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Ancient Sounds & Dance of Mexico

Pre-Thanksgiving celebration at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, Nov. 14

By Ana Madrid
Published on LatinoLA: November 8, 2012

Ancient Sounds & Dance of Mexico

Within the hustle and bustle of post national election victories and pre- Thanksgiving family gatherings, Long Beach is excited to be celebrating California's Hispanic Heritage during Mayan fall festivities at the Hotel Maya (DoubleTree Hilton, Long Beach) via their live performance presentations featuring deeply evocative music and rhythms of ancient Mayan culture along with a Mayan specialty menu alive with authentic Latin American fare at Fuego from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14th.

Hotel Maya continues its 'The Year To Go Mayan' celebration with a unique presentation of Mayan food and festivities indigenous to the ancient culture with the Ancient Sounds of Mexico by Martin Espino (pictured)and the Ancient Dance of Mexico by Copalli-Copilli.

Produced by Indivision2000 Productions, "The Sounds of Ancient Mexico" will run from 7-8 p.m. and be presented by Martin Espino, scholar and award-winning artist performing a vast array of pre-Hispanic musical instruments. Audiences will be engaged by stories, history and cultural anecdotes while enjoying an hour of authentic music including single, double to quadruple clay and bamboo flutes, water drums, log drums, turtle shells and more.

Music from indigenous groups around Mexico inclusive of Maya - some spiritual, ritual and positive selections will be "Abriendo El Cosmos" (Opening the Universe); "Nimitztlazotla" (Loving Heart); "Konex" a traditional Mayan song; "Xochiquetzal" (Precious Flower); "Once Venado" (Eleven Deer) and Bonanpak & Ixchel," an original Mayan-inspired composed selection; among others.

"The Dance of Ancient Mexico" will run from 8-9 p.m. and features "Copalli-Copilli," a troupe of four professional native dancers and drummer Capitan Raymond Ramirez presenting the dance of ancient Mexico, including the Maya "okot." The dance performances will be accompanied by the traditional conch shell and huehuetl drums and brilliantly colored, visually inspired feathered ancestral headdresses. Espino will join "Copali-Copili" by playing specialty sounds and songs for several key dances such as "Fuego: Xiuhcoatl" (Fire Dance), "Chalchayotes" (Woman's Dance); "Guerrero" (Man's Warrior Dance); "Tezcatlipoca" (Smoking Mirror Dance), and "La Paloma" (The Dove - Couples Love Dance); among others.

Accentuating the Mayan entertainment experience, Fuego Executive Chief Victor Juarez has prepared an ancient Mayan fare tour of Latin America including delicacies from present-day nations of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador.

The first Mayan course features a delicious Chile Relleno Blanco with stuffed poblano chile with jumbo lump crab, bay scallops, mole blanco, onion, tomato and cilantro sauce. The second course presents Cocoa Chili En-Crusted Venison with roasted loin of venison, sauce of cocoa, chile, Mexican spices, sweet potato pur?®e and grilled calabacitas.

The Mayan entrees include the preparation of Tikin-Xic. Yucatecan Style Achiote Rubbed Mexican Sea Bass with achiote rubbed fillet of sea bass, epazote cream sauce, roasted corn, poblano rajas and wilted greens.

A scrumptious Mayan dessert, Torta del Cielo, or Heavenly Cake, is an almond sponge cake with sliced almonds, fresh apples and vanilla rum glaze.

A variety of complimentary drinks are available including brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee or hot tea, along with assorted chocolate truffles.

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