Another Great Week in Aztlan

You don't have to be rich to enjoy the people & places in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 17, 2012

Another Great Week in Aztlan


I know times are hard, and I'll be one of the first guys to complain about rising gas prices, my rising home utility prices, the rising price of meat, and the (almost ) sneaky way payroll taxes have gone up in my paycheck since after June ‘«™hell, I even get taxed for being Frankie Firme and broadcasting the World's finest music on the Internet FOR FREE! ... all the while I'm being taxed, I keep hearing all these pinche TV commercials about how "greedy politicians in Sacramento" are stealing money from our kids & their future, and yet NOBODY has come up with a solution to get rid of these bastards and stop them!!

We NEED a measure or proposition to GET RID of politicians in Sacramento, verdad?

(Hope I don't get "mysteriously" or "accidently" shot for that one, LOL!)

The guillotine & beheading by axe worked great on the rich, greedy, politicians in France back in the late 1700's‘«™but it ain't gonna work here now. (dammit, LOL! )

‘«™but HEY!...who said life was easy?... I haven't won the lotto yet, but I'm still blessed that my Lady & I have steady jobs, my rent keeps getting paid, and the lights are still on. I'm cutting down on my carne intake, and NOT just for health reasons, LOL ! ‘«™ain't starving yet, either!

I'm also lucky & blessed that I have good family and friends, and that there's just way too much good music & good times to give up on life, just to sit on the porch and eat nachos till it's time to check in upstairs‘«™sabes?... I gotta LIVE !

That being said, I can still give up buying Starbucks, cigarettes, & fast-junk foods for breakfast & lunch during the week, and still have enough [i]feria/i] to step out with my Lady as she also gives up some minor luxuries herself
(sorry to you girls at the nail salon‘«™ya sabes la movida, no?) and we hit the roads of west coast Aztlan in search of a good time with good friends, instead of staying home & feeling like we're losing out in life .

Why let just the rich folks smile & laugh? ( Frankie giving the middle finger salute!) Carpooling to a party is better than carpooling to work, ??qu?ģ no?

Last weekend, we started off the weekend at the private estate of DJ Sugarbear and his lovely wife Marti, in Northridge, where we enjoyed some munchies, lot's of cold ones on ice, music courtesy of the Sugarbear collection, and howled at the full moon together till late Friday night.

Next morning, we hit the road up north where The ANTHONY PRIETO Band made the sunshine just a little bit brighter at the Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, as he and his band played into everybody's heart, and we all danced in the sunshine together. Had a great time and didn't spend the bank.

Damn, but them guys are GOOD!!

Later on that night, we landed in Montebello, where Ray Carrion's NATION of AZTLAN Reunion Concert at the Paloma Room proved to be just what the Dr. ordered, as we joined a great crowd of good looking Gente, and we danced and partied to some great artists and great live music that included The Rocky Padilla Band, The QUINTANA Band, Ray Carrion's killer EAST LOS Band, and closing with the NATION OF AZTLAN Band that had some very special guest artists and singers. In between one of the sets, Comedian Ray Camacho gave us some giggles to ponder. Another great time & boogie, for sure!

To close the night, we ended up cruising to the La Puente American Legion Hall to catch the last set of Rocky Padilla & KOOL BREEZE, featuring the tantalizing BERNICE NICHOLE at vocals, and that girl DID NOT disappoint! We also had a chance to kick back and enjoy some killer menudo with Rocky's parents, and the Vets from Post 75, before calling it a night. Had a wonderful time ! Great weekend, y no ay pedo !

The following past week went by like a breeze after a weekend like this!

This past weekend, we were able to attend a family wedding reception up in the hills of Pasadena, and YOU KNOW Chicano weddings in Aztlan are gonna include tons of food & drink, live Mariachis, and lot's of family love, music & dancing‘«™this was NO exception!... damn, but I LOVE my people and our traditions!

Later on that night we cruised a bit east, where one of my partners had a private birthday party in La Puente where again, there was tons of food & drink, good people, and a great live band called BURN, who gave up some killer Chicano style Rock-a-billy, hip-ska, and surprisingly good 1960's classic rock. Not bad for young guys who weren't even born when this music was jammin' on 8 tracks.

After a few drinks, a snack, and a dance, we headed out to nearby Pomona, where we caught a couple of sets of the popular LOUIE PARRA & Thee MAD LATINS Band at the Back Door Lounge on Mission Blvd in Pomona.

Man! I felt right at home here in this 'hood, as the crowd was so friendly & surprisingly welcoming (I guess that comes with age & wisdom in ANY' hood where there's good Gente!). Me & my babe hit the dance floor almost as soon as we got there, and Louie made us feel quite welcome as he introduced us to the crowd.

Outside, they have a patio for smoking, with a cool DJ spinnin' tunes, and then carne asada and chicken was cooking & smelling good in the sweet night air. Inside, Louie & the band had the Gente dancing & partying to Old School, Oldies, Cumbias, and some Top 40 like only Louie Parra can.

If free admission, free parking, discount drinks, a cool crowd of dancing Veteranos y Veteranas, and a great live band like Thee Mad Latins weren't enough, the owners of the Back Door Lounge waited till just before midnight, when they must have put half a cow on the grill, and we were all treated to one of the most delicious bar-b-que ribs dinner with all the fixings ( like home-made potato salad ) you ever ate! FREE too!.

As we hit the road home after closing, I thought "These are the kind of times I'd like to show out-of-towners, como Al Carlos and Crazy Chuy Hernandez," know what mean?
‘«™wouldn't cost me a lot either‘«™

This coming weekend, a whole slew of great party shows & performances are happening all over the Land of 1000 Dances, especially this Saturday at the Taste of Texas in Covina, where I'll be hosting a great live show for your dancing, partying, and listening pleasure featuring The KOOL KATZ, The RECESSIONS, and FREDDY G & SMOOTH RESPONSE. Also hosting will be my brother East L.A. Revue Radio DJ's Chico Manqueros and Sugarbear.

Here the LatinoLA Calendario listing: http://latinola.com/event.php?event=20344

Here's an audio to enjoy: http://www.eastlarevue.com/uploads/KoolKatz2012FFirme.mp3

Brought to you by East L.A. Revue Radio, LatinoLA, and Sugar n' Smoke Productions in conjunction with Nick's taste of Texas Restaurant.


Won't cost you an arm an a leg, and it beats kicking back on the porch or in front of the TV on a Saturday night‘«™.step out and LIVE, Mi Gente !!

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