Can't We Do More?

Show respect to homeless veterans

By Francisco L. Pedroza
Published on LatinoLA: July 11, 2003

Can't We Do More?

I see many of them downtown or on the street. Dirty, unshaved and begging for a dime.

Sometimes laying in a corner next to a shopping cart full of plastic and glass bottles.

Who are they? Who lives like that? Many of them are our veterans. They exhausted the system that was supposed to help them when they returned from war. Lots have given up trying to get through the red tape to receive a simple medical visit.

Many of us have never seen the effects war can have on the human spirit and mind.
Many of our our veterans have mental and physical problems that they receive no treatment for. They risked their lives and left their loved ones for us. They survived
horrific tragedies and all we can do is ignore them in the parking lots.

I love my family and my country. I have the greatest of respect for all veterans and hope someday we can show them the respect they deserve.

A simple "Thank you" is a good start.

Don't you think?

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