U.S. Grants Diplomatic Immunity to Mexican Ex-President Zedillo

The Acteal massacre remains unpunished

By Beatriz Schiava
Published on LatinoLA: September 10, 2012

U.S. Grants Diplomatic Immunity to Mexican Ex-President Zedillo

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The Department of Justice has granted diplomatic immunity to Mexican Ex-President Ernesto Zedillo. The US Department of Justice had until September 7 to recommend the requested immunity in the civil lawsuit filed against Zedillo in New Haven, Connecticut. The civil law suit brought by the victims of the massacre of Acteal, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico, is for his alleged responsibility for crimes against humanity, war crimes, inhuman and degrading punishment, and violation of human rights.

During the week, there had been strong media campaign to minimize the discontent of human rights organizations for granting the requested immunity to Zedillo. The New York Times, The Economist, among other media outlets, underscored the speculation of a "settling of scores," and the involvement of the Mexican Ex-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, knocking off course the intent of the civil law suit, the victims of the massacre of Acteal. The media has clearly chosen sides and has not provided a shred of evidence in favor or against their speculations.

We hear only half the story, and once again journalism has become a cover up machine for the wrong doings of the Obama administration. They don't inform the public about the charges brought against Zedillo, neither do they provide the evidence posted by the attorneys for the plaintiffs on their website Acteal 97.

They don't inform the public of the very well documented US National Security Archive, "Breaking the Silence," that shows official documents like the telegram of the US Defense Attache's Office in Mexico among others, highlighting the "direct support," of paramilitary forces and intelligence units, during the Zedillo administration. They do not dig into the information that the Zedillo administration intentionally disregarded complaints from Mexican citizens of being removed from their lands, and forced to work for paramilitary units. These news outlets don't mention in their articles that those massacred were largely, innocent, unarmed women and children.

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