Live it LIve & Pass it On

Lucybell comes to LatinoLA

By Flores & Crawford
Published on LatinoLA: June 30, 2003

Live it LIve & Pass it On

While surfing the net searching for future events of interest in LatinoLA, I came across Vicente ?Chente? Fernandez, and I am very happy to report that the rumors of his retirement have been greatly exaggerated. I saw him and his son Alejandro two years ago and that was the tour where the father hands the family business over to the son. Let's just say that either Chente is a workaholic, or he has zero faith in his kid to mind the store. Nevertheless, his Final Farewell Tour continues.

Also listed to perform is Lucybell on July 3rd at JC Fandango and with the Fourth of July being a holiday, it?s a great start for a long weekend. Go Forefathers! Then I remembered that I am out of town on the third. "Me lleva la que me trajo". Isn't that my luck? One of the best Roc en Espa?ol bands is performing in my backyard, and that?s when I decide to take a trip.

Hoping that maybe, just maybe they had additional gigs in LatinoLA, I went to www.lucybell.com and discovered that they did. In fact, two additional shows, one on June 21st at Tower Records in Glendale and the second at the Key Club in Hollywood on July 10th. Stop the presses! Lucybell is doing an in-store? Impossible, here is a band that fills stadiums in Chile and they are doing an in-store. Next you?re going to tell me that Fernando ?El Toro? Valenzuela will return to the Dodgers and be featured in a theatrical production at the Mark Taper Forum.

I called the Tower store in Glendale, and YES, they were going to perform. Apparently it?s part of a monthly Spanish rock festival that Tower is starting. Right away, I thought of my friend who had originally introduced me to Lucybell. I called and informed him of the in-store. He could not believe it either. The gods were truly smiling on us. Faster than a married man could ask for permission, plans were set to meet on Saturday. OK, plans were finalized after my bud checked in with his wife and got permission.

Now, you might be asking, ?Why are you babbling about an in-store with a band I don?t even recognize?? Precisely! The significance lies in the fact that Lucybell can be compared to La Ley, Soda Stereo and other acts that were unknown at one time by the mainstream and now are pitching soft drinks and bad beer. But because advertisers and marketers don?t touch Roc en Espa?ol bands until they are popular, you are not likely to hear about them or any of the other talent in this genre.

Lucybell has a twelve-year track record and it was culminated at this year's Vi?a del Mar Festival in which they won the prestigious ?Antorcha de Oro?. With that history, here they are performing at Tower Records in Glendale. It must seem like a Twilight Zone episode for Lucybell. In one world they are Rock Superstars, in the other, no one knows who they are. After three local bands, Curanderos, RocaViva, and Maria Fatal performed; Lucybell played a five-song set that clearly was not enough to please the crowd at hand. Everyone chanted "otra", ?otra?, ?otra? . They did perform an encore and after going to what I think was the Towers employees lounge, they came back out to do a meet and great.

Ironically, the fact that Lucybell is unknown in the states forces them to do small intimate presentations to the great benefit and listening pleasure of fans that are in the ?know?. A year ago, I had the opportunity to see them live at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. I was blown away by their stage presence and the intensity of their music. The lead singer Claudio Valenzuela has such an impressive voice, that you not only hear each song, but you also feel it. His voice takes you on a trip of extreme emotions. From feeling empowered and hopeful to feelings of great lost and pain. Lucybell?s music strikes at your core as a listener and as a human.

It?s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens and they become popular with the marketing juggernaut fast behind them. Until then, there is a small window available to enjoy them and I am going to take full advantage of the opportunity. I invite you to join the people in the know and discover Lucybell for yourself. As I headed to my car trying not to slip on the wet slick Glendale streets from the day's drizzle, I stopped to think, ?What a great start to Summer 2003 in LatinoLA.?

JC Fandango
Anaheim, CA
Thursday, July 3, 2003 9:00 PM

Key Club
Hollywood, CA
Thursday, July 10, 2003 8:00 PM

Last thing, Gustavo Cerati will be at JC Fandango July 27th. Enough said! If you do not know who he is, there isn?t much I can do for you. Here is one hint; he is the ex-lead singer of Soda Stereo.

Gustavo Cerati
JC Fandango
Anaheim, CA
Sunday, July 27, 2003 7:30 PM

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