Getting Suckered by Props 30 and 38

A hard-working, tax-paying Latino reminds all to think twice about these money-hungry politician-backed propositions

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: October 22, 2012

Getting Suckered by Props 30 and 38

It seems that there is now a new prop 38 ad on TV, urging all Californians to pass this proposition that would help fix the ever-troubled schools in California. But what has made this latest ad interesting is that this ad is now telling all would-be voters not to believe the ads that are promoting the other tax-raising proposition .....Jerry Brown's prop 38, saying that this prop has no guarantees that the money raised would go to the schools. Are those behind prop 38 afraid that if voters find prop 30 to be unbelievable, voters will also come to their senses and believe that prop 38 is also unbelievable?

When Jerry Brown first introduced proposition 30, his purpose for this prop was to get California (and not the schools) out of the red and back on the right track. With many polls then showing voters likely rejecting prop 30, Jerry Brown decides to have a press conference with a bunch of school administrators behind him, urging California to vote yes on prop 30 or else face tough cuts in education. Those behind prop 30 even went far enough to give the prop a new logo consisting of an apple with the number "30" on it, as if this prop is strictly about education (what happened to prop 30 being about "getting California out of the red"?).

California Universities then got in the picture by saying that they had approved yet another tuition hike, saying that these fees will take effect should prop 30 fail.

Can you say....."scare tactics"?

Just some 4-5 years ago, Mayor Villaraigosa was telling a reporter how he was considering laying off cops and firefighters should voters not pass a measure both he and then Police Chief Bill Bratton were doing commercials for (I think it was either measure "S" or "M"). Just like prop 30, Villaraigosa was doing nothing more than creating scare tactics.

So now we get these commercials for prop 38, telling would-be voters how unlike prop 30, every dollar from this prop would go straight to education. You know how many times in the past 15-20 years we have been told about how every dollar from a passed proposition or measure would go straight to education and not to the politicians? Many times and yet, every time similar props have passed due to the many suckered voters out there who believed in these commercials, it was only a matter of time until you heard a story on the news about how the schools were once again broke and about how both the media and the public were asking where exactly did the money from these props go to.

From these commercials, we also get these kids explaining how they would love to see some of the recently laid off teachers get their jobs again (can you say...."pre-scripted"). This is the part where the politicians want you, the television viewer, to have pity for these kids and then want you to tell yourself how "it's about the kids"


Anytime the schools want you to raise your taxes, it's always about "the kids", just like it's always about "safety" every time the cops and firefighters want you to raise your taxes as well.

Here is an interesting question.....what if prop 38, aimed to "supposedly" helping the schools, passes but prop 30, also "supposedly" aimed at helping the schools, fails? Does Jerry Brown still make those cuts in education and do the Universities still raise tuition fees?


Earlier this year, KFI radio had a story about how many of the Universities in both the UC and Cal-State systems were spending as much as six figures per school, remodeling the mansions of their Chancellors but of course, unless you are a fan or listener of KFI, chances are, you did not hear about this story because no left-wing member of the media will dare expose a story like this.

And what about the recent one million dollar payout to those protestors up at UC Davis who were seen getting pepper-sprayed by that one campus police officer? Now that UC Davis has just wasted a million bucks on them, is it not possible that they are relying on these two props to pass in order to get the one million dollars replaced?

And then there are the other ways the schools will spend the money.....pensions, payrolls, and legal fees.

My last story I did for was about how the unions were ruining the image of the American job. Read it here: Unions....helping or hurting the American job's image? I mentioned how LA was bound for bankruptcy within a decade due to the fact that 1 out of every 3 city tax dollars would likely be used solely for pensions (including those teachers who likely are supporting props 30 and 38). I also mentioned how it was easier to payoff lazy and disgruntled teachers in the 5-6 figure range rather than firing them. Then I mentioned how Assemblyman Alex Padilla had introduced a bill that would have prevented teachers, arrested for sexual assault towards their very young students, from getting a paycheck while on or awaiting trial. This bill was defeated, with the unions calling it "a victory".

Think about this even if your tax dollars from these propositions do go straight to the schools, you need to remember that the schools will then use the money for these ridiculous pensions, for the payrolls of these perverted teachers sitting in jail or out on bond, for the payouts of the lazy and disgruntled teachers, and of course, for the out of court settlements of the victims of those teachers busted for sexual assault. they say in the commercials, "We assure you that the money from prop 38 will be going straight to the schools (ie: UC Davis, LAUSD)". Once again, just because they say that the money will be going straight to the schools does not mean that the schools will then spend it wisely.

And what about the recent controversy involving the 9/11 California license plates, whose fees made from the sale of these plates were to go straight to 9/11-related causes? It was revealed that no more than a quarter of the funds raised from the sale of these plates were actually going into the right hands. Of course, every time a spokesperson was grilled with questions regarding where the money was, they claimed they did nothing wrong and that they were working on fixing the problem. Jerry Brown, playing the role of your typical shocked politician unaware of what had happened, would end up being pressured by the media into getting answers and would therefore demand an internal audit on this fundraiser. This story was months ago and still, no new update on the missing money and no employees fired or arrested.

This is a preview of what will happen when the politicians are asked where did the money from prop 30 and 38 go to.

You see, if an average employee of an average employer was busted spending incoming funds the wrong way, their employer would have fired them on the spot and law enforcement would have hauled them away. But since it's Sacramento, all you get is a meaningless investigation that quickly gets swept under the rug.

Do all of you reading this not see the history when it comes to California blowing money the wrong way or not spending it the right way as promised.


It was just a few years ago when Mayor Villaraigosa had jacked up everyone's trash fees as a way to hire more cops. At the press conference announcing this, he said that these fees would put 10,000 cops on the streets within a year and 10,300 cops within 2 years. This news even made the front page of the LA Times. There were roughly 9900 cops in the department at the time of this press conference, which I believe took place in 2007 or 2008. As of today, according to the LAPD website, there is still roughly 9900 cops in the department. Anyone want to explain what happened to the money raised from your increased trash fees?

Is there not any other way we can get the money rather than sucking it out of your wallets and paychecks?

Have you heard the many stories about how more and more studios are filming outside of LA? According to a channel 11 news story, 79% of film production used to take place in the city of LA back in 2005. Today, it is roughly 10%. This is due to the difficulties and high costs of doing business in LA. But yet, every time there is a story about how the LA City Council (the highest paid council in the country, with each member making roughly $180 thousand a year, more than your average judge) passes a new law that will make film production easier in LA, nothing good ever comes out of this. Think about the city tax dollars that could have been created and then used for education.

It wasn't that long ago when I was listening to a radio show whose guest happen to be the president of Carl's Jr restaurants. This gentleman, whose name I forgot, was explaining to the host how California was ranked 51st when it came to most friendliest states to do business with (even Puerto Rico ranked higher than California). This president mentioned how he wanted to open up some 300 restaurants in the state of California but would end up not doing so after all due to the fact that it would have taken almost two years to get the green light from the state, due to legal matters.

This man would end up building his 300 restaurants in the state of Texas, which gave him the green light in as little as 6 months. Just prior to Texas getting into the picture, this president had a meeting up in Sacramento with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom explaining the difficulties of getting his restaurants into becoming a reality in California. By no surprise, it was a meeting that would end up going nowhere. It was nothing more than your typical political bullcrap response, "I understand your frustration, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!"

What a lot of people seem to forget is that when you open up one fastfood restaurant alone, you are not just creating the job of the person who flips the burger or the job of the person who takes your order. You are creating the jobs of the construction workers who build the restaurant, the jobs of those who do the plumbing and the electricity, the jobs of the architects who design the building, the jobs of those who provide the tables, the wallpaper, the framed pictures that hang on the walls, and the uniforms, and the jobs of those who provide the kitchen supplies that create the food.

Most important, when you open up a restaurant, you are creating tax dollars from the sales of the food and drinks sold and you are creating tax dollars from the employees' earnings. And even more important than that, you are saving tax dollars by taking people off of both welfare and unemployement and back into the workforce!

But nooooooo! Jerry Brown doesn't think of this and instead wants you to open up your wallets and come through with the funds that he could have created with those jobs mentioned above!

And speaking of having a business involving food, does anyone not have the guts to admit how unfair it is when someone in the restaurant field can spend so much money on city permits, licenses, taxes, and other city and state-related fees so that they can run their place of business the legal way while someone in the same vicinity, for example, can sell bacon-wrapped hotdogs without paying those fees and without paying their taxes?

Let me give an example of a place where I have witnessed this. I usually go to the Hollywood/Highland area to take the shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl. Many of you are familiar with this part of LA and many of you know that there are alot of eateries in this area. Some are your expensive restaurants and some of your popular fast-food chains. And then there are your small legal-immigrant (the key word here is "legal") owned places such as a pizza by-the-slice eatery or a Chinese fast food eatery. Now I don't know the exact process of running a business legally but I do know that politicians like to take a chunk out of the average business owner's wallet when it comes to running one.

So anyway, I see these places trying their best to run a business the right way despite these many expenses but yet just blocks away, I see individuals with carts selling hotdogs at several dollars a piece, likely resulting in several hundred dollars in just a couple of free!!!! You all can go ahead and accuse me of using the race card and you can go ahead and accuse me of being anti-Latino but I assure you it's not about that.

It's about running a business the legal way and running a business the illegal way! You all can also insist that I don't know what I am talking about when I say that these hotdog vendors don't pay taxes through the sales of their hot dogs but we all know they don't. I suppose that when a city auditor demands to see the books, these hotdog vendors will have them available for the auditors to look at. I also suppose that some of you will insist that these vendors are running their businesses illegally and want to get these permits and licenses but can't due to fear of deportation.


Think of it as car insurance. We all don't like paying for it but we have to because it's the law. I can guarantee that the same people lashing out at me for criticizing hotdog vendors who choose not to run their businesses the legal way are the same ones who will likely throw a tantrum the moment they get hit by an uninsured motorist.

And to those who are going to tell me that "they're just trying to make a living", I say to you....."so is every struggling, middle-class, tax-paying individual out thereI"

What really gets me is that these hot dog vendors who rake in big bucks from those hungry customers around the Hollywood/Highland area and especially from those exiting a Hollywood Bowl performance is that they are selling them in the presence of the LAPD and yet, these cops do absolutely nothing about it (and please don't even attempt to tell me that perhaps it's because the vendors do have the proper permits). You know why the police leave the vendors alone? Because they have orders from their boss, Chief Charlie Beck, who has orders from his Antonio Villaraigosa not to interrogate them on whether or not they have permits.

Now this is when the race card takes place!

What happens here is that if the vendors get asked by an officer to show a permit or business license and then get ticketed for not having one, the Latino rights groups get involved and then cry foul, claiming the Latinos are being targeted simply because of the color of their skin. The Chief and Antonio then decide it's best to leave them alone out of fear that a lack of unity between the LAPD and the Latino community will immediately take place. This of course is also why the police have to be too lenient to those Latinos who choose to drive without a license.

Now don't get me wrong....there are a lot of hard working Latinos out there that do follow the law when it comes to running a business the legal way. But the truth is, there are a lot who choose not to. From hotdogs vendors to those making tacos on a grill in the parking lot of a non-operating business (and I don't mean those in taco trucks), they do exist. Any intelligent Latino reading this will back me up 100% when I say this.

Now just think of all the city tax dollars that could easily be made should these vendors run their business the legal way. Think about the number of schools that could easily benefit from these new taxes.

But noooooo! Antonio Villaraigosa will instead endorse a couple of propositions that will open up your wallets and suck out a portion of your hard-earned money, only for it to go into the wrong hands.

And speaking of both the LAPD and "breaking the law", as we all know, the LAPD has had its share of its own officers breaking the law. From Rodney King to the MacArthur Park melee, we have seen millions of tax dollars spent paying off those who fell victim to the actions of these gangster-like police officers.

Just these two past months alone, we have seen our share of horrific stories involving the same LAPD. There was the young man attacked by an LAPD officer while already on the floor, simply for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. There was the man beaten gruesomely by LAPD officers while held hostage by them in a hotel room. There was the young lady being slammed to the ground by an LAPD officer as a result of simply using her phone while driving. And there was the young black lady, who was kicked in the groin by a female LAPD officer, only to later die. What these four incidents all have in common is that you can expect your city tax dollars will pay for these out-of-court settlements and you can expect that none of these officers will be losing their job, meaning that your city tax dollars will continue to give them a paycheck.

I just read on the channel 7 news' app recently that a lady, who had a bipolar condition, had just been awarded a little over a million dollars as a result of being shot by an officer. It was said that this lady who was no taller than 5' 7, was shot by a cop large enough to be an NFL football player. Talk about being a coward!!!! Though both the judge and jury in this case sided with the woman, Chief Beck easily defended the actions of the officer.

Anyway, what shocked me about this story was that it mentioned that in each of the last four years, the city of Los Angeles has spent roughly 25 to 35 million of your tax dollars paying off victims of these gangster-like cops.

You read that right! That's "in each" of the last four years. Not "a combined" four years.

Want to hear example of money from a passed proposition/measure being spent the wrong way, thanks to the LAPD?

When Richard Riordan was Mayor of Los Angeles, there was a proposition/measure that would have put a tax on cigarettes (don't recall what proposition or measure it was). Money from this tax would have gone to educate all about the dangers of smoking. Of course, suckers ended up voting "yes" on this tax. Just after the passing of this tax, the infamous Rampart Scandal took place. Next thing you know, one victim after another after another starts stepping forward (along with their money-hungry lawyers, of course), claiming that they too were attacked by LAPD officers from the Rampart division.

Mayor Riordan, knowing these settlements were slowly but surely wiping out LA's bank account, held an emergency press conference and announced that due to the large amount of money being spent paying off these Rampart Scandal victims, the city had no other choice but to take the money from the cigarette tax and use it to pay off the victims.

As for the cops involved....approximately one year after the scandal, the LA Times would have a story looking back at the scandal. The last page of this story had the list of every officer involved in the scandal. It wasn't just the 4-5 officers you saw on TV that were involved. It was roughly 15-20 officers, female ones included. It was revealed through this story that of the 15-20 officers involved, more than 75% of those officers involved still work for the department. Their jobs were saved not because of lack of evidence or not because they were wrongly accused of brutality but because the statute of limitations saved them. These bad officers are getting a paycheck today, courtesy of your tax dollars.

And yet despite of the millions of city tax dollars spent on such LAPD incidents such as the Rampart Scandal, your city politicians are endorsing these two propositions that will once again suck the money out of you.

We all have seen our share of problems, thanks in part to these idiots who run and serve both our state and city. We have seen individuals not pay their share of taxes, we have seen schools continue to worsen while benefits for its board members continue to improve, we have seen utility companies raise their rates while their employees quietly get a pay raise, we have continued to lose faith in police officers who have strong beliefs when it comes to "intimidation of the badge", and we have seen millions express their interest in leaving the Golden State.

Though California and Los Angeles have both gone downhill, these are still places that one continues to love due to its weather and attractions. Unfortunately, I don't speak for many. Whether it's the KFI facebook page or the LA Times facebook page or even the facebook page of your local news channel, people are heading out of or planning on heading out of California for such stress-free states like Oregon and Arizona, where taxes are low, workers don't get paid under the table, schools are succeeding without the need for propositions, and complaints involving dirty cops are rare.

What makes this a problem for our state and city is that the vast majority of people leaving California are the hard-working, tax-paying individuals sick of California's and LA's problems. What then happens here is that as the number of tax-paying individuals move out, the percentage of lazy, unemployed, and welfare recipients slowly rises. And let's not forget the number of those who get paid under the table and choose not to pay their taxes (ie....hotdog vendors). All this of course means less income taxes flowing into the state and city.

And then there are the number of teens having kids. Now what I am about to say will sound offensive but anytime I see a young pregnant woman in public, the first thing I say to myself is "another welfare recipient in the making". I will not apologize for this since this will likely be true. Think of the millions we spend and will continue to spend in tax dollars supporting these young mothers.

You know what it's like going to the supermarket and only being able to buy a small amount of groceries due to today's high prices? Having once been a cashier at a major supermarket some 20+ years ago, it is a disgusting feeling when you see a 30-something year old grandmother, her teenage daughter, and that teenager's baby going through the checkstand with a basket filled sky-high with groceries, all being paid for by our tax dollars. Why can't the grandmother take care of the baby while her daughter gets a job or goes back to school. You know why? Because it's easier to get a cut of the daughter's food stamps and welfare check in return for room and board. I can guarantee you that if we eliminated welfare for those who could easily go back to school and/or work while their family does the babysitting, the Latino activists and the ACLU will bring up the race card issue and make threats of a lawsuit.

Don't deny this. You all know I am right!

And it's not just the teen moms enjoying the benefits of welfare courtesy of our tax dollars. What about those who pay for groceries with food stamps and then load them into a brand new car me or you could only dream of having? Or what about those with great paying jobs that still pay with food stamps? Or what about those who are on making a living on disability but are healthy enough to work out at some health spa on a daily basis? The list of those taking advantage of these tax-paying freebies goes on and on and on.

And yet, with the millions of tax dollars the state spends on these healthy, welfare-loving individuals, the same politicians that are gladly wasting our tax dollars on them are urging us to approve both prop 30 and 38.

I know a lot of people are lashing out at my story, especially those who have kids in these troubled schools and especially those associated with the unions. Many of you think I am turning my back on the kids while many more of you think I am turning my back on the Latinos. Both not being true. It's about being smart and it's about not getting suckered. Jerry Brown has promised that prop 30 is a temporary tax that will help get us back on the right direction (yeah, right!). So what is going to happen years from now, once the duration of this tax nears the end? I can guarantee you that he will plan on urging voters years from now to consider extending this tax because according to him, "we have made progress but we still have some ways to go and that it would be senseless to end this tax now".

Trust me, he will say something like this.

And yet, should these propositions pass, we will continue to see the same ol' typical pay raises, illegal spending, tuition and utility hikes, and other wasteful spending we assume would have not takene place in return for approving these propositions. Jerry Brown will insist he did not see all this coming and will demand an investigation that will likely go nowhere and that will likely be forgotten.

I suppose anyone who is going to believe every dollar from props 30 and 38 will be going to the right place probably also believes that Americans were behind 9/11, that the landing of the moon was filmed in a Hollywood studio, that OJ is not the real killer, and that Elvis is still alive.

Don't be a sucker on election day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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