In the School of Life -- En La Escuela de Vida

Indivision2000 Productions brings Latino culture-related music, dance & stories to personally impact people

By Petra Celia
Published on LatinoLA: December 5, 2012

In the School of Life -- En La Escuela de Vida

Aligned with the need for speed in the utilization of the cyber highway, we, as cell-memory homo sapiens, are each more personally "touched" and/or "informed intrinsically" by a one-on-one approach of directly sharing with one another and our communities 'in the flesh' collective story-telling by verse, in imagery (celluloid/tape/paintings, art), music, dance and/or via revisiting many of our cultural indigenous experiences as a means of quenching our thirst of perhaps what has become a 21st century void -- an unfulfilled need for one's sustenance of origin.

In an endeavor to cure what hungers our youth and their families -- much like the response by food trucks taking the diversity of culinary tastes to the streets of Los Angeles, Indivision2000 Productions, in addition to its educational and social media endeavors for the Latino community, has added to their outreach menu by bringing forth 'delivered to your door' live presentations as an active means of personally impacting students, families and communities with special edu-taining programs.

They seek to accommodate any needs of those choosing to create culturally informative event opportunities or class project experiences (with music, dance, short film screenings, readings, and/or crafting indigenous instruments) that may be artistically offered during the Winter Solstice (Nov/Dec), New Beginnings of Love (Jan/Feb), Spring Equinox or Earth Day (Mar/Apr), Cinco de Mayo of Reflections (May/June), Summer Equinox (July/Aug) or Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept/Oct).

In remembrance of who we are, where we came from, why we are here, perhaps an afternoon or evening in exploration of our cultural roots through the language of our ancestors, can cure what truly ails us all -- that vibrating connection to our past.

Since 1995, Indivision2000 Productions has successfully focused on writing, directing and producing award-winning short films that can also accompany any social issue surrounding the Hispanic Experience with "Tanto Tiempo" (35mm winner of the Hispanic Film Project/Universal TV which aired on NBC4 w/Edward James Olmos hosting via Kodak, AT&T and Very Special Arts) and "The Purepecha: Poorest of the Poor" (featuring Elizabeth Espinosa (KTLA) and cited by First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey).

In addition to Indivision2000 Productions current "Yo Soy LatinAmerica~na" women's profile series, producing "Women in Business" and "Women in Sports" Panels (w/Areva Martin, Michele Ruiz, Chef LaLa) for the California Women's Conference, screening/panel presenting at the Long Beach Public Library during Hispanic Heritage Month and its "Searching for Democracy" series, their health projects include: Prostate Cancer Awareness Promo and 2 PSAs for 100 Black Men of Long Beach & the L.A. Sparks, a 16-week on-line video session presentation featured on Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," website (empowering women to act as agents of positive social change for themselves and their community through Financial Literacy, Authentic Voice & Advocacy, Public Speaking & Negotiation), "The Human Rights Agenda" for the Los Angeles Commission on Human Relations, and the City of Long Beach's "Healthy Homes" & "Healthy Babies," among others.

Performance events in Long Beach have also been produced for Hotel Maya (Mayan Celebration) and Tesoro (Cinco de Mayo).

Indivision2000 Productions, founded in 1994 by award winning writer, director and producer, Cheryl Quintana Leader (pictured), has garnered an AV/Video Multimedia's Top 100 Producers Award, Women's History Month Award from the Comision Feminil/Los Angeles, a Gold Apple at the National Educational Film & Video Festival, two CINE Golden Eagles from Washington, D.C., two National Best Short Film titles (Chicago Latino Intl. Film Fest/San Jose Film & Video Fest), as well as, having been inducted into the Xicano Retrospective Archives at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Contact: www.indivision2000.com

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