Who Did We Vote for & What Are We Turning Into?

A community gets spanked in public, and children's interest are at the bottom of the political list...again!

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 5, 2013

Who Did We Vote for & What Are We Turning Into?

Something hit me the other day like an Orwellian flashback with a touch of Steven King‘«™. (i.e. like a scary story in a well-written book).

This past Sunday, I was at Las Palmas Park in San Fernando, California, kicking back and enjoying a carefree day of munching burgers, hot dogs, and tacos, while listening to some cool music with my lady.

A couple thousand people milled around me‘«™happily socializing, and maybe hundreds of happy little kids ran about laughing and taking turns on a large inflatable jumper slide or just playing the little chase games little kids play.

‘«™most of them proudly boasting brand new little league uniforms and caps.

Older teenagers were on the other side of the park playing basketball and football, while in another corner, another group of kids played kickball.

A church service at the community center was just ending, with maybe 20 to 30 Chicano bikers and their ladies attending. They were all friendly and happy (despite looking like a white guy's or politician's worst nightmare), and they easily sparked up their fine Harleys and rode off in style, cheerfully waving to friends & neighbors they knew.

A couple of cop cars drove by a parked one, with uniformed officers in sun glasses bidding people good morning and smiling as they did so.

Large muscular BROWN men carrying babies or with little kids in hand, bid each other greetings as they waited in lines for food & refreshments, and the smell of cooking food in the air added to the air of BROWN perfection‘«™and I felt at home in Aztlan among MY people!

PEACE was in the air for a good cause in San Fernando! We were all here to celebrate organized community sports programs for kids. Something that keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. Something that teaches them the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, self discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and respect. Something that brings communities together despite tough economic times and political travesties out of our hands‘«™something that has worked for generations in making better citizens.

Parents, tios, tias, grandparents, primos, big brothers & sisters, homies, neighbors, seniors‘«™they were all here to support the Santa Rosa Little League Opening Day and a better day in Aztlan you never saw! I felt so part of something, and my 2 young grandsons were so happy to be there!

Then, a tinge of sadness, anger, resentment, and frustration hit me as I remember a phone call & text message I received by my friend Eliseo Montoya, aka DJ LOONEY, the night before:

He told me a sad story...

Apparently, a couple of intoxicated homies who support two different kid's football teams in East Los Angeles recently got into a fight at Shakey's Pizza Parlor in East L.A. while wearing their respective team's jersey‘«™it turned into a knife fight, and one was killed.

NOWHERE NEAR the playing field, and NO KIDS from either teams were involved. Just 2 fools acting out in public AWAY from the game.

Unfortunately‘«™that's life in the streets sometimes, as some guys & gals will never learn how to drink alcohol intelligently‘«™it's been that way for years‘«™and NO race or any specific town on Earth has a monopoly on this form of idiocy.

In response, however, L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina, for years a champion of the Chicano community in East L.A., and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department got together and arbitrarily decided that this was gang related, and that a war of retaliation was expected‘«™so BOTH teams were expelled from their respective practice and playing fields in the spirit of keeping the community "safe".

They made this decision with NO input from the concerned community members who objected. They rudely showed their dismay and annoyance in an arrogant and unconcerned manner when they attempted to address these issues with Supervisor Molina as well, I am told‘«™and the label of "Vendida" (a "sellout") has begun to creep on people's lips‘«™ the same people who have voted & kept Gloria Molina in office for decades.

So, not knowing what to do next, with the memories of August 29, 1970 (The Chicano Movimiento Riot in East L.A.), the issues leading up to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, and the May Day attack on the Gente in 2007 at MacArthur Park fresh on the collective minds (and the heavy handed L.A. police violence that followed on all dates), members of the community of Boyle Heights in East L.A. have decided to have a peaceful get-together picnic and meeting of the minds to share ideas and garner support for the kids of East L.A., and for the sake of kid's organized sports throughout Los Angeles.

It's happening this Sunday at Ruben Salazar Park (formerly Laguna Park for us "old folks") in East Los Angeles starting around 1pm. Bring your food, lawn chairs, kids, and friends. NO drugs or alcohol, please. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDES at home!

This IS NOT a protest, by any means‘«™this is a show of solidarity and support by a community of people who believe and support the future of our children.

The kids had NOTHING to do with the incident & fight. Many are too young to be gang members. Word on the street is that this is NOT a gang issue, but a political spanking and need to set an example for no other reason but a show of power by the political elite, who seem out of touch with the people and community they serve.

All the kids want to do is play football and have their cheerleading squads out there with them.

History shows us that all world society's leaderships that succumbed to the political spoils of taxes and political cronyism, and turned into aristocratic despots for their own comfort and convenience have all failed‘«™


From Caligula to the French Monarchy to Adolf Hitler to Idi Amin to Saddam Hussien to Moammar Khadifi to the former political gangs of the City of Bell and the City of San Fernando to the pedophile priests of the catholic church - the mighty shall fall as is the will of the people, if the people band together for a worthy cause and approach the issue intelligently‘«™let us learn from the great Cesar Chavez & Martin Luthor King:

" Violence is not the answer‘«™intelligence gets you heard‘«™"

We ARE NOT calling for protests and revolution‘«™we are NOT planning for a war‘«™just a friendly gathering of a community of good people who want these kids in East L.A. to play football and cheerlead just like communities and neighborhoods on the West Side, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes, San Marino, North Pasadena‘«™

‘«™and if they can ban kid's sport programs in East L.A‘«™.maybe YOUR neighborhood is next?

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is originally from East L.A. -- and remembers " the old neighborhood" -- heard daily on
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