Not a Bad Weekend...

Even on limited funds, there's ALWAYS a party in the Land of 1000 Dances!

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 31, 2012

Not a Bad Weekend...


Just waitin' for all these political commercials and campaigning to end, ?Ūni madre!

Is it me?...or do all these rich white political candidates and their campaign committees suddenly all become nice & friendly, and all of a sudden remember that a LARGE portion of the Latino population in the U.S. are Americans, and a significant voting bloc to woo during election season ?

..notice that NONE of them EVER mention Arizona in their campaigns ?

Oh well‘«™ hope MY vote counts, 'cause it's coming ! ‘«™and they'll forget about us after the election, so THEY don't get it.

Anyways‘«™despite all his bulls**t, it's still great to get out and breath the cool air of Aztlan, and spend time outside the house whenever I can, even if I'm close to brokativity.

This past weekend was cool and mellow, as the Gente stepped out around the Land of 1000 Dances, and gas prices started slowly easing down again despite all the previous mentiras about closing oil refineries up north, increased overhead costs, and other excuses the oil companies use to rip us off for a couple billion bucks nationwide every couple of months or so when they raise gas prices for a couple weeks‘«™.THEM DUDES GOT GAME, know what I mean?

Friday night, the AZURE Band got the party started at the Lakewood Hop Halloween party where a $1000.00 prize was given out for best costume‘«™SOMEBODY drank for free that night, LOL!

Also on Friday night, LOUIE PARRA & Thee Mad Latins lit up the crowd at Callahan's in Azusa, then Louie stepped up and joined the VEHICLE Band at the 818 Lounge in La Cresenta-Montrose the next night for a Halloween Bash that was reportedly off the hook.

Never been to the 818 Lounge, but it's on my list‘«™

I stayed close to home Friday night, chillin' with ma lady and some munchies, as we caught ma man Al Carlos Hernandez on TV on NBC, on Grimm's "Legend of La Llorona", as we rested up for the next day‘«™not bad, Al! Get on wit yo bad self, Brutha!

Saturday, we started partying early in the afternoon at the Chevron Employee's Park in El Segundo, where DJ Shorty Sanchez celebrated her 25th birthday along with her mama, our good friend and party partner, the fabulous Rosalie Hernandez, who finally joined the half century club.

With a large invited crowd of friends and family in attendance, the food and drink flowed generously, as we were all entertained by TEX NAKAMURA and the 44's, the L-360 Band (a surprisingly good 2 man combo), crooner JONNY B who gave up some killer Doo-Wop Oldies, along with Rich Garcia & The MIDNITE CRUZZERS. The dancing was on before sunset and into the night. Special guest performer JOHNNY HERNANDEZ was a highlight of the night, as he joined the Cruzzers for a nice rendition of "My Girl", that had us all singing and dancing along.

Joining the party crowd were Ruben Molina & his lovely Lady Maricella, Rick "Thee Mr. Duran" and his lady Pat, DJ SOULERA 5150, East L.A. Rey, and a whole lot of other happy folks de Aztlan‘«™.hated to leave early, but had a long drive home‘«™

Later on that night, we joined the kids and DJ SUGARBEAR & his lady Marti, as my Lady & I returned home to a large Halloween masquerade party at our humble home, where DJ "ILL PHIL " had the large young crowd kicking up chancla till past 2am‘«™ and then we stood up finishing up the drinks and munchies till 4 am under a full moon and warm balmy weather after everybody left‘«™no sense letting it all go to waste, right? LOL!

Next morning (or shall we say afternoon)‘«™needed some menudo for the crudo[/b], and canned Juanita's wasn't gonna do the job, so we jumped in the ride and headed down to the Mercado on 1st street in East L.A., joined by Sugarbear and his Lady, and enjoyed some FRESH hot [i]menudo, pozole, tacos, and a cold one. Just what we needed, as we also caught some good old fashioned, live Mariachi music & singing.

OK‘«™feeling better now‘«™so now what to do?

We cruised down the street to American Legion Post 804 on Cesar Chavez Avenue, and joined the brother Vets for some more cold ones and the last few innings of the World Series as the sun set slowly. Nice place, nice people.

Hey! San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 4 ! Viva West Coast !

Just down the street were Lilliana's Tamale Factory & Restaurant in one direction, and the famous El Gallo Mexican bakery in the other less than a block away‘«™so we hit both places and patronized!

I love the old neighborhood of East L.A‘«™.EVERYTHING's so affordable ! Down there on Cesar Chavez Avenue, gas is just $4.09 a gallon‘«™so I jumped on that too !

Driving home, I noticed that I didn't spend a lot of money this weekend‘«™so I got a few bucks leftover for next weekend‘«™and word is that something's ALWAYS happening in the Land of 1000 Dances‘«™

‘«™more news on that coming up ‘«™stick around

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