Santiago Cabrera Joins the Cast of "Dexter"

Showtime's thriller about the killer of serial killers has always been a great home for Latino actors

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Published on LatinoLA: July 29, 2012

Santiago Cabrera Joins the Cast of "Dexter"

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"Dexter," the darker-than-dark Showtime thriller about the killer of serial killers, has always been a great home for Latino actors.

David Zayas and Lauren V?®lez has been doing amazing work there since the first episode wayyy back in 2006, of course (and how is it they're not both nominated for Emmies, Imagens, and every other award in the world every single year, just like Sofia Vergara?), but over the years individual, often season-long arcs have been showcases for some incredible Latino talent: Jimmy Smits as an (eventually) murderous politician, Edward James Olmos as a (completely ghostly) homicidal co-maniac, Aimee Garcia as the stand-up sister to David Zayas' character, not to mention multi-episode appearances by Jesse Borrego, April L. Hernandez, Valerie Cruz, Pablo Soriano and many others.

And Aimee will be back to continue her romance with a very creepy new guy we met last season; she told us that herself at a recent media event.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan-born, world-traveling Santiago Cabrera, of "Che," "Heroes," "Merlin" (a Latino Lancelot? Hell, yes!) and "For Greater Glory" is playing "a charming investigative writer of true crime books about famous murder cases," according to "Entertainment Weekly" and a bunch of other sources. How long Dexter will put up with him nosing around is anybody's guess, but at least three episodes and maybe more (Dexter is notoriously close-mouthed about its plats, stars, and teasers. Sometimes even the actors don't know how long they'll be on board.)

"Dexter" returns on Sunday, September 30 at 9P on HBO. And if you want to see Cabrera talk about his version of Lancelot, here you go:


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