The Next Mayor of Los Angeles Will Make History

My campaign is about giving a voice to all of LA's communities, which means engaging everyone

By Emanuel Pleitez
Published on LatinoLA: February 1, 2013

The Next Mayor of Los Angeles Will Make History

On March 5th, Angelenos will have to decide between continuing in the same direction, with the same politicians, or trying something new with a new kind of leader.

As a city, we're at the brink of bankruptcy. We're uninspired, we're unemployed, heck, we're unimpressed.

I know I am. The next Mayor of Los Angeles will have to solve the difficult problems that our current politicians either created or ignored. To do that, we need a mayor who understands what it's like to be underserved, to be hungry, to struggle.

I'm running for Mayor because I understand LA's problems and the solutions better than the other candidates. I was born in South L.A., raised on the East Side by a single mother, and went to public schools. I understand, because I'm actually running a grassroots campaign. A campaign about giving a voice to all of LA's communities, which means engaging everyone.

Every day, my team and I walk the streets all over L.A., even the roughest neighborhoods where no politicians walk.

The reason Angelenos are undecided, unhappy, and unexcited is because they've been over-promised and under-represented.

Take a look at our city workers. Our elected officials promised them pension benefits the city could never afford. Now, not only will they not get the benefits they deserve, but the city is cutting funds from the parks, schools, and streets that their families depend on.

Our people are unemployed, our students aren't graduating, and the people with the most need are getting the least attention.

People didn't come here from all over the world for this. You'll hear our politicians blame the economy, but we have streets in South LA and Pacoima without sidewalks. That's not new, that's not the economy's fault, that's neglect and irresponsibility.

We need someone who understands the economy and the most vulnerable. Not only do I understand what it's like to struggle in L.A., but I've also worked in the private sector as a management consultant and a technology executive, and I was the only Angeleno selected by President Obama to manage his Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

LA has so much untapped potential. New results require new leaders and new ideas. I'm the only choice for Angelenos who are tired of our mediocre past. We can't keep accepting baby steps as real progress.

I will create an LA where resources and investments are directed to communities where they can make the most impact. An LA where our students graduate, are trained, and can get the jobs of their choice. An LA where the government listens and responds to its people. We have a chance to make our government functional again.

I'm here because I take that chance seriously.

I'm here because over 1000 people signed and put me on the ballot.

I'm here because you deserve better than what you've had for the last 10 years.

I'm here for you.

Thank you.

About Emanuel Pleitez:
My strength and inspiration come from being raised by a single mother in the Eastside neighborhood of El Sereno.
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