Another Great Weekend in Aztlan!

Always something happening in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 20, 2013

Another Great Weekend in Aztlan!

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente! Hope your weekend was as good as mine, as the sun shined in Aztlan just before another storm.

Just like last week, I started off my weekend laughing & battling with some idiota who thinks LatinoLA, the East L.A. Revue radio station, & my Facebook page are all about spreading hatred, bigoted lies, assumptions, and just plain misinformation for the paranoid & insecure como Rush Limbaugh, in efforts to keep our Latino tribes separated and fighting amongst ourselves‘«™and at the bottom of the political food chain‘«™

Sorry‘«™ain't gonna happen here. Thanks for recognizing me as the "Voice of Aztlan"‘«™but there ain't NO room in Aztlan for dumb shit‘«™too many GOOD people with GOOD hearts & souls, know what I mean?

If I dislike something, I WILL SAY what it is.

(it gives the Editorial staff at LatinoLA headaches sometimes, but hey!...what can I say? We pride ourselves on honest journalism as long as we aren't talking smack.)

But most of what I say will have more than just a grain of truth and common sense, while this past weekend's argument about how "evil illegal immigrants from south of the border" are taking over our Country, welfare case by welfare case, prison gang by prison gang, was JUST ENTIRELY TOO ignorant & adolescent paranoid for me to get into, and re-print the story as asked‘«™sorry‘«™after I got done laughing & sharing it with our staff‘«™we came up with some pretty good original jokes

(unfortunately, El Editor would NEVER print some of them here), but I will not reprint or repeat some sort of diatribe of ignorance against the RAZA, even if the author claims to be "Hispanic" and a solid American & Republican. (I didn't ask)

Shit! If they were that good & organized, we would have drafted them and sent them overseas to the Middle East to end all our wars by bankrupting our enemies with babies & child care expenses, drugging them out, and having them kill themselves when they can't afford anymore bullets to shoot at us with!

Hell! If they were that good, I would have voted for them !

Sheesh! If they got their shit THAT together, why haven't they got a Facebook page, website, or Internet radio site? Could sure reach a lot more people than using the "comadre-chisme" network‘«™(ok, ok‘«™enough of the one liners‘«™)

Anyways‘«™enough of that! It was Valentine's Day weekend in the Land of 1000 Dances, and when we got done laughing, we got into our Gente & music.

Watcha :

Starting off Thursday, THEE MIDNITERS, featuring GREG ESPARZA hit the stage at Nick's Taste of Texas for a romantic evening of music & dancing.

Friday night, SANGRIA hit the stage at Club Sash in Norwalk, LOUIE PARRA & THEE MAD LATINS made it happen (like always) at Rudy's Baja Grill in East L.A., and the GROOVE BAND packed 'em in for some Friday night boogie at Nick's Taste of Texas.

For the "Fearsome Foursome", Friday night was all about jammin' to Old School funk & disco jams with 4 guest DJ's at the Oasis Bar at the Quality Inn in Montebello , as DJ LOONEY celebrated his birthday with a big crowd of about 150 of his close friends. Party was on, food & drink were quite decent‘«™we will be back! Thanks for the invite, Carnal.

Made a Friday night quick stop at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs to catch a set or two from ACE‘«™ but just like SOTO the week before, the Gente KNOW where to go to hear some great Chicano music and get some decent dancing on‘«™and the place was elbow to elbow packed and standing room only.

‘«™ACE was on it! Music sounded great‘«™but the "Fearsome Foursome" had to go after a drink‘«™sorry, guys!

Friday also saw JOE BATAAN come to town as he was joined by ROCKY PADILLA, THE DELFONICS, AALON, and well-known comedian RUDY MORENO for the LOVE JAM at the Alpine Village in Torrance. This one was sold out and happening as well.

Saturday, it was all about jammin' to the Oldies & Old School funk as George Salazar and the 2nd TIME AROUND BAND hit the stage at the Alhambra American Legion Post 139 for a Valentine's Day dinner & dance. Good crowd, lot's of dancing and GREAT sounds as the combined Chicano veteran vocals of GILBERT STOKES, LAVA GONZALES, and CHARLIE "BEATLE" VASQUEZ just makes it hard to stay in your seat & off the dance floor. Commander Robert Hernandez & his staff were most welcoming and generous to all comers, and we will be back!

Also on Saturday, SOTO was busy keeping the Gente happy & dancing at Happy's Sports Bar in Chino , while the popular & powerful TEASE BAND did the weekend at the Fantasy Springs Casino, while The ROCKY PADILLA Band did the San Manuel Casino for the weekend. Heard THAT one was all the way live !

TIERRA wowed them in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, and we're glad to report that nobody got deported. !

Sunday was a road trip day, mainly because of no work Monday, so a lot of Gente headed off to the Santa Fe Springs swap meet to catch SANGRIA live on stage, while SOTO did the Gente righteous at Bruce's in Santa Fe Springs. Both parties were packed events.

The Fearsome Foursome took the assignment of hitting the high road to Pirate's in Oxnard for the stage debut of a new band named THE GROOVE LINE, featuring PEPE MARQUEZ, BECKY CORDOVA, RAY CORDOVA, and ERIC CUALLAR . If you haven't been to Pirate's Grub & Grog in Oxnard yet, I highly recommend it. Nice place, clean, good service, good food, reasonable prices, not a bad crowd of local Gente, either.

Of course, popular singers like PEPE MARQUEZ & Lady BECKY CORDOVA are always crowd pleasers & a good attraction, but on this night, Becky's hubby, veteran keyboardist RAY CORDOVA decided he was gonna make the night right, and the brother blasted & rode his dual keyboards like a stolen Harley, giving up some of the best solos & accompaniment I've heard him do in years, along with some pretty good back up vocals.

So‘«™the GROOVE LINE BAND is a welcome addition to Aztlan & The Land of 1000 dances, and we hope to see them soon in the City of Angels, bringing good music to good people.

Monday was a kick back day with some great weather before Tuesday's coming rain, so I took my Lady for some shopping at the L.A. Fashion Alley, where I enjoyed the one of the best hot dogs on earth, while my Baby did her thing and shopped till her feet hurt. After a nice dinner for two at Johnny's Shrimp Boat on Whittier in East L.A., we called it a weekend and cruised home‘«™

This Saturday will be a fundraiser concert for the late Gilbert "Peanut" Rodriguez at Nick's Taste of Texas in Covina featuring LRS EXPOSURE Band, LATIN VIBE, FLIPSIDE featuring ROCKY PADILLA,VINTAGE, THE JUMPIN JACK BENNY BLUES BAND, THE MIDNITE CRUZZERS, BRENTON WOOD, comedians GILBERT ESQUIVEL & RUDY MORENO, Operation Repo's LOU PIZARRO and many others. Hosted by KUCR FM's Thee ANGEL BABY and THEE Mr. DURAN.

Show starts at 6:30 pm.

This Sunday brings a good sounding, heart pounding SOUL JAM to Steven's Steakhouse in East L.A. featuring TEASE, BALANCE, SMOOTH TOUCH, and a new group called FLIPSIDE that will feature special guest ROCKY PADILLA. The show starts at 3 pm.

So what are YOU doing this weekend ?

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Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone heard daily on www.eastLArevue.com
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