Is Time Running Out For Arpaio?

A new group calls for the recall of the controversial Arizona sheriff

By Christian Henriquez,
Published on LatinoLA: February 5, 2013

Is Time Running Out For Arpaio?

Originally published at Republished by permission.

The controversial Sheriff Joe of Arizona, who recently won re election in 2012 by a mere 50.7 percent of the vote, may have another battle to fight in 2013. A group called Respect Arizona Is spearheading the campaign to recall the Sheriff. Respect Arizona will need to collect more than 350,000 valid signatures in the next 120 days to force the recall. Respect Arizona is being backed by Citizens For A Better Arizona, The group responsible for the recall of former State Senator and architect ofSB1070 Russel Pearce in 2011.

Sheriff Joe Stated, "I believe this effort is underway because of my stance on enforcing all the laws of our state including those that pertaining to illegal immigration. I have expressed a sincere desire to work with all members of our community towards common goals and have extended the olive branch even to those activists who have voiced such hate towards me. Still if these people insist on a recall drive. I have faith in the people of Maricopa County. They know exactly what and who they want in office and they won't be fooled by outside special interests."

A letter to the citizens of Maricopa County on Respect Arizona's website reads,

"Dear Concerned Citizen:

Dr. King once proclaimed Justice too long delayed is Justice denied. Therefore, we members of Respect Arizona and citizens of Maricopa County, petition to recall Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

We believe Sheriff Arpaio has failed to fulfill his duties as Maricopa County Sheriff.

We believe Sheriff Arpaio has violated our trust and our dignity as citizens because too many people have suffered as a result of Sheriff Arpaio's abusive practices and policies.

We believe business owners should not be unfairly harassed, workers unlawfully detained and families unjustly torn apart from raids that have nothing to do with public safety.

We believe too many law suits have been filed and too many lives have been lost.
We believe our children deserve a Sheriff that respects families, respects immigrants and respects Latinos.

We believe the Sheriff should respect, defend and protect the rights guaranteed under the US Constitution because no one ÔÇô not even a Sheriff ÔÇô is above the law.

If you agree with us that winning an election does not excuse or make right the wrongs that have occurred under Sheriff Arpaio's leadership, please sign a petition, donate today and get your friends and family involved.
In Pursuit of Justice Too Long Delayed,

Respect Arizona ÔÇô Recall Arpaio Committee"

Last November, Arpaio got a rude awakening when he was barely re elected for another term. He truly underestimates the power of the people and of organization. You are right Arpaio the people know exactly what and who they have in office. We the people are looking to change that. And you are right Joe this is a special interest group. They have a special interest in protecting and helping out our community against racial profiling and being investigated and arrested for political reasons. Adios Arpaio!

You can find Respect Arizona online on Twitter at @RespectArizona and onFacebook.

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