Where Are the Latino "Thought" Leaders?

Latinos do not appear on the "Thought Leaders" list I received today. Why are we not on it?

By Armando F. Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: October 23, 2012

Where Are the Latino "Thought" Leaders?

I just received a digital invite from a reputable international organization to join and connect with what they categorized as "thought leaders." It's an impressive list of leaders who are writers, public speakers, and well known individuals. The list provides and balance of males and females. A quick glance at their backgrounds and pictures highlights that it is a group from age 30 plus and higher. I will be linking up with some of the individuals that are highlighted.

What is surprising to me as I look over the list is that there are no Latinos or Latinas on it. Why is that?

Could it be that we don't have "thought leaders" that merit our attention? Is it perhaps that our ideas only benefit the Latino communities and we need to drop the label "Latino" and focus on the the general population?

My personal response as to why we are not on the list of "thought leaders" is because, we as Latinos, lack an aggressive and combined marketing and publicity strategy.

I recall discussing this issue with a Latina publicity expert. She mentioned, as an example, how common and discouraging it was to see Latino authors put so much time and effort in writing and publishing their work but were unwilling to invest additional time in marketing and publicize their book. I have seen first hand how professionals shy away from participating in media exposure opportunities because they don't want to seem to forward or self-promoting.

The point is, that as Latinos, we need to get past the self-imposed and limiting perspectives of personal humbleness and become your own self promotion machine. If one is unsure about how to market yourself, hire someone to do it!

I am very fortunate to have met and spoken with people who should be acknowledged as world renowned thought coaches. They should be on recommended lists in all publications and constantly highlighted in mainstream media.

The main point is that we have to be proactive and maintain a consistent presence in all levels of media.

Take into consideration for a moment why you are reading this article. For one its because their is an interest in the topic. Secondly, because I wrote it and its available to you thanks to publications like that provides media exposure. This is one of an array of media platforms that invites and encourages us to highlight our thoughts globally.

Let the world know what you are doing. More importantly, help and advice others by sharing your knowledge and experiences. Latinos have a great deal of insights and thoughts to share with other Latinos and the world.

Copyright 2012 by Armando F. Sanchez

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