Stop Waiting for Media to Come Knocking On Your Doors

Individuals and organizations must create long term relationships with media in order to create a positive relationship

By Armando F. Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: September 10, 2012

Stop Waiting for Media to Come Knocking On Your Doors

I am responding to the exceptionally high volume of inquiries I receive from persons trying to understand why they can't get primary media coverage for their upcoming events or why Latino issues do not appear on mainstream media.?á

Media coverage of Latino issues, or lack of it, of the ongoing political conventions has clearly raised the number of persons concerned about being seemingly invisible in media coverage.

Example, brave undocumented Latino students protesting outside DNC to get an education and were arrested. ?áCoverage was nil. ?áMany wrote to me about how troubled they about what was happening politically and educationally in Arizona. ?áI listen to the venting but it has not helped those in the fight in Arizona. ?áIt's time to roll up our sleeves and take action.

I continuously receive emails highlighting concerns on how our Latino views and perspective are not being continuously highlighted in the print and digital media networks.?á

The problem for the lack of coverage goes back to how little effort, many of us who have communication skills to inform the media about issues prior to actually needing them. ?áWe wrote many pages, regardless of our college majors, in order to pass courses and graduate. ?áWe can use our fingers to type emails for media organizations and help form realistic public opinion about us.

I am?áamazed?áat the number of times people write comments to me expressing their "deep" concerns and "long held" frustration about an ongoing vital issue but are unwilling to share their views on mine, or other, media network. ?áI understand that it is great and necessary to vent about issues "amongst the choir" but our communication and perspective must go beyond our internal safety dialog groups. ?á

Blog, write in, and call the media networks on a local, regional and national network and let them know what you think. ?áWrite articles and emIl them to your local community newspaper. Provide them with your contact information. Make yourselves available to be interviewed to discuss the issues in depth. ?áSpeak up and share! Each of us should be pundits for causes that matter and are passionate about regardless how localize it may seem at first.

Our community will gain greater media presence as we encourage and support students to be public speakers and media broadcasters. ?áBetter yet, let's encourage our youth to put up their own broadcasting channels. Let's support their efforts to write and broadcast their views and Lear the power of the "magnification of the microphone" and TV or Internet.

I welcome your comments and criticisms to this article. (p.s., media personalities normally receive more criticism than support but nothing compares to the hate email my homie Lalo Alcaraz receives for his nationally syndicated comic strip ?á"La Cucaracha"! Go Lalo!)

About Armando F. Sanchez:
Armando Sanchez serves as national print, electronic and digital media spokesperson on the topics of Latino learners, academic achievement and success. He is a highly sought speaker addressing the issue on develop Latino leadership and proactivity.
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