Say it Ain't So...The End of the World?

Nat Geo Mundo reveals four end-of-the-world specials

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: December 4, 2012

Say it Ain't So...The End of the World?

The ancient Latin adage carpe diem seize the day takes on striking new meaning as December 21, 2012 the apocalyptic date predicted by the Maya rapidly approaches. But, the massive flooding that some believe the Maya prophesied as the end of the world is only one in a long list of threats to mankind.

Nat Geo Mundo's End of the World Special features a series of four prolific shows premiering on Saturday, December 8 beginning at 8 PM ET/PT with El Verdadero Fin del Mundo con Diego Bu??uel.

The "end" as we know it could be caused by a series of elements or perhaps one single eventǪfrom cosmic catastrophes to super volcanic eruptions and physics experiments gone fatally wrong. Join Nat Geo Mundo this December as we examine apocalyptic omens, venture to an underwater graveyard for secrets behind the Mayan predictions and go on a mission to evacuate Earth all in preparation for the end.

Each unique program sheds new light on these doom-filled threats. Join host Diego Bu??uel as new revelations are unearthed about the most infamous date on the Mayan calendar in El Verdadero Fin del Mundo con Diego Bu??uel. In Presagios del Apocalipsis, discover once and for all if the signs are really just in our minds. Gather new details on 2012: La Profec?a Maya with a dramatic scientific explanation of what may or may not happen, and then, armed with this critical knowledge, go on to see [i]?S?lvese Quien Pueda![/] as Earth has to evacuate and escape the only home humanity has ever known because it could happen if a neutron star presented planet Earth with an inescapable date of destruction.

El Verdadero Fin del Mundo con Diego Bu??uel Premiers Saturday, December 8 at 8 PM ET/PT
Presagios del Apocalipsis Premiers Saturday, December 8 at 9 PM ET/PT
2012: La Profec?a Maya Premiers Saturday, December 15 at 8 PM ET/PT
[i]?S?lvese Quien Pueda![/] Premiers Friday, December 21 at 8 PM ET/PT

Episodes include:

El Verdadero Fin del Mundo con Diego Bu??uel
Venturing into vast underwater graveyards of Maya human sacrifices, journalist and host of Nat Geo Mundo's No le Digan a Mi Madre, Diego Bu??uel (pictured) searches through a watery maze to unearth new revelations about the most infamous date in the Maya calendar: December 21, 2012 doomsday. Diego and a team of archaeologists explore these underwater tombs and gain key insight into why the Maya may have predicted an impending apocalypse. In a secret location, Diego views a rare replica of one Maya codex whose last page filled with illustrations of floods and ominous-looking gods first sparked the apocalyptic prediction some 100 years ago.

Presagios del Apocalipsis
On New Year's Eve 2011, blackbirds die in a small U.S. town by the thousands. Nearby, 80,000 drum fish wash up on the Arkansas River and more birds perish before a wave of unsettling animal deaths seems to sweep the globe. In Brazil, a hundred tons of fish turn up near shore. In Romania, starlings perish in the snow and in New Zealand, snapper wash up on a beach, some bizarrely missing their eyes. Are these deaths connected? Is a new global environmental catastrophe on the horizon or could possible secret scientific projects be to blame?

2012: La Profec?a Maya
According to some, there are ancient Maya prophecies that predict the end of the world to arrive on December 21st, 2012. Despite their great civilization long lost and their legacy shrouded in mystery, the Maya calendar and the end of its Great Cycle has not been forgotten and is regaining people's attention as the clock ticks down to what might be our last year on earth. Journey on an epic quest around the planet to uncover the truth behind the myth, investigating geological phenomenon of pole shifting which has long been tied to the Maya prophecies as a probable cause for apocalyptic natural disasters. Venture to the heart of one of the mightiest Maya cities Chich?n Itz? in Mexico and find out about ancient traditions and how the Maya's superior capabilities as astronomers influenced their foresight on a far-away future OUR time. And, learn how a melting tropical ice cap may hold a secret that could unlock the mystery of modern doomsday prophecies.

[i]?S?lvese Quien Pueda![/]
If a neutron star came barreling toward Earth threatening the survival of man and the planet itself what would mankind do? With large scale planet evacuation our only hope, how could we create a massive spaceship able to sustain a large population for as long as a century that can travel at least 65 trillion kilometers? Are we capable of developing this? Placing the ultimate gamble on an educated guess, where in the universe do we send this ship? And, most importantly, who would be selected to keep the human race alive, what will be the fates of those left behind?

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