New Role for Cameron Diaz?

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Published on LatinoLA: June 20, 2003

New Role for Cameron Diaz?

FUERTE REPORT for the week of June 16 - 22, 2003

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Rumor has it that Cameron Diaz is at the top of the list to star with Jim Carrey in Colombia Pictures? remake of ?Fun with Dick and Jane?. Cameron previously worked with Carrey in her first feature film ?The Mask?.

Former baseball player Fernando Valenzuela (NL Rookie of the Year and Cy Young winner) goes back to where he started his career, and will now be a Spanish-language commentator for the Dodger broadcast team.

The MTV Video Music Awards Latin America returns to the Jackie Gleason Theatre October 23rd and will be broadcast live on MTV LA, as well as MTV2 here in the states. Rock on!

Calling all aspiring super-stars?Coca Cola is sponsoring ?Latinos Live?, a talent search contest giving aspiring musicians, singers, and songwriters the opportunity to achieve their dream of a recording an album! Contestants submit an original music demo describing how Coca-Cola REAL (DE VERDAD) is part of your life. The contest will be held in Texas, Florida, California, New York and Illinois and ends June 25th. For more info and entry forms, go to www.cokemusic.com http://www.cokemusic.com/ and click on Latinos Live.

Chile became the first South American country to sign a free-trade agreement with the US recently, which if approved, would allow Chile to export 85% of its goods without paying taxes ? a move that has everyone confirming that although Chile is politically boring, the economy works.

Congratulations to Hot 97 New York radio personality/rapper Angie Martinez and Dru Hill's Nokio, who welcomed their son Niko into the world last week.

The film industry can no longer afford to underestimate the critical role Latinos play in the business. Consider this:
-- Over 55% of all opening weekend moviegoers in the past year were
comprised of Hispanics *
-- 40% of Hispanics have gone to the movies 3 times in the past 3 months *
-- Hispanics attend an average of 10 movies per year, compared to 8.7 for
African-Americans and 7.2 times for the total market **
-- 40% of Hispanics have attended a movie at least once within the past 3
months *
Sources: * Scarborough Research, Los Angeles 2003, ** The Motion Picture
Association of America

Support for Latin film projects is crucial! Venevision International?s controversial gem ?La Ley De Herodes?, winner of Sundance Film Festival?s Latin American Cinema Awards and 10 Mexican Oscars is being released throughout LA county on June 20th. Support for the film in the opening week is key, as its success in LA will determine whether the film will be released nationally ? so be sure to check it out.

Jennifer Lopez is virtually a virgin, according to beau Ben Affleck. "The woman's been with, like, five guys in her whole life...There aren't many virgins in their thirties,' he said and 'Jen's about as close as you're likely to find, certainly in Hollywood."

?Pepsi Smash" debuts July 16th on the WB as a prime-time music series for hit artists. Pepsi is the main sponsor of the show, which will feature mainstream pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop acts. So far, confirmed acts include AFI, Ashanti, Michelle Branch, Evanescence, Fabolous, Foo Fighters, Beyonce Knowles, Lil' Mo, and Mya. Maybe they will include some Latino artists?

Carlos Santana will be donating all net profits of his tour ?Shaman? (which begins June 13 and ends July 14th at Hollywood Bowl) to the Amandla Aids Foundation, which benefits South African organizations battling the horrific AIDS contagion in that nation.

No Joke! Bob Graham's presidential tour now comes with a CD. The Bob Graham
Charisma Tour 2004, dedicated to promoting the upstart White House bid of Florida's senior U.S. senator and occasional amateur a cappella performer, is due out within days. Tunes include ?We've Got a Friend in Bob Graham?, and the ever-popular Latin-flavored Spanish Version of ?Arriba Bob! ?.

Human smuggling along the Mexico/US border has doubled in the wake of Sept. 11th crackdown on security at borders. Last month, 19 illegal immigrants
died in one smuggling incident alone ? the deadliest smuggling incident since 1987.

Rumor has it that the "Stripped and Justified" tour featuring Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, is running into problems with ticket sales and are looking for "more intimate" venues.

The Creative Content Foundation and the 7th Annual Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (July 18th-27th) in association with UCLA present a Latino Screenwriters Lab July 21st- 25th 2003. This workshop provides an opportunity for Latino screenwriters to meet with each other and share their experiences and contacts. The applicant entries can be written in English or Spanish and participation in the Lab is by invitation only. For details, check out www.LatinoFilm.org

The James L Brooks romantic comedy ?Spanglish?, is conducting a worldwide
talent search to find a leading Latina actress. Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni are said to be in negotiations to co-star in the flick.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the new La Banda Elastica magazine, with features on the Latin Electronic music scene around the world, El Gran Silencio, Vicentico, Manu Chao, and others.

Cuban pop-star, Carlos Manuel, defected last week while in Mexico for a performance with his band. Following the performance, Manuel headed to Matamoros, a Mexican border city across from Brownsville Texas, and crossed a bridge spanning the Mexican-United States border. Five members of his entourage ? his mother, his sister, his sister's boyfriend, his cousin, who is a percussionist in his band, and a sound engineer ? also defected.

Rita Moreno has been chosen as the spokeswoman for a national awareness campaign about diabetes and heart disease aimed at Hispanics, who are twice as likely to become diabetics than Anglos. Moreno is the first Hispanic spokeswoman to participate in the campaign - organized by the American Heart Association - which will be conducted in English and Spanish throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Retailers and shopping center executives convened in Las Vegas last month, one of the biggest questions on their minds was...how to sell to Latinos? With spending by Latinos forecast to grow by 9 percent annually for each of the next 20 years and top $1 trillion by 2007, Latinos cannot be ignored. Betty Cortina, editorial director for Latina magazine, said that the most important thing that retailers need to do is ?make the effort -- and they can speak to them in English?one of the biggest myths is that in order to speak to them you must do it in Spanish."

J-Lo has parted company with both Endeavor and Handprint Entertainment, where she had long been represented by Benny Medina. The megastar is now agency-less and manager-less, however she does remain with Attorney Barry Hirsch.

Courtney Love?s in the hot seat for telling a Vanity Fair writer that her ex-squeeze Ed Norton would never marry current girlfriend Salma Hayek because ?he can barely understand half of what she's saying." Love quickly made a public apology, saying Norton "has never made any negative comments about Ms. Hayek ?I especially apologize to Miss Hayek, who is nothing if not brilliant, with a loving relationship and a massive I.Q., not to mention a firm grip and style with the English language." Way to backtrack.

Did you know that US Hispanics, in spite of being optimistic as far as their economic future, fall under the bracket of those less likely to be in control of their financial instruments, or to have savings accounts and to have health insurance? Source: State Farm Insurance

Brazilian Summer Festival 2003 takes place July 26th at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, featuring the traditional Samba band, Fundo de Quintal. For info www.fordamphitheatre.org or www.pelourinho.com.

Jack Daniel?s and iCaramba Communications present 13 weeks of Latino comedy
featuring over 30 different Latino comedians at the top comedy venues in NYC, including Gotham Comedy Club, The World Famous Comic Strip Live, HA! Comedy Club and StandUP New York. The regular line up of shows will begin Friday, June 27th at StandUP New York and end with a special VIP finale event at The Supper Club in New York featuring special guest attendee and iCaramba.com spokesperson John Leguizamo.

Upstart music video channel Fuse is waging an aggressive campaign against MTV. Fuse donated truckloads of coffee cups to Big Apple street vendors bearing the slogan, "Where's the M in Empty-Vee?" and bought ad space on a billboard across from MTV's Times Square headquarters featuring Sally Struthers poking fun at MTV's increasingly light-on-music-videos programming.

And for all you die-hard Soprano?s fans - it?s official ? there will definitely be a sixth season of the hit series after rumors that next year would be the last. The 10-episode season will begin shooting in 2005.

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