Veterans Protest

A physical and moral theft; A case of a sad event turning worse

By Eddie Morin
Published on LatinoLA: December 29, 2012

Veterans Protest

Some people respond to tragedy in a positive manner and try to remedy matters so that life can go on as before; others shamelessly exploit the situation to cull what benefits they can and indulge in their self-serving interests. A case in point is the recent theft of a memorial marker at the Morin Memorial Square in East Los Angeles.

The particular memorial, which had its plaque stolen, has been dedicated to the Americans of Mexican Descent. It was dedicated on May 30, 1947 by a grateful community that felt it proper to give recognition to its men and women in uniform, those brave heroes of World War II. The monument was realized through the donations and hard work of individuals who expressed that the Mexican community had honorably distinguished themselves and were worthy of citizenship and its blessings.

Now, sixty-five years later, a new committee has emerged and they want to apply their own name to the area: "All Wars Memorial". While it may have a nice ring to some, it is still incorrect. There is no historical basis for this and yet, this self-same committee wants the taxpayer to pick up the tab for the implementation of a name change and new monument. Compounding matters, an All Wars Memorial already exists less than two miles away. They have violated the sanctity of the monument area by posting a sign of their own creation and designation-a move totally unauthorized and offensive.

Various attempts were made to Councilman Jose Huizar to rectify matters but he has chosen to remain silent on the issue. Various phone calls were made to his office and efforts to contact him by mail and e-mail were not acknowledged so a formal protest was launched.

On December 14, 2012 several veterans and others got together to express displeasure with Jose Huizar's dereliction of duty.

The Raul Morin Memorial Committee categorically rejects all lies and mis-representations regarding any re-naming of the monument dedicated to the Americans of Mexican Descent.

About Eddie Morin:
Eddie Morin is a author and Vietnam veteran. He is also the son of Raul Morin for whom the monument area is named.
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