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La Historia Behind Mexican Cerveza

A refreshing way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: August 29, 2012

La Historia Behind Mexican Cerveza

Soon, many of you will be celebrating Mexican Independence Day (September 16), possibly with a cold bottle of cerveza on hand. But few might actually know the rich history behind the brews they sip on.

Here are some facts about the heritage of some cervezas hailing from south of the border, including Bohemia, Tecate and Indio (newly launched in US):

Bohemia: A Mexican beer named after the famous Czech brewing region? It's not as far-fetched as you might think. The 16th Century Austrian Empire (which at that time ruled the region) sent a Czech brew master to Mexico to teach the locals how to make beer as a way to position the region as a leader in the industry**. To honor this great tradition, Bohemia was launched at the turn of the 20th century. Today, it's brewed using hops imported directly from the Czech region.

Tecate: What many call the most authentic Mexican cerveza con car?ícter. Tecate is named after the Mexican town (Tecate, Baja California) in which it was first developed in 1944. Ten years later, it became the first Mexican-brewed and -distributed beer in Mexico. Its full flavor and aroma is derived from the natural ingredients used in its brewing process, and is today recognized by its bold red can available across the U.S.

Indio: While Indio just hit CA, TX and IL for the first time this spring, esta cerveza has been around in Mexico since 1893. It was originally named Cerveza Cuauht?®moc, in honor of the last Aztec emperor. However, due to high illiteracy rates at that time, the beer was commonly referred to as "Indio" based on the imagery of the Aztec emperor on its label. In 1905, Cervecer?¡a Cuauht?®moc Moctezuma decided to officially change the brand's name to Indio and has since then helped adults "do their thing."

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