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Our "Summer" Travels To South America, Part 7

Our sea days and heading toward Lima, Peru

By Armando F. Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: February 18, 2013

Our "Summer" Travels To South America, Part 7

We are now past the half way point of our first of two cruises. This first one is 17 days.

Many people wonder what one does on ship on ocean days. The answer greatly depends on one's personality. Persons with extrovert personalities are constantly mixing and meeting many fellow passengers and participating in the many diverse recreational and educational activities that the ship offers.

As I mentioned in previous articles, the ship is a miniature luxurious floating town. There are movie and live performance theaters, a library, shops, casino, multiple dancing centers, laundromats, and much more. We use the laundromat services offered on ship. That's critical when one travels for two months.

I read quite a bit on cruises and I had the pleasure of finding the book by astronaut Jose M. Hernandez "Reaching for the Stars" in the ship library. I had Jose as my guest on my Latino Role Model and Success podcast series. He highlighted his six items on his recipe for success (page 246) and I'll finish the book before we reach Santiago, Chile.

So now that there is some down time the big question comes to mind. Why do we travel? Last year we took three trips. We crossed the Atlantic and visited the Baltic Countries, another was going to Hawaii and traveling throughout Italy. Why do we do it? For me, it's in my nature to be curious. I keep on asking, "and what is over there?".

I used to think that I wanted to travel to find answers. Yes, I do find answers and I end up with new questions. Curiosity is an addiction I hope to never cure.

Books and pictures are the basics. Once I could read about the world, I was hooked. I recall the words from those who had journeyed throughout the world before me and I couldn't get their beautiful descriptive stories out of my head. I had to see if they were as spectacular as they described them. The journey to get to the destinations are very personal experiences and one that one owns completely.

How does one handle the uncertainty and unknown of going to places that are foreign and unfamiliar? I say that it takes a great deal of trust on others. I trust the cruise company and staff. We trust the persons we ask in the streets to direct us in the right direction. We look for our tour guides to take care of the vital details. The list of persons that one must depend on is a very long one.

It is also very important to develop the self-confidence and ability to trust yourself. Trust your abilities to solve problems and ALWAYS be flexible. Schedules, weather and plans can change without notice. One must develop a personality that allows one to be approachable, polite, respectful and friendly. A smile is universal and it transcends any language.

Now it's time to go for our daily mile walk on the jogging track on 12th floor. As one walks in circles the view is spectacular. I can see nothing but open ocean in all directions. It's breathtaking. I keep highlighting that the journey is weaved into the fabric of any adventure.

Got to go! Herd of dolphins on the starboard side!

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