Somos Primas

You are my hermana

By Maria Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: July 24, 2003

Somos Primas

Mi prima

my cousin

you and I have known each other
toda nuestra vida

we are so close that our santos
are only a month apart

our hermanos are only a few months apart

we are the same age born of the same year
the same sign

it's funny we even have the same intials
you and your brother start with a C
and me and my hermano start with an M

how weird life is. The people God chooses
to be part of our vida para siempre

I write this to you for all to read
and know how much you mean to me
how important you and your family are
to me. How much I appreciate your
amistad, your love and your confidence
not only as a friend, a prima but also
como una hermana

Somos comadres

I am so proud and honored that you have
chosen me to be the godmother of your hijos
I love them with all my corazon

I am grateful that I mean so much
to you that you would trust me with your hijos

You are my mejor amiga, my prima

I'm sorry for these past months that we have
not spoken but know that you have been in my heart
more now than ever.

you are my friend, mi prima, my confidence

thank you for always standing by my side
through the good times and las malas as I have been
for you.

We are familia, somos amigas, somos primas, somos hermanas

De todo corazon para mi prima whom I love very much!

Mi prima

my cousin

About Maria Soto-Arzola:
This is dedicated to my cousin Claudia for her birthday. I miss you very much! :-)

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