Our Sisters Deserve Better

Advertisers and filmmakers are blind to brown beauty

By Ray Jurado
Published on LatinoLA: July 3, 2003

Our Sisters Deserve Better

I am Latino, married to a beautiful African-American woman, and we have two beautfiul brown children, a daughter and son. When I look in their lovely bronze faces, I see the face of America.

But my America is conspicuously absent from ads and movies. When is the fashion industry and the entertainment industry going to get it? Our Latina and African-American sisters are not "exotic." By our standards, and the standards of most of the world's population, brown women are the norm. Given the fact that brown women comprise a significant portion of the female population, it is high time that the industries who solicit our business recognize that we are not "the other," but just normal people, who want the same things everyone does: love, stability, security and happiness.

These industries don't have to do much to "target" our segment of the population, just treat us as they would anyone else. Show us in normal situations, without "exoticizing" the portrayal.

Don't they realize that when they portray Americans as teenage, preppy and only one color, they are alienating those who do not fit the rose-colored vision of their myopic reality?

As soon as the advertising and movie folks realize that Americans come in all different sizes, ages and colors, and that there is not one "look" that is more attractive, or more American than any other, then their clients will benefit from the enormous buying power of all types of Americans.

After all, isn't that what they really want? Isn't that the real American way?

The bottom line is people won't spend their hard-earned money on companies who pretend they don't exist, and why should they?

About Ray Jurado:
Ray Jurado is a native of East Los Angeles, and a lawyer in the area of civil rights

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