For Greater Glory: The Not-So-Little Movie That Could

The film about Mexico's Cristero Wars finishes first weekend in the Top 10 for box office, fifth in per theater average

Published on LatinoLA: June 6, 2012

For Greater Glory: The Not-So-Little Movie That Could

"For Greater Glory" went into limited release last weekend as part of a word-of-mouth strategy. Despite only appearing on less than 800 screens nationwide, the film finished in the top 10 for box office.

According to CBS News, per theater, "For Greater Glory" actually ranked fifth, with an average take of $2,378 for the weekend. This is rare for an independent film, and even more, for a film covering a historic Latino topic.

"For Greater Glory" did/does not have the marketing and promotions budgets compared to the blockbusters that opened on the same weekend. The weekend success of "For Greater Glory" can be contributed in large part to word-of-mouth.

MALDEF has supported "For Greater Glory" for the past month and a half. We helped screen the film in cities across America and the feedback has been great!

Here are the reasons why MALDEF supported this film from the beginning..

* Films in broad release with nearly all-Latino casts are rare.

* Even more rare are films in broad release portraying episodes in Mexican history.

* This particular event in Mexican history had a significant effect on migration to the United States and therefore relates to the largely untold history of Mexican Americans.

* Some will say this is a film about faith; others will say it is a film about organized religion; others about rebellion against government; others about the power of organizing among the powerless; others will see a metaphor for current times; still others will see a film that counters stereotypes held by many, including those who pursue virulent anti-immigrant policymaking, about Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans.

* It is a film with all of these elements and more.

* It is also an implicit indictment of the entertainment, which fails to create and distribute films that represent the Latino community through cast and storylines in any significant way.

* In this case, the film was also produced by a Latino, who is also distributing because he could not find a distributor.

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