www.latinheat.com and the entertainment blog, Latinowood. She brings delicious Hollywood scoops and talks about books, biographies, journalism, workshops, and anything about Hollywood industry. She is also a health insurance advocate for under-served and underrepresented women. Elia is also our resident great grandma historian!

Spicy Cilantro-- a little about everything Latina-- launches June 2, 2012. Visit: Spicy Cilantro. Spicy Cilantro blog was created by Casandra Moreno Lomera, contact her at: http://shewentthere.wordpress.com

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