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Our "Summer" Travels To South America

Part 4, Landing in Cabo San Lucas, cruising toward Guatemala

By Armando F. Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: February 8, 2013

Our "Summer" Travels To South America

It was our third day at sea and we stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As we approached this port we were blessed to see many grey whales spouting and jumping out of the water. We could see the calves around the ship as we headed to port. This is the prime time for them to be in this maternity area. They will soon leave and begin their northern trek in a few weeks as they set off to feed in the Northern Alaskan waters.

As we were going from ship to Cabo I was looking to see how many sport fishing boats had caught marlins. I did not see any but their were some conversations on shore that just a week earlier someone locally in a small boat had caught one and it immediately dragged the boat forward and sacked it. It made me remember Hemingway's book "Old Man in the Sea". His story takes place in the Sea of Cortez and we are now at the base of it. One of the shore captains on shore shared that it had to be a 1,000 pound or larger marlin to have done that kind of damage.

As we return to ship and go out to open waters, I begin to remember my father. He grew up as a sports fisherman in Ensenada area. He passed away but I still remember when he would take me ocean fishing or abalone harvesting when I was a kid. I acquired a love of the ocean back then and when I got certified to scuba dive after I finished college, whole new magical aquatic world opened up.

Scuba diving in the Caribbean is a heavenly experience. This ship is headed to some of the top scuba diving areas in the world.

I am 60 years old and I can still scuba at but I just don't do repetitive dives nor do I go as deep as I used to. Make sure your kids can swim and have the opportunity to be blessed and enjoy the beauty of our aquatic world.

As I see the coastline I also remembered my fathers final years. Even in his eighties he went out to prove some thing to himself about gold mining.

He was an avid reader of the National Geographic magazine. The edition dedicated to the issue on gold made him think of an area he knew as a kid that could have gold deposits.

It's illegal to mine for gold in Mexico without a license but my dad was my dad.

He rigged his small boat with a suction and pumping system he designed and built and placed it inside his boat. Everyone thought he was out there just laying around fishing and resting. While he would put out several fishing poles on the side of from his little boat, he was actually sucking up dirt from the shallow bottom and filtering it through. He never got caught by the shore authorities.

Apparently his theory paid off.

He managed to dredge up some gold for a few years. His ingenuity was honed during those many years working along with aircraft developmental engineers and his technical peers making secretive planes for the Air Force.

Well, I am signing off for today. I want to see and enjoy this wonderful sunset and then I have to go get ready for tonight's formal night. Suit and tie, formal dinner, a musical theater performance afterwards and then ballroom dancing the night away.

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