Time to Prepare for The End of the World

Nat Geo Mundo follows those preparing for the end in the hit series Preparados para el Fin del Mundo, Nov. 16

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: November 8, 2012

Time to Prepare for The End of the World

As some predict that 2012 will usher in the end of the world as we know it, one group of people is preparing for the worst. Known as "preppers," these men and women anticipate natural disasters like earthquakes or massive solar flares or man made catastrophes such as economic collapse or nuclear winters. Watch them on Nat Geo Mundo's Preparados para el Fin del Mundo as they stand united in their unshakable certainty that we will soon face tougher times when grocery stores are empty, water is in short supply, and electricity is unavailable.

Preparados para el Fin del Mundo delves into the lives of otherwise ordinary citizens, exploring just how seriously they take preparations for impending doom. Preppers come in all shapes and sizes ‘«Ű men and women, young and old, they live and work like others, but their ultimate life goal is preparing for the end. The series makes its debut on Nat Geo Mundo on November 16 at 9 PM, after premiering earlier this year to record numbers on National Geographic Channel.

In the prepping subculture there are a variety of styles with individuals poised to go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure they are prepared if basic services should falter, and chaos and violence become the order of the day. To what lengths do they go?

Featured preppers have:

‘«ů Constructed homes from shipping containers to survive a day when the North and South Pole swap places

‘«ů Stored 23,000 kilograms of food

‘«ů Created concrete tanks able to house 14,000 litres of rainwater

‘«ů Made bows and arrows for security and solar powered satellite systems for communications in a post-Apocalyptic era

‘«ů Develop elaborate gourmet meals from shelf-stable foods

Though unique in their beliefs, motivations and strategies, these preppers are planning ahead for a time when hardship and hunger turn citizens against each other. While stockpiles of food and weapons may seem over the top preparations to some, for preppers they represent basic responsibility and peace of mind. Meet preppers on their own turf, examining their methods and tracking progress as they think through every logistic and contingency plan.

You decide...are preppers practical planners‘«™ or just plain paranoid? See for yourself on Fridays starting November 16 on Nat Geo Mundo.

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