El Mejor de Todos

Our amogos sound off on their choice for the greatest Mariachi singer of all time

Published on LatinoLA: May 17, 2000

El Mejor de Todos

The Undisputed King
By Arasely Hernandez
The undisputed King of Mariachi is Jose Alfredo Jimenez. As my mom would say, 'nadie le toca ni a las botas.' No one even comes close. Not only a masterful singer but a brilliant composer, he wrote some of the best music of the 20th Century. His work has been interpreted by mariachi legends ranging from Pedro Infante to Vicente Fernandez, but a Jose Alfredo Jimenez song performed by the man himself moves me like nothing else. Mariachi music evokes precious memories of my childhood: weddings, quincea?eras, and Sunday afternoons with my family. No one is able to do that like Jose Alfredo Jimenez. Like his classic song El Rey says, he will always be the king.

The Choice is Clear
By Emigdio Gutierrez
Please allow me to interpret the question: You mean, why is Vicente Fernandez the greatest Mariachi artist of all time?
Vicente's stardom ignited from his early days as a signing taxi cab driver on the streets of Tijuana to the world-renowned artist of today. Oftentimes, his shows call for a "black and white" affair.
Yet most intriguing of all, his voice over a kaleidoscope of Mariachi music. The passion of his canto appeals to many because of its relevance. Simply stated, Vicente sings the verses of the common man.

One Female, Three Males
By Adriana Martinez
We have to name a female on the one hand and a male on the other. Maria de Lourdes has to be the greatest female mariachi singer of all time: her passion, power and unparalleled dramatic voice make her the best. I love Javier Solis, Pedro Infante, and Jorge Negrete equally. They all have something distinct to offer la canci?n ranchera. It depends on what you like. For boleros, Javier Solis is definitely number one - his deep, sexy voice puts you in the mood for love. Jorge Negrete was opera-trained, so he had the most piercing, strong voice for the ranchera favorites like El Hijo del Pueblo or Guadalajara; he sends chills up and down my spine. Pedro Infante has a romantic, nostalgic voice that is so sweet and crisp, it really soothes your soul.

Like Fireworks On the Fourth of July
Was thinking of Jorge Negrete but wait, Jose Alfredo Jimenez! He came to my mind like fireworks on the Fourth of July! So vivid and everlasting is his music like Donde la vida no vale nada, a song that reminds me of my late dad and the composer's birthplace.

Communication On So Many Levels
By Jess Segovia IV
Vicente Fernandez, the greatest mariachi of all time, has the ability to communicate on so many levels. The smoothness of his voice soothes my soul, songs expressing his broken heart make me weep with empathy, and his patriotism brings to the surface my pride and love of Mexico.

The Only One
By Lucila Lopez
The greatest mariachi singer of all time was Pedro Infante.

There Are Two
By Marisa Leal
Jorge Negrete & Lola Beltran

Three Reasons
By S. Gutierrez
The power, passion and breadth of Vicente Fernandez's voice earn his consideration for el mejor cantante de mariachi. His impeccable timimg, visual drama and complete entrega to the music appeal to all whoever dared dar un buen grito. He has written beautiful songs - rancheras y romanticas. El representa un gran talento autentico y un buen ejemplo del orgullo cultural de los Latinos en todo el mundo.

A Favorite of Four Generations
By Abel Ortiz
Jorge Negrete, of course. His music is still heard today. I remember my great-grandmother, grandmother and now my mother listening to his ballads and romantic songs. His voice would carry the most emotional tune and his songs were about the Mexican lifestyle and hardships of the mexicano. His love ballads would bring women to their knees. My choice: JORGE NEGRETE!!!

A Legacy's Endurance
By Ana Herrera
The endurance of Vincente Fernandez in the music industry particularly focused with accompaniments of mariachi is a legacy that anyone can surmise as one of the utmost talented in his profession. Thus, Vincente Fernandez in anyone's eyes should be the greatest mariachi singer of all time.

A Product of His Parentage
By Moonface52
My favorite is Pepe Aguilar. I used to see Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre sing in old movies. They produced two sons who also have great voices but my favorite is Pepe Aguilar. I can hear both his dad's and mom's voice in his. It's beautiful!

It's the Music, Not the Singer
By Jose G. Flores
It is unfair to ask anyone to judge one mariachi singer over another. In my opinion anyone who can hold a tune is as good as any other singer. Yes, Vicente Fernandez, Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante are the best-known and have serenaded both the joys and the pains of el pueblo. But just as good are the mariachis at Cielito Lindo and La Fonda or those that you can hire on an East L.A. corner.
The greatness of mariachi music does not come from one singer over another. It's greatness comes from it ability to speak to the masses by celebrating life in happy times and comforting our pain in difficult ones. Mariachi music speaks to our soul and allows us to
express our emotions and passions regardless of who is singing.

The Best Mariachi Ever?Is Me
By america
Una piedra en el camino
Hit me in the head
And revealed [to] me
That the best mariachi ever
Is me
And even though
Mal pagan ellas
I still
Canto al pie de su ventana
For her
Bendito amor
Ay, ay, ay,

Complimentary Mariachi USA tickets were given to some of the above Amigos, courtesy of Rodri Entertainment Group and Mariachi USA
Mariachi USA
June 10 and 11, 2000
Hollywood Bowl
Mariachi Cobre
Mariachi Imperial de Mexico
Mariachi Mujer 2000
Mariachi Internacional de Guadalajara
Mariachi Cielo de Mexico
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