The Good, the Bad and the Useless

A "good" Latino explains why the Sandy Hook shooting won't be the last of its kind

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Useless

Editor's Note: The following article by William Gallegos is presented unedited. Your comments are welcome below

A couple of years ago, I was out and about when a lady I see every so often greeted me with the usual "good morning". She then asked me if I heard what had happened that morning. I responded by saying, "what, a shooting"? This lady responded back by asking me how did I know this? I didn't. It seemed that some nut decided to go onto the campus of Virginia Tech University that morning and kill a bunch of students before taking his own life.

Do you remember back in the 1980's when you would watch the 4pm or 6pm local news and the stories you heard each day had nothing to do with possible terrorism attacks in our own backyards, teachers or coaches arrested for sexually molesting school kids, or people from the same county as you losing their jobs and/or homes in the dozens or even hundreds? One other thing you don't ever recall seeing on the news were stories about sickos walking into places where a large number of people were present, only to shoot at them as if they were some sort of human shooting gallery.

Now of course, there was the shooting at the McDonalds' restaurant in San Ysidro back in the early 1980's, where a man walked in and killed some 2 dozen customers for no apparent reason. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that when this happened, not only was this the first time we heard of such a tragedy in our own backyards but we all assumed this could never happen again.

Were we all wrong!

Since this McDonalds shooting, we have seen such gun-related tragedies as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, the Colorado movie theater shooting, and now the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

What was once a rare happening has now become common enough to practically make the news several times a year. And this is why the answer to this lady's question was answered so easily!

Now here is where I now begin to talk in a BRUTALLY HONEST way. Hate me as much as you want because of my many controversial stories I have done in the past for, but you all know you like to read everything I always have to say!

So it seems that following the recent Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, Mayor Villaraigosa and Police Chief Beck, two individuals who deserve to be called something else (I promised I would cut down on the inappropriate wording), have decided to move up their "gun buy back" program because of the tragic shooting. It seems that by turning in your guns, the violence involving guns would drop in the greater Los Angeles area.

Are you kidding me!

Are we that stupid enough to believe this? Did anyone not watch the news the night they mentioned this buy back program? I saw this story on several of the news channels and every time they interviewed someone in their car waiting to turn in their gun, almost every person said they were turning in their gun(s) simply because it was sitting in their closet or attic collecting dust. I did hear one person even say that the gun they were turning in had belonged to their father who just recently passed away and therefore, saw no need for keeping it. As for getting a $100.00-$200.00 giftcard, with the prices of groceries skyrocketing, of course most law-abiding people are going to turn in their unused guns for free groceries. I look at law-abiding gun owners participating in this buy back program no different than financially-strapped, law-abiding gun owners pawning their gun(s) in order to put food on the table.

Then there are those questions to be asked. Did people really have to wait long in line for a gift card? One reporter claimed people waited hours in line just to turn in their guns. Pure BS!!! I could see a line lasting for hours but a person waiting in line for hours? Impossible. What about the promise that no ID will be needed or that no questions will be asked? Do you really think some of the most wanted gangbangers in the county are really going to buy this promise? If a gangbanger suspected in a recent killing is spotted in line while trying to turn in a murder weapon (soon to be melted), I suppose he will not be apprehended simply because the LAPD promised "no questions asked"? It is such idiotic ideas like this gun program that explains why gun violence will continue in LA.

And then there are the guns itself. What proof is there that every gun you saw on TV had been turned in by an individual? Is it not possible that some of these guns were supplied by the LAPD in order to make it look like the worst of the worst guns were turned in? Remember, even the LAPD has had it share of history when it comes to being untrustworthy to the public. What about the comment being mentioned to the Chief about how most of the guns turned in were from those owners whose guns were in their attic or closet collecting dust? For the Chief to say that "thousands of guns are now off the streets and therefore will not fall into the wrong hands" is a joke and will not make a difference in the war against gun violence in LA.

Remember readers, guns don't kill......people do!

I suppose the Mayor of the town that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting took place in is now kicking himself in the ass for not coming up with an idea like this. I also suppose a gun buy back program in his town could have prevented the shooting at Sandy Hook.

Hey, I got an idea! Let's have a "car buy back" program that would help prevent DUI-related deaths on the roads. Turn in your car and get a $2000.00 gift card (yes, two-thousand!). Should we end up collecting mostly beat-up cars that were sitting in driveways and garages for years or should we end up getting cars with little or no monetary value, at least we know we took off the road several thousand cars that could have fallen into the hands of drunk drivers.

Stupid idea, isn't it? Now you know how I feel about the gun buy back program!

The losers in this buy back program? The taxpayers of Los Angeles, whose dollars went to buying the giftcards.

The only winners in this buy back program? The greedy, union-backed supermarkets whose sales will go through the roof because of their giftcards.

So anyways, just days after the Sandy Hook shooting, the president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) speaks out about this tragedy. One of the strongest recommendations made by this president was that we should have armed guards at every school. Now many of you reading this are left-wingers who are already hating my story (but will continue to read it of course) while many of you will also reject this idea of armed guards simply because the NRA suggested it.

I say "let's do it".

The problem here is that many of you are already picturing these suggested armed guards to be some mean-looking guys in camouflage, with automatic rifles, and with paint on their faces. These guards can be in plain clothes, can have their guns hidden inside their coat, and can have a great relationship with the kids. They can talk to these kids about being prepared in the event of a shooting (the same way kids are taught to be prepared for an earthquake or fire). These guards can be "kid-friendly". Their presense alone will make the craziest of nuts unable to get to their intended targets. Unlike the useless LA School Police, who are never around when a gang-related shooting takes place on school grounds, these armed guards can stay on campus all day.

Think about the number of cops needed for school-related "lockdowns" if we did have these guards. I think the police have better priorities than surrounding a school for hours!

But do you know why this "guard" idea will never happen in our local schools? Two reasons.

The first reason is simple.....putting armed guards would be like siding with the NRA. Our politicians here would never do that. It would be like turning their backs against those democratic politicians and citizens in favor of gun control, which would be nothing more than an insult.

The second is just as simple.........we won't spend the money to do it! It reminds me of many years back when an LAUSD school rep was asked by a TV reporter why their school buses continued to have no seatbelts. The young, cocky school rep responded by insisting that the buses were safe before saying in the same sentence, "and besides, it would cost too much to install them". Sure, you can waste money by continuing to pay those perverted teachers sitting at home or in jail, awaiting trial for sexually molesting their young students but you can't spend money on something as important as a kid's safety!

Did you know that over at Monte Vista Elementary in the Highland Park area, the kids there are trained on what to do in the event of a gang-related shooting outside their classroom. Anyone protesting this? I didn't think so!

Still think armed guards at the schools are wrong because they would be in the presense of small children? Remember some 30 years ago when you went to Dodger Stadium or to the Fabulous Forum as a kid, or as a young father taking your kid, to see such superstars as Garvey, Valenzuela, Magic, and Kareem? Did you ever think back then that one day your own kids or grandkids would have to go through metal detectors or would have to witness a strong LAPD presense just to simply attend a family function at these sporting events? Today, it's now part of the Dodger and Laker experience. You can thank the latino thugs for this!

So now we see good ol' President Obama coming up with this silly, tax-wasting 500 million dollar gun control plan that is nothing more than his way of making people believe gun violence will one day be a thing of the past. At this press conference, he brings in all these little kids who more than likely are still unaware of what Sandy Hook is and who probably don't even know what happened there. These same kids show up to this press conference with letters they wrote to the president (the same letters that were likely written by adults and later recopied by these kids).

I suppose all the hardcore gangbangers throughout the country saw this meaningless press conference on the news and are now worried that it's going to be tougher to get a gun. Perhaps the wackos out there are also worried that its going to be tougher as well when it comes to getting a machine gun. Living in a city known for its huge gang-related gun violence, I suppose I should feel so much safer now that Obama is going to fight the war on guns! Of course, the left-wing media out there will make us all believe that, through both their coverage and biased commentaries!

Speaking of the left-wing media, it really gets me to on how they have become following the Sandy Hook shooting. A tragic shooting takes place and suddenly the media points the finger at the NRA and at the law-abiding gun rights advocates, blaming them for what had happened even though we all know law-abiding gun owners have something called "the right to bear arms".

If I am not mistakened, the NRA has been around since 1871 but yet, prior to the 2000's, I don't ever recall hearing about shootings similar to those mentioned above (with the exception of the McDonalds tragedy).

Can someone have the guts to admit that the NRA endorses self-defense gun use, recreational gun use, and gun collecting, and not wackos and gang-bangers going violent with guns!

Here is something interesting that readers are going to find as "pure BS" but I'll say it anyways. Why is it that those who steal guns, only to then use them to kill movie goers and young school kids have never been a conservative NRA member?

Check this out.......

Ft Hood shooter: Registered democrat and muslim.

Columbine shooters: Both too young to vote but their families were registered democrats.

Virginia Tech shooter: Registered democrat who wrote hate mail to President Bush and his staff.

Colorado Theater shooter: Registered democrat and Occupy Wall street participant.

Sandy Hook shooter: Registered democrat who hated christians.

Any of you find the above as hard to believe? Have the guts to face the truth people!

Perhaps we should also have the guts to put the blame on both violent, gun-related video games (oh how I miss the days of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders), as well as inappropriate gangster rap videos, TV shows, and movies that endorse gun use for the wrong reasons (oh oh...I hear the race card coming).

And what about left-wing Hollywood? Did anyone see the recent Public Service Announcement with all these movie and television stars voicing their concern on gun violence? Better yet, did anyone see the YouTube video made by some guy using this same PSA commercial, where he shows these stars followed by movie clips of these same stars using guns to kill people? I would have recommended to all those reading this to go to YouTube and search this updated PSA video but unfortunately, just days after this new video made headlines through social media and Fox News, the video was yanked from YouTube.

Sure, these stars can voice their outrage over gun violence by taking part in this PSA commercial but offer them 20-30 million dollars to play a cold-blooded character that kills people with AK-47's and suddenly, gun control is no longer an issue for them.


Someone tell me I'm wrong when I say that watching John Wayne or Dirty Harry shoot the bad guy at the end of a movie is a big difference from today's violent, gun-related movies, tv shows, and video games.

Speaking of hypocrites, anyone reading this know who RC Soles is? He is the long time senator and anti-gun rights advocate who not long ago, shot one of two intruders at his home outside of Tabor City, North Carolina (the state he represents). At the time of the investigation of this shooting, Soles said he would not comment to discuss the incident. This Senator, who has been very vocal when it comes to not giving the public the right to own guns for the right reasons, did not hesitate to defend himself and his family with a gun since he believed he was in danger. To Senator Soles, his actions were acceptable.

Think about the many (and I say "many") anti-gun rights politicians and advocates who quietly own a gun for the same reasons as Senator Soles.

Does anyone in favor of gun control dare to comment on your average story involving a frightened, female homeowner who is forced to shoot an intruder (knowing the cops are too slow when it comes to responding)? What about that one story some months ago involving a little girl who also was forced to shoot an intruder breaking into her home? These are stories of pure heroism but yet, morons like RC Soles are fighting to ban the gun rights of those who are using guns simply for self-defense purposes.

Call this offensive but think of the tens of thousands of tax dollars saved each year anytime an intruder is rightfully killed rather than sent to prison.

Going back to the one-sided, left-winged media topic....did anyone hear about the recent theatre shooting in San Antonio, where a guy killed his ex-girlfriend at a restaurant just days after the Sandy Hook shooting? When those individuals at the restaurant witnessed it, they all ran to the nearby theatre where the gunman would follow them, with the intent of also killing them. This gunman would end up being shot dead by an off-duty officer who was at the theater. With the exception of this killer and his ex, no restaurant or theatre patron took a bullet.

Question.....why did this story not make headlines on CNN or MSNBC or why was this not a top story on the local news, here in our own backyards?

The answer to the above questions is simple.....because what happened here proved that the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is by supplying a good person with a gun. No member of the left-wing media wants you to know this!

Here is something else the left-winged media prefers not to let you know.......close to 450 children (from age 18 all the way down to just 1 year old) were shot in the city of Chicago in just 2012 alone. The city has one of the toughest gun laws in the country but have these laws made a difference? I don't think so! And yet despite of all the shootings, murders, and bloodshed, you never hear a peep from their corrupt media.

62 school-aged children (ranging from ages 6-18) were killed in Chicago in 2012 by crazed nuts but yet, it isn't worthy of being put on the news.

Why not? Perhaps it's because it would embarrass those anti-second amendment rights morons who brag about the city's tough guns laws. Or maybe it's because the corrupt media doesn't want to show Chicago in a negative way. Or maybe it's actually because the media doesn't want you to know that most of the kids that were shot were blacks. Ooooooh!

Remember a past story I did for called "George Zimmerman and the attack of the left-winged idiots"? I mentioned how the last thing the left-winged media wanted to do was to piss off the black community by doing stories that put blacks in a negative way. It was this same media that immediately insisted that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin simply because Trayvon was black.

Oh wait a minute! I know the real reason why these child-related shootings in Chicago don't get exposed by the media. It's because Chicago just happens to be home to the "Fab Four of Closet Racists"......Obama, Emanuel, Farrakhan, and Reverend Jackson. No one in the Chicago media will dare do something to piss them off!

What happened in San Antonio and Chicago proves two things......1) crazed nuts will get and use guns, no matter how tough the gun laws are and 2) the left-wing media prefers promoting the stripping of gun rights rather than promoting the truth on why gun rights are necessary.

And then there are those shootings in our backyards that get little attention. There's one shooting that still pisses me off to this day.

Around 2-3 years ago, there was a story that took place in the Echo Park/East Hollywood area where some latino gangbanging loser was in front of his house (I'm guessing he was the typical latino loser who lived at home with his parents, was unemployed and collecting unemployement, and was considered by his parents to be a "good kid who never did anything wrong"). Anyways, a car drives by and opens fire at him. The gangbanger fires back, missing the driver. His bullet would end up going to the neighbor's house, hitting a little girl. The girl, who I believe was around 5-7 years old, would end up dying days later. The worst part about this horrific shooting was that the gangbanging loser who fired the fatal shot would not be charged, since it was considered "self-defense". If he was to be charged with anything (the key word here is "if"), it would have only been for carrying a weapon illegally. Councilman Eric Garcetti, the one who represented the area, was at the press conference saying the usual, meaningless "the violence must stop" line while the dying little girl's mother was standing behind him in tears. Let's remember that Garcetti, just like the rest of the useless morons who run Los Angeles, are people of law. If Garcetti and the rest of these morons weren't running our city, they would be in a courtroom right now defending these same losers. This is why politicians aren't trusted and this is why voter turnout is low every election day. This story would be swept under the rug within 24 hours after the little girl's passing. And to think, this is just one of many sad stories in our own backyards involving gangbanging shootings, an innocent person or two, justice for the wrong people, and crocodile tears from politicians who will care about these shootings only if election time is right around the corner. What I see here is a carbon copy of what was mentioned above, concerning the city of Chicago and its one-sided media.....a lack of media exposure regarding gun violence in predominently minority neighborhoods.

As for the mother of this child, she would move back home to her native Thailand. So much for living "The American dream".

And people want to know why I always trash talk latinos who give the few good latinos "a bad name".

Going back to Garcetti, the question I ask is, "where was the gun control issue following this shooting" or "why did he not make a promise to take both this killer and guns off the street". I'd give this council member much of the blame for not doing enough on gang violence and guns in that neighborhood.

Better yet, where was Mayor Villaraigosa at the time of this shooting? I remember this story well enough to know that he was nowhere to be found the week the little girl was shot and killed. He must had been getting photographed at some VIP event or must have been at a Lakers game enjoying courtside seats.

As for the Mayor's thoughts on fighting gun violence in the City of Angels....he won't say much now. Now that he keeps bragging to everyone about how Los Angeles is at its safest in decades (ALSO PURE BS!!!!), it would not make sense to mention gun violence in LA in the same conversation or in the same period of time. Everyone needs to remember that Villaraigosa wants to leave office this summer by making suckers believe that he turned Los Angeles from a violent city to the safest in the nation.

And what about those other leaders who act like they care about gun violence but choose to look the other way until "after the damage is done"?

Take Sheriff Lee Baca for example. A couple of years ago, I remember the story of the young deputy sheriff by the name of Jerry Ortiz who was gunned down in the Hawaiian Gardens area while responding to a call. He was gunned down by a different latino gangbanging loser who had a extensive criminal record but for some reason was good enough to be thrown back out in society. I remember how fake Sheriff Baca looked in front of the cameras when he showed his anger as he talked about the gunman, who Baca did admit should have still been in jail.

Now tell me if I am wrong but aren't most hardcore criminals given an early release from the jails and prisons if they are considered "non-violent"? The gangbanger responsible for killing Jerry Ortiz (who left behind a couple of young sons) had never been charged for killing anyone before so would that have meant he was considered "non-violent" and therefore suitable to fit in our society? And is it not Sheriff Baca who has a final saying on who gets out of the LA County jails early due to overcrowding and/or good behavior? I can guarantee you that the man who shot this young sheriff was released early by Baca himself for both "overcrowding" and for being considered "non-violent". People don't realize how common it is for soon-to-be cop killers to be released early for these reasons.

Speaking of early release, anyone familiar with the recent Christmas day shooting in Pasadena, where an innocent father ,who was very active in his community, was shot to death? What about the killing around a month earlier of some four individuals in Northridge? You know what the two main individuals accused of these gun-related killings both have in common? They were both released from prison early due to the state's realignment program.

And speaking of this realignment program, what in the hell is Governor Jerry Brown doing when it comes to early releases from jails? This guy has not done crap when it comes to fixing the prison problem regarding overcrowding. It's because he's too busy kissing butt to the immigration rights advocates and groups. This guy has been more committed to signing bills that give more rights to illegals when he should be signing bills that punish those who commit gun-related crimes or who carry guns illegally (whether those guns are used or not). He should also be fixing the state prisons so that those charge with gun-related crimes will not be given early releases due to prison overcrowding. Does Brown seem to forget that a good percentage of gun-related crime victims include those from law enforcement such as Jerry Ortiz?

This is why I see nothing more than crocodile tears every time Brown, Baca, and Villaraigosa speak at the funeral of a fallen officer or sheriff.

And yet, despite of my thoughts of how we should fix the gun violence problem the smart way, there are morons out there trying to fix the problem by...1) punishing the many (and I say, "many") law-abiding gun owners who have guns for the right reasons and by...2) enforcing anti-gun laws that we all know will prove not to work.

And what about the so-called "training classes" on the news that are suppose to prevent horrific shootings such as Sandy Hook?

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, we saw our local sheriff departments on the news doing a mock training course where they dealed with a situation similar to Sandy Hook. These officers were seen entering the premises and looking for possible suspects, before escaping with possible injured victims.

The problem here is that by the time the authorities show up, the damage is already done and the suspect is already dead of a self-inflicted gunshot (we saw this with Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook). Does this type of training really work? Think about how many casualties there already are by the time the 911 dispatcher tells the caller, "police are on the way".

This is why armed, kid/student-friendly guards on campus are necessary!

Look at the training when it came to Columbine....the "trained" officers approached a room full of kids and a wounded teacher. The kids wanted to take the teacher along with them but were given a direct order by the "trained" officers to leave the bleeding teacher in the classroom because help was on the way. The help did not arrive until 20 minutes later and by the time it did, the teacher had bled to death in his classroom all by himself.

I cannot imagine what was on the mind of this brave man during those last 20 minutes of his life, that were spent all alone in that classroom. As for a high-ranking police officer who was asked by an news interviewer to comment on the slow rescue, his comment was simple....."he would have died anyways".

And this is why I have never had respect for cops! They are arrogant individuals whose job requires no conscience!!! Every police department has its large share of these type of officers so please don't even attempt to bring up the "few bad apples" line. Just being honest!

It's like the MacArthur Park melee some years ago. A bunch of arrogant, conscience-free cops are seen on television brutalizing reporters and camera crew members and what we all see on the tube is blamed on lack of training. We might as well blame both the Rodney King beatings and the Rampart Scandal on lack of training as well.

And speaking of Columbine, did you know that the show "60 minutes" had done a 6-month long investigation following the Columbine shooting and it was revealed that both the school and the local authorities had known about the possible trouble the two young gunmen were planning on doing as far back as one year but yet never did anything about it. Many of the teens from that school had not only knew about the different kind of weapons the two young men had bragged about having but also knew about the website the two designed (which mentioned the harm they wanted to do to their school). The many teens aware of this had reported all that they knew to their parents, who then reported it to the school, who then told the parents in response that there was no need to worry since the local authorities would handle it. A student who found her name on this website even reported this to the Vice-Principal, who in response told 60 minutes the conversation with the student had never takened place (you know it's the student who is telling the truth). There were even two private detectives who knew about these two troubled teens. These detectives wanted to get involved but were told by the school to stay out of it, since the local police department would handle the situation.

All the warnings to the school and local authorities and look what happened!

Think the lack of concern during the months prior to the Columbine shooting could never happen in our backyard? Think again!

Just days following Sandy Hook, some nut from the city of Pomona decided to brag about how he wanted to commit a similar type of shooting at a school full of young kids (just like Sandy Hook). Both police and the FBI searched his home where they found a handful of guns.

Was he charged? Nope.

Ready for the reason to why this nut was not being charged? He did not target a "specific" school.

Are you kidding me! That's like dropping charges against a radical muslim, who threatened to blow up a plane, simply because he did not target a "specific" flight.

No armed guards, no justice, no smart alternative solutions, no "real" tough laws, and no confidence from the leaders in our schools, police departments, and governments, when it comes to fighting the war on gun violence.

And this my friends is why the Sandy Hook shooting won't be the last of its kind.

Now from what you have read, you're all probably looking at me as someone who favors not banning your typical Rambo-style machine guns. You're also looking at me as a wannabee Ted Nugent who has stuffed wild animals displayed throughout my house. Both not true.

The topic on the floor should not be about "gun control" but about "gun violence". You can put the toughest of the toughest bans on the worst of the worst guns but regardless, a person with the intention of killing someone with a gun will find a way to get that gun of their choice.

Why punish those who are legally using their second amendment rights? Punishing the millions of law-abiding gun owners is like punishing an entire class because one student committed a prank on his or her own.

Why not use armed guards, as mentioned over and over again? Why not ban "early release" at every prison and jail throughout the country? Why not build more prisons and therefore give sentences that are well deserving and that bring real justice to crime victims and their families? Why not give double digit sentences for gangbangers who carry guns illegally, even if they have yet to fire a bullet from that gun? Why not give "real punishment" to those who bully students at schools (remember that most young gunmen who commit school shootings do so because they were bullied one too many times at school)? Why not also give "murder charges" to a person who "illegally and knowingly" supplies a gun to a gangbanger or whacko who later uses it in a murder? Think about the number of gun-related shootings that would fall drastically if people listened to me.

But nooooooo! It's best to simply go after all the law-abiding gun owners who use guns for the legal reasons.

And what about the 10-20-LIFE law? Ever heard of this law?

This is the law that Florida uses that fight illegal gun use. You simply pull out a gun and you'll get 10 years in prison. You fire a gun and you'll get 20 years. You shoot someone and you'll get 25 years to life.

Suggest this law in California and I can guarantee you that the politicians will reject it.

Why? Because they don't want to piss off the black and latino criminal rights advocates who demand "education over incarceration" and also because these same politicians know that the parents of these same losers being thrown into prison for the right reasons may choose to vote for a different politician who favors rights for criminals.

Someone tell me I'm wrong when I say the 10-20-LIFE law won't pass in California for the above two reasons.

As I end this story, I want to remind all that what you have read is not about being negative but about being truthful. An intelligent latino who supports our constitution and its history will back me up on this. Every incident mentioned in my story (ie....little girl shot, seats belts in buses, gunman from Pomona) did take place and is as accurate as can be. I stand by this story 100%, which is simply doing nothing more than bringing awareness of the many law-abiding gun owners whose constitutional rights are slowly being takened away and is doing nothing more than bringing awareness of our many leaders who seem to care about fighting gun violence only when or if it makes them look good.

We all wish for that day when gun violence can be a thing of the past but that day won't come. We also all wish for that day when we can enter a sporting event, an airport, a concert, a school, or even our own neighborhoods at night without any gun-related worries of any kind but that day too won't come. What we have seen during these recent times in our lives is nothing more than a sign of the times. It's something we have to live with, plain and simple!

As for our useless leaders, I believe our democratic leaders will easily help us one day win the war on gun-violence the same way those same leaders are easily kicking ass when it comes to them winning the war on those deadly drugs that come to us from south of the border.

Ok, you caught me lying. I'm guessing a little humor couldn't have hurt.

Hey wait a minute, speaking of south of the border......doesn't Mexico have the toughest gun laws around? If so, can someone then explain to me why their media is always showing dead, bloodied bodies on the news, each and every night? Tens of thousands of innocent people (women and children included) shot dead and lying in the streets of Mexico and yet its government has the same tough gun laws our leaders want America to one day have. And who just happened to be the ones who supplied these gun-loving, violent mexicans with most of these deadly guns?

The same government in DC who wants to abolish our gun rights!

Can you say, "Fast and Furious"? I know Eric Holder can!

Anyone out there insisting that Holder, Obama, and Hillary are working on this Mexican gun-related issue?

Remember.....the best way to stop a bad person with a gun is by supplying a good person with a gun.

God Bless America!!!!

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