Facts Don't Lie: Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney

He's a decent family man who also happens to be a proven successful business man who can put our country back on track

By Edie J. Adler
Published on LatinoLA: October 24, 2012

Facts Don't Lie: Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney

Watching the three presidential debates, and the vice-presidential debate, I have been debating with myself whether or not to write this opinion column. After all, nobody likes to be called names, something the "tolerant" crowd seems to resort to when anyone disagrees with their views.

I am not a racist, a homophobe, intolerant, or a "Malinche" and yet total strangers have called me those ugly names for simply expressing my conservative views.

My mother and father left our beautiful Mexico many years ago when it became evident to Papito that the government there was so corrupt, even with a successful jewelry business, my future would be brighter in this beautiful United States of America.

My folks were in their 50's, their English was limited, and our money shrank considerably as we went through two Peso devaluations in the months prior to our move. My siblings were all married, and my parents decided to make any sacrifice needed so their little girl could have all the opportunities this great land has to offer.

It gives me great sadness to see my blessed country headed into the direction of those countries so many good people have left for a better life, under the direction of President Barack Obama. It is puzzling to me why so many Latinos support the Democratic Party, when their agenda is to turn the United States into one of those very places they have fled!

Why would anyone who has lived in Mexico, Central or South America, Germany, the USSR, or any other country for that matter, want that?

Why would anyone want the government to control how much of your hard earned money to keep? Apparently folks want to keep the government out of their bedrooms, but not out of their wallets!

Let me clarify, I am not rich! I thank Papito and Mamita for teaching me that success should be applauded, not punished! I am not rich, but I love the notion that hard work and perseverance can one day make me rich! I don't want anyone else's money; I want my own and I certainly don't want the government dictating how much is too much! By the way, when was the last time a poor person gave you a job?

Is anyone paying attention? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics when President Obama took office in January of 2009 the unemployment rate was at 5.7%. Today it is over 8%. The unemployment rates are highest among Blacks and Latinos.

When President Obama took office, the average price of gas was $2.35 per gallon. Today the national average is $3.47; here in LA is getting close to $5.00! How does anyone do it? How do people drive to work every day if they can't use public transportation?

President Obama has increased the national debt by about 60%!

There were 32 million people on food stamps when President Obama took over. Now there are 47 million people relying in the government to put food on the tableabove a 50% increase. Is this the future you want for your children?

What about our national security? How many more of our ambassadors and innocent citizens have to go unprotected, subject to the wrath of murderous fanatics this administration refuses to call terrorists?

We should all be embarrassed when our president declines to meet with a head of state, as was the case with the Prime Minister of Israel, choosing instead to go on the David Letterman show and the View!

President Obama does not know how to keep a promise. He promised he would create jobs, which is really not the role of the government, but he hasn't. He promised he would reduce the debt, but instead he has tripled it. He promised his stimulus package would help the economy; instead all the "green" energy companies the government invested in have gone under. He promised to keep us safe and today Iran is closer than ever to having nuclear weapons! He promised he would introduce immigration reformhe has not, even though during the first two years of his presidency the Democrats controlled both houses!

Mitt Romney is a decent family man who also happens to be a proven successful business man who can put our country back on track and take us in the right direction to a strong economy, a strong national defense, a strong US!

This November vote with your head, not your emotions.

About Edie J. Adler:
Edie J is a writer, actress, public speaker, founder of Storyland Productions. She lives with husband Neal in Valley Glen with their 6 dogs, 4 cats, 3 birds, 2 frogs, 1 turtle and a pink elephant.
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